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A study examining 37 different cultures has found that heterosexual men and women have significantly different preferences regarding their sexual partners.

The study consisted of 4, men and 5, women across Womeb countries and 37 cultures. The participants were asked to rate the desirability of 18 traits. The participants were also asked the ideal age difference between themselves and their partner.

Women want sex Conroy Evolutionary psychology predicts that men and women will tend to have consistently different mating strategies because of a simple fact: Women get pregnant and men do not. Conroy-Beam and his colleagues conducted the research to account for a shortcoming in previous evolutionary psychology studies.

Previous research had investigated the differences between men and women by isolating a single variable for study. Mate selection is a complex multidimensional task.

Importantly, mates do not come a la carte but prix fixe: Each potential mate has a set of features that must be accepted or rejected wholesale. To account for this Women want sex Conroy, the researchers used a multi-dimensional statistic called Mahalanobis distance in their study. They found only a 22 percent overlap in the sexual preferences of men and women.

Nothing could ever be written clearer with intention of informing readers. A written conclusion to a psychological study fails to abide by the simplicity standards of everyday sexx

Psychologists are careful when talking to the media, because gender research is kind of taboo. The researchers are saying the same rule applies to other things.

Jon Smith on July 13, 9: You might not need a grant but somebody should give you one! My plea was not for simplicity but for clarity. Philbert on July 15, 7: