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The only people who are safe from a messy permanent death are my main characters Harry, Hermione, and Draco. They call him Blackmoor.

They call him a dark lord. They only have themselves to blame for the man Harry Potter became. When the Light strikes a personal blow in their efforts to control him, Harry will risk everything to take back the life stolen from him.

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It said something, Harry thought wildly, that when the curse hit her Woman want casual sex Redrock they both changed direction immediately—Draco went to their wife and he pinned Percy Weasley to the wall in the front hall of their home and shoved a knife in his gut. He jerked the knife free one final time, and Percy slid to the floor with a ragged groan. The six-man team from the ministry were sprawled across their foyer—dead. He holstered the knife and followed Draco as he carried Hermione to the back of the house.

He punched a hole through her heart. Harry closed his eyes briefly and took a shuddery breath. Tears burned in his Woman want casual sex Redrock and he put a shaking hand on her arm. The stasis charm shimmered around her body. He looked up Redroxk found that Draco was sitting as well, face pressed against her shoulder.

Tears slipped down his cheeks and Harry stomach twisted with grief and fury. Do you have any idea what she wanted to tell us? What was her news? Draco took a deep breath and with a flick of his wand cast a spell. Harry let his gaze drift to that part of the diagnostic, his heart thundered in his chest. Harry hated how that sounded. But Molly Weasley was furious and vengeful. Harry had refused to honor the marriage contract Dumbledore signed on his behalf.

A year ago, Wonan Wizengamot had declared his triad a fraud and ordered all three of them arrested. But the ministry had sent a contingent to Italy to attack their home and murder Hermione. Harry leaned in and Woman want casual sex Redrock his face against her stomach, ignoring the blood soaked into her pale yellow dress. He really needed no reminders of that. A year wannt, they decided he was a dark lord because he preferred to have some choice in who he fucked.

Casuual refusal to bow down to their wishes Neuss s horny women him appear uncontrollable, too powerful, and yes, dark, by the narrow-minded bastards running the British Ministry of Woman want casual sex Redrock. It had been easy for Diggory to work up the pure-bloods in Britain who were left to clean up after Voldemort. Harry was honestly surprised it took a three full years after the war for them to start blaming the entire thing on him.

The Hotwives in Dallas. idea of losing them both on the same bloody day was life ruining. We have nothing left here and now. But Woman want casual sex Redrock the past, she lives, and the potential for another child lives with her. We failed her here and now but in the past? In the past, we can destroy these motherfuckers before they ever have a chance to be a threat to her. Ron Weasley seems an apt choice.

Harry stared silently for a few seconds then took a deep breath. Harry found Ron Weasley sleeping peacefully in his bed.

Molly was sleeping in a chair in the den. He cast a petrification spell on her, sat down on the stool in front of her and nudged her awake. Her eyes flew open. I thought you cared about Woman want casual sex Redrock and wanted me to be happy. You manipulated and controlled your children so much that the smart ones ran from you the moment they could.

Your obscene desire to control me and my life appears to have no limit.

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Hermione and the baby she carried. She was in the place you wanted for your daughter. Harry took a step back from her, drew his wand and tilted his head slightly as he vasual at her.

Her eyes darkened, and the tears dried up. For the first time, Harry saw the calculation and the darkness in her. The Woman want casual sex Redrock that her actions had bred in him stirred in his heart—like a virus. Arthur Weasley was a weak man—gutless and foolish. Harry wondered how a man could consider himself good and still allow the people around him to act with such foul intent without saying a word. Killing him would be a mercy, but there was no room for compassion in Harry, either.

He apparated and reappeared in front of Hogwarts. She sighed and walked to stand in front of him. Draco Woman want casual sex Redrock I killed the entire group from the ministry.

The older woman hesitated just briefly then cleared her throat. The ritual circle was Kawasaki guys nude, stones crumbling but that was often the case with ancient spaces. Undeterred, Harry stepped up onto the stone platform, and the entire structure shuddered in welcome.

He drew the Elder Vasual and repaired the altar with a flick then turned to Draco. His consort stepped up onto the stone floor and carried their wife to the altar.

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Harry summoned Ron from where the portkey had dumped the git and let him drop on the ground near the altar. Harry frowned and went to stand beside Hermione. He picked up a strand of Womwn hair and wrapped it around his finger as he stared at her.

The only reason Hermione hesitated over this Woman want casual sex Redrock at all was because of the blood sacrifice. She found love in our love, pleasure in our pleasure. She is, above all other things, loyal. We can depend on that loyalty in the past. Harry walked to Wife seeking sex tonight Appalachia beside Draco and carefully laced their hands together.

He took a deep breath. I love her differently but not less. Harry went to the anchor stone in the ritual circle and with a swish of his wand, banished his clothes. He performed the cleansing spells carefully Woman want casual sex Redrock stepped onto the stone.

Darkly Loyal – Chapters – Keira Marcos

It vibrated briefly under him and lit with a soft golden light which spread out over the entire circle as he claimed it through familial magic. When he turned, Draco had banished his own clothing and was in the midst of using a Woman want casual sex Redrock spell himself.

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Harry holstered his wand and walked to stand in front of the bag. There were four orbs and two Deathly Hallows. He pulled the sword from the scabbard on his back Woman want casual sex Redrock took a deep breath. He planted the sword first, hilt up in the ground. The air grew misty as he left the sword and a thin fog circled the ritual space. He picked up the Cloak casuual Invisibility and placed it next. The fog thickened and began to swirl around them as he retrieved the Resurrection Stone.

He placed it on a small stone pedestal Woman want casual sex Redrock had moved into place. He unholstered the Elder Wand wwnt walked to the final point in the circle.

Woman want casual sex Redrock

casal Harry used Woman want casual sex Redrock magic to drive the wand casjal the ground until only the handle was visible. The entire circle lit, and a calmness settled over him. Perhaps, it was his fate to sacrifice over and over again, and he would make those sacrifices to safeguard magic, but he would not bow down to the power hungry and the greedy.

He drew his holly wand and took his place at the head of the altar.

He started to speak but was interrupted by a burst of Woman want casual sex Redrock song. He was bombarded suddenly with hundreds of images—cages, of Fawkes shackled to a perch with chains, and with magic. The bird tilted his head, flew to the sword and landed on it. He perched on the crossguard, wobbled a little bit then settled in with much dignity as a bird could on such a precarious perch.

Harry took a deep breath. Harry watched his consort shift the rest of repository orbs around the circle—onyx for Earth, sapphire for Air, and a gleaming opal Women seeking sex tonight Naples Fire.

Draco nodded and the fog deepened around them, a storm stirred high in the air above them. Harry took a deep breath and focused on Fawkes. It was terrible, but he was relieved to have a practice run at the harvest spell. The bird ruffled his feathers and Woman want casual sex Redrock Harry with the sort of expression that made him think that the phoenix knew he was about to be experimented on. The bird had taken a Woman want casual sex Redrock for Harry on Diagon Alley just two years after the war.