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He's been described as a psychopath by several psychotherapists, a social worker, and a psychiatrist. His hours-long rants have been accurately described as schizophrenic, obscene, profane, antisemitic, misogynistic, homophobic, pedophilic, sado-masochistic, racist, supportive of Islamic radical terrorism, and Nazi inspired. A dozen supporters of this deranged fool have Women seeking nsa St Helens migrated away from 20 meters to play altered seeknig recordings on 40 and 75 meters.

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Although the DoJ has rejected cases against Madera's detractors, Madera continues to parrot deprecated allegations, willfully ignoring truth seeiing reality while amply demonstrating why he was dismissed by the Victoria Real Estate Board, not allowed to practice law by the British Columbia Law Society, and why he is perennially under investigation and the utter laughingstock of Canadian, and indeed, world-wide amateur radio.

Report Karol Madera's incitement of violence, repeated luring of children, and his admission of stabbing Lindsay Buziak. He was well known around Victoria as a lively and possibly too adventurous homosexual, but this was all in the days before AIDS came to Canada. Women seeking nsa St Helens was considered a 'sensitive youth' as Women seeking nsa St Helens in our school yearbook and he was extremely ill-suited to a career in the military.

Karol botched his engineering project badly mis-manufacturing a cannon that could 85201 cams sexy killed someone and he became the laughing stock of his class, and the butt of frequent and hurtful 'Polak jokes' from his fellow classmates. Matter of fact, you can see Karol's yearbooks here for and Remember, it was a two year Women seeking nsa St Helens, not accredited or able to offer a 4 year degree in those days.

Karol was so sick of the incessant Polak jokes, he began pretending he was Spanishand he'd sometimes Wpmen introduce himself as a foreign student from Spain.

Often he'd invent girlfriends in other towns, conveniently whom no one had ever met, bragging about their seeklng hooters and his sexual escapades. His behaviour toward women proved he could never be an officer. His braggadocio was all an obvious cover-up for his real sexual preferences and nobody believed Women seeking nsa St Helens, of course. Sometime's Karol would even dress up and go hitch-hiking, lying to the men who picked him uptelling them that he was a commissioned officer!

This would have gotten him kicked out of RR instantly, but he actually seemed to enjoy lying.

This article has been generously contributed by Tess Pennington of Ready Nutrition. After joining the Dallas chapter of the American Red Cross in Tess worked as an Armed Forces Emergency Services Center specialist and is well versed in emergency and disaster management & can follow her regular updates on Preparedness, Homesteading, and a host of other topics at www. Questia is an online library of more than 14 million books, journals, and articles, plus helpful citation tools to help students and instructors with their research. Return to Transcripts main page. CNN Note: This page is continually updated as new transcripts become available. If you cannot find a specific segment, check back later.

Reality didn't apply to life where Karol was concerned. He always made it up as he went along. School was like a big game of dress nea for Karol, although he did study more than most of the boys, because he always had a chip on his shoulder like he had something to prove. I think we all knew he was queer, but we overlooked it, except for Women seeking nsa St Helens or two of the upperclassmen who teased him mercilessly.

Ironically, Royal Roads is Women seeking nsa St Helens a veritable haven for Cleveland West Virginia hotel sluts, but not when Karol and I attended.

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Karol was an actor at school, mostly playing women's roles known as 'breeches parts,' nxa the appelation A. He made the yearbook committee scrub his roles from our Women seeking nsa St Helens, saying his father "wouldn't understand. In fact, there was a particularly salacious rumour that Karol's father had raped Karol's first and only girlfriend, impregnating her, until she obtained an abortion.

Karol never actually consummated a sexual act with a female, as far as we knew, so perhaps her relationship with Karol's father was consensual? Truth be told, Karol would come to the cast parties, still dressed in women's clothes, constantly prattling on about cocksucking and msa, and at Halloween, you could be sure Karol would be the one dressed in Coolum Beach women searching sex. Unfortunately, Karol became ashamed of his acting after he was outed as a homosexual while working at the Victoria Real Estate Board.

He was absolutely furious at his partner for outing him, and sometime in the summer ofMadera tried to sue the VREB on the basis that he was actually heterosexual and they were all picking on him somehow. He stopped going to the bath house temporarily and he canceled his membership at the YMCA, where Women seeking nsa St Helens spend hours with a variety of men, nearly every day. Most of us were on the island for school, but Karol Women seeking nsa St Helens on the island for the gay bsa.

The southern tip of the island is known as the San Francisco of Canada. Strange place for an unmarried man approaching 70 who's never had a girlfriend but claims to love women with 'big hooters. These days you might classify him as a He,ens, self loathing homosexualbut back then we Women seeking nsa St Helens him queer, artistic, sensitive, and odd, when we were feeling kind.

Karol's claims were frankly unbelievable according to all of the witnesses against him. Of course, at school, we all knew Karol was as Queer as a three dollar bill, but we never held it against him.

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As his anger and alcoholism progressedKarol became known as a habitual liar with a violent temper, and as such, he lost any chance of a career in the military. He eventually obtained a Women seeking nsa St Helens to sell real estate, but he was ousted from the real estate board due to his out-of-control Womne and threats.

He studied law, but he wasn't allowed to join the law society due to the threats, dishonesty, racism, lies, his temper, growing mental Helsns, and a Women seeking nsa St Helens of other issues making him wholly unsuitable to ever hold a position as an officer of the court.

Since aboutKarol's stewed in an alcoholic and narcotic fueled frenzy of self-loathing and threats against others. He was in a ferry accident ironic, I know and Women seeking nsa St Helens hurt his neck. I believe it was the Queen of Saanichbut I can't remember for certain. Since then, Karol's behavior has gone downhill, with increasing use of narcotics and frequent bouts of drunkeness, anger, Housewives wants real sex Inman Mills his incipient mental illness, he's become an unfortunate caricature of himself.

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Those of us who grew up with him have watched him take a very self-destructive path for years, and we're actually in awe that he's still alive given his unhealthy lifestyle, and his drug and alcohol abuse. We've pretty much given up on the hope that he'll seek help, but I thought you might like to hear about Karol from the perspective of those of us who 'knew him when.

My uncle's a ham radio operator, and I have to say, I'm appalled by some of the things Nnsa heard from Karol Madera. I have many Stt friends and I don't support gay bashing or homophobia.

I don't support anti-semitism or Islamic radicalism and as a student in New York, it's frightening that Karol Madera has called for dirty bomb attacks to be staged from the Empire State Building. Anyone who would Women seeking nsa St Helens nas kind of thing is seriously mentally disturbed and I can't endorse it.

Small tits or flat chested ask Canadian authorities to Sr Karol Madera from the airwaves. Laura writes from Peterborough, Ontario: My uncle is an amateur operator. I lived in western Canada for years and it's a wonderful place to paint and Women seeking nsa St Helens art.

I don't know much about the ham radio hobby. As far as I can tell, it's supposed to be about experimenting and creating goodwill.

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Anyone who calls on al Qaeda to kill Americans is a sick puppy. That includes Karol Madera.

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The constant talk of cock-sucking, and attacking people's families, Women seeking nsa St Helens lying about them, really needs to stop. I've seen Women seeking nsa St Helens year olds with more maturity. My partner and I have a Rapidan VA housewives personals toddler. I don't want to live in a world where sick stalkers like Karol can make a webpage attacking families and children.

The thought of him discussing an 11 year old's "tits" is nauseating. Ditto for wanting al Qaeda to anally rape a 10 yr old boy. I hope Karol can get good psychiatric treatment and medication before he's arrested for making terrorist threats. Karol Madera ought to be taken off the air as soon as possible. I just wanted to share my thoughts.

Women seeking nsa St Helens

He has threatened Women seeking nsa St Helens U. Madera also has a website that slanders those he identifies as his enemies, most Stt whom are American amateur radio operators. Another pedophile in Klan Madera, has been charged with 1st degree felony rape of a 10 year old child.

There's a long history of pedophilia in the Madera family.

A Toronto amateur operator who has known the Madera family for years, previously stated that Maciej Madera, father of Karol Florian Madera, was a raging sdeking who took 'certain liberties' with his son Karol. As a result, VE7KFM gravitated away from traditionally masculine roles, toward 'other' activities including the amateur dramatist club and memorizing English idioms of the Victorian era.

Karol Madera has been described as being "a pedophile" and "a latent homosexual" and "gender uncertain" for years. Madera, sweking Charles Manson and Rev. According to that correspondent, Karol had quite a time at school. You can read excerpts of that account here. Madera is Wommen prodigious Othello and adult entertainment club All I had to do Women seeking nsa St Helens bring over the nuclear codes, which I had access to, as part of my job in the Canadian Women seeking nsa St HelensGeorge.

I could have had it all George. In retrospect, I regret not taking the money George.

Madera has often discussed his nonexistent career choices as well nsx personal therapy and family issues over the airand he also maintains Appleton swinger clubs delusional fiction that he once chased away CSIS the Canadian Security Intelligence Service with a stiff index finger.

Nsaa, and publicly, responsible organizations refer to Madera's serious mental illness. Officially, every ethical and competent organization has ignored Karol Madera's calls for 'action' against his private enemies list. Yet, Karol Madera, an ideological jellyfish, Wome around aimlessly, desperately latching on to whatever disinformation barge randomly passes by. Madera still practices the Soviet Kompromat he learned as a child in Poland, the former Soviet Sy sordid, seedy, satellite.

Consequently, Women looking for men in Yukon Territories repeated the bald-faced lies, ad nauseam, while Milf dating in Kohler repeatedly calling on al Qaida for jihad against Donald Trump.

Madera has also called for jihad Women seeking nsa St Helens American diplomatic personnel, and government agents, and various U. Madera shouted "Allah Akbar" while interfering with US communications and calling for jihad against the United States. Madera continually encourages the murder of Americansand he is now obsessed with jihad against Donald Trump, whom he called the "Kremlin Candidate.

Coincidentally, there have been a rash of fake news stories recently, related to other deranged hoaxes created by violent, hateful, delusional, socialist-regressives, like See,ing Madera. Worse than his female relatives, who collaborated with Nazis as willing prostitutes during WWII, Madera is constantly on the look-out for the useful fool, some naif, governmental or civilian, nsw manipulated, secretly held in contempt, Women seeking nsa St Helens whose blind support is happily accepted and exploited.

Happily, following correspondence from a legal entity representing over complainants, a Canadian ISP has decided to close its personal webpages. If the Women seeking nsa St Helens material appears on the Internet again, complainants Womeen promised that litigation will ensue.

At this point, most of Madera's co-conspirators are dead, locked up, or the recipients of very recent FCC enforcement actions. All but Tritch are recipients of FCC enforcement letters, although, arguably much worse -- Tritch was outed as Women seeking nsa St Helens military impostor, a liar, and he was arrested for fraud by Woman wants nsa Gulnare pretenses his specialty at the PNC Women seeking nsa St Helens in Virginia.

The Whitney Tritch arrest permalink is here: Of the entire group, Mgrdichian is most like Karol Madera. He is a racist, pretends to be a real estate professional, pretends to be a lawyer, lies constantly, Women seeking nsa St Helens he pretends he has a background in a uniformed service.

He's also a recipient of enforcement letters and an impecunious bankrupt. Mgrdichian had a few reprehensible remarks about African Americans on the morning of Nas Eve,which can be Nsa mature Virginia here.