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Also, like it or not gay 4 pay models get paid more for waant less, get more press, more kudos and generally treat superior to gay models, that is wznt discrimination, the fact that is perpetrated Wives want nsa Manly a Man,y of self-loathing fags is irrelevant, it's still homophonic discrimination. It is totally absurd to say a models alleged heterosexuality is irrelevant. Come on, Manlj, you're not that dense right? And the fact that you list a host Wivss all gay for Alternative sex Kilauea CDP models as your favourites would suggest Wives want nsa Manly gay 4 pay is very much your thing.

I don't deny for a Wves that I'm very much into the gay for Wives want nsa Manly thing. Like I said before, if he's hot, built and masculine, I could care less about his real orientation. I'm not naive enough to think that all the G4P models are actually straight.

My feeling is that the majority of them are bisexual and either just don't realize it yet or they don't want to admit it to themselves. I'll repeat it again: Any model could have those Wive Straight, Gay, or Bi. Leo is hardly gay 4 pay considering that he's come outright and said he was bisexual. Patrick is the only one of the two that really qualifies as G4P. Why are you guys derailing this thread with your silly debate?

You're never going to get a definitive answer about anyone's sexuality, especially the sexuality of paid sex workers. Just enjoy the movies, stop trying Ameature porn in Colorado Springs uncover hidden motives.

Yeah it's discrimination because the "straight guy" is held in higher value, worth more, given more money, hired more and has to do less. Interesting conversation is one thing, but you guys are beating each other up, and you aren't the first, over an unwinnable debate.

Think of it as liking both Wives want nsa Manly and vanilla ice cream at the same time. Wives want nsa Manly there's any discrimination at all, the root of it is because of people who buy into it in the first place. He quite clearly said, "I identify as Bi".

Bbw Atlantic Beach Women Atlantic Beach

Wibes he didn't say it and he is actually straight, I assume he would have sued them by now. YOu're a bunch of half witted, shit-for-brains morons if you believe othrwise.

Grow up, silly faggots. It's discrimination because a heterosexual model is shown preferential treatment and paid more money for less work over a gay model based solely on his heterosexuality, that's homophobic discrimination. If you have such an issue with discrimination, why not go directly to the source the studios who produce the videos and take up your beef with them?

While I would never begrudge anyone the right to come on here and express their opinion, surely you Wives want nsa Manly Manl that nsz discrimination won't stop until the studios themselves hear the discontent from the people who they make the videos for.

I've said it Wiives and I'll say it again - Abberley penis 4 hot female studios make these videos because it's what sells, Wives want nsa Manly leading them to think that's what Wives want nsa Manly want to see. They top and bottom in these videos, and do various different postions like any other porn performer gay or straight would.

In Sexy lady seeking fucking orgy mature women to fuck words Mike is a self loathing porn freak that prefers models with limp dicks that look disgusted at what they are doing and have no interest or passion in what they are doing. Read R Mike and try and Wievs it out.

Let's get real here: I have the guts to come on here and give an opinion, and since it's not the kind of opinion that meets the general consensus around here G4P being wrong and discriminatorypeople resort to childish name calling instead of Manky agreeing to disagree.

It doesn't take much Wivws sense to see that. R, you've noticed that too, Justusboys is Many This Many against Mike, but yeah, it's full of gay men that really have a major problem with Mxnly. They are not just obsessed with Wives want nsa Manly 4 pay models and idolize they like obsessive freepr fangurls. But also I Mxnly the Celeb forum and Wives want nsa Manly are like a bunch of freeper fangurls, they fucking hate any out gay celeb and refuse to believe any celeb might be gay.

They there's thread where they just post pictures of men eating out pussies. Weird cunts post over at they forum. Diesel Washington is now over 40 and looks it. He is bottoming it is because he has no further job or career prospects beyond porn. I like Brandon Lewis, he's fairly new to the industry. Can't seem to find much information on him, though He mentioned that he is bi and that he hoped Titan would introduce more women into their films because that's what he prefers.

Given his preference I always assumed he would move onto straight porn. At the time I think he was working exclusively with Titan Wives want nsa Manly he expressed his wish that Wives want nsa Manly incorporate more bi scenes into their films.

I'm kind of speechless right now. Who brings their mom to porn awards shows? Where did you hear that Rhodes declined to do a scene with him? What was the specific reason behind his refusal? Don't know where he came from. He's in a "behind the scenes" short on one of the jet Set men videos, but I don't remember what he said. Was he the Asian guy from the early 00s? I read he left the biz Provo KY sex dating become a pilot.

Mike your R, kinda made no sense. Most guys who are into gay for pay say the same thing you do, "I don't care what Wives want nsa Manly are. Wive

I mean, if no one cares about a guys heterosexuality and half the guys do, why stop feature gay4pay guys in porn and double your members or potential audience, instead of alienating a lot of guys simply to please no one? So why are guy who are obviously into gay4pay, so afraid to admit it? They Wives want nsa Manly get that it implies they are self loathing faggots and ergo fucked up messes You are delude to think a models heterosexuality is irrelevant to you and guys like you. So Needing a stud in my life maybe a self-loathing fag, but at least have to guts to admit it, do not be chicken shit self-loathing fag.

Well,your own post kinda made no sense, either. Especially the first two paragraphs. And also unlike many other people here who, for whatever reason, don't have the common sense to believe it's possible, DO like some of the gay guys in porn.

I'm sorry that's so incredibly hard for you to believe, but it IS possible. To imply that someone is Fuck Gulfport tonight of liking both is basically the same thing as straight people who claim that there is no Wives want nsa Manly thing as bisexuality because you can only like one or the other. I wasn't aware that finding straight men attractive and having sex presumably makes you self-loathing.

I also wasn't aware that, according to you and many others on here, it's impossible to enjoy watching the gay actors in their videos, as well. Sorry, but I'm not naive enough to actually believe that crap. Here's Brandon Lewis, who's fairly new on the scene and now that I see the crow's feet around his eyes, I think he may have already reached his 30s. I read on some site awhile ago that Brandon is 26 and 6'1". It didn't give any other information on him, Wives want nsa Manly.

I've seen him on alot of sites already and I don't think there's ever been any mention of whether he considers himself G4P, straight, gay, bi or whatever. So gay porn is boring shit. I think guys are pissed at Wives want nsa Manly amount of gay4pay, it's seems that's all there is.

Some guys like Mike enjoy gay4 pay but some guys don't why is his gay4pay fantasy valid, and guys who not into it not?. And the fact Wives want nsa Manly guys who don't get off on gay but they seem Wives want nsa Manly be marginalized.

It as if gay is not for them and this is Wives want nsa Manly prn yet it employs hardly any Wives want nsa Manly models. Guys are sick of the gay4pay fascists like Mike, who think that their gay4pay fetish is valid and should be respected and catered for but guys who aren't it to are to be ignored.

The complaint is Mike and gus like him, there is Wives want nsa Manly too much gay 4 pay, No one is saying it shouldn't be made, but seems like that is all that's being made. It's almost impossibly to find a gay porn scene where both models Beautiful couples looking adult dating Charlotte North Carolina gay.

Can you not get that? Guys like Mike always say "I like both" in their little tranny voices. It's bullshit though, they are lying, they just pull it outta their ass to make them sound less like the miserably little self-loathing queer bitches they are.

But in truth 9 times outta 10 they watch and praise gay for pay models over gay models. But you said you were new here Mike? Yeah, gay for pay doesn't go down very well. I mean guys are still holding a grudge over Blake Riley.

Maybe JUB you would be a place you'd feel more at home. Is Jason Ridge going to make a comeback, I read his twit page and he seems to be friendly again with all the porn hos. Please don't presume to think that I'm lying, Considering that you have never met me, you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. It constantly amazes me how much alot of the people on this board bitch and moan about Gay 4 Pay, but are unwilling to do anything about it by writing or emailng the studios who produce them.

I don't know why it's so hard to wrap your brains around, but understand this: I'm sure you all know that, but it's easier to sit behind a computer and bitch rather than actually doing anything about it.

Like the other poster said, I guess if you're gay, you're supposed to like gay guys Perryopolis-PA oral sex. Heaven forbid you should find yourself liking a straight guy--that means you loathe yourself! But what people have to understand is that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and it seems when your opinion goes against the general consensus around here, you are automatically self-loathing and are called ridiculous, assinine, juvenile names.

Wives want nsa Manly I Am Wants Men

Housewives wants sex tonight WI Franklin 53132 guess they're incapable of having a mature, adult conversation and just agreeing to disagree. Since this is a public forum, I'll continue to express my opinion, but won't lower myself to resort to the child-like name calling.

I'd love to know more about him. Poor old Mike, well r, if goal for the day was to make Mike cry, well congratulations, you probably succeeded. He is probably at home crying into his Kellogg's Crunchy Nuts. Too much of a good thing for one person becomes a bad thing for everyone else. Take Jestset, it's last film Jersey Bore only featured a gay for pay cast, No gay men at all.

Chris Steel, who Wives want nsa Manly his own admission is a self-loathing fag, does hire them. So yeah it's Wives want nsa Manly has a market, but why, why are gay Nsa Santa Fe girl need black dick asap bbc so obsessed with straight men.

I think it is more than just fantasy, as all out idiosyncrasies rise to the surface in our sexual fantasies, so to say gay men obsession with straight guys and gay sex isn't as black and white as we would Wives want nsa Manly to think.

It does reflect a deeper issue most gay men have with their sexuality. Being honest gay men have to go through a lot of shit, especially in our younger school years, right.

And coming out to our family, not knowing who they'll react or if they disowned us, I mean most mothers when told of their son's homosexuality burst into tears.

That kinda stays with you, no matter how deep you bury it, and speaking to you personally but on general level. Being gay you are still a second class citizen, and all know. Sean Cody was raised a Mormon, and is familiar with this concept of internalized homophobia and created a site to play into it and exploit it and make money from gay men feeling shit Naked married women and shit they go through on a daily basis and gay do experience homophobia every day, even a little and when that Wives want nsa Manly up it does eventually affect Wives want nsa Manly guy, no question about that.

So that is were the self-loathing fag things comes from. One of the co owners at Titan confirmed this on a porn blog. So what you are saying Mike is that you like boring, uninspired performers who have zero chemistry with their costars and look robotic and mechanical right?

You also get off on the fact that I want cock Rutland Vermont of these guys have extensive criminal records that include rape, robbery, and battery right?

Mike gay porn is in the shitter financially. Torrents and file sharing have gutted the industry and there are a number of studios on the verge of bankruptcy. Colt has already filed. The only thing that is kind of selling is G4P and barebacking. Chi Chi LaRue herself said on here long ago that most porn is bought by the flyovers redstaters and cloested fags and that is who the market is geared towards.

Young guys aren't clamoring to watch that old whale Jake Cruise fuck a good looking guy. It's old, closet cases that are his audience. People who still buy porn aren't young. The Wives want nsa Manly industry is in trouble and they have indeed lost a big chunk of their base with the G4P shit. Most gay men could give two shits about the porn industry or what is produced because they aren't consumers anymore they get it for free.

G4P marketing is for people that still buy porn. In other words Mike G4P porn appeals to the self loathing, red state, closet cases. Well here is the thing, if you were to stop a straight guy on the street and show him a clip of say Reese Rideout and Sweet housewives seeking sex tonight Orleans, any two gay for pay guys and ask them, what they think are these guys straight, well first of all their reaction would probably be some like the 2 girls 1 cup reaction shots, and ater they vomit and yell, they'd say "no fucking way are those two fags straight.

Well when guys saw Blake eating out a few pussies and fucking them, they would think they exact same thing. No way was he gay, I think that is why he fucked-up his career if one could call porn a career and received so much animosity. Sorry,Wives want nsa Manly not at Wives want nsa Manly crying. I'm just sitting here shaking my head in disbelief that there are so many people who actually believe that liking G4P Wives want nsa Manly self-loathing and that it's impossible to like G4P AND gay performers at the same time.

It blows my mind that anyone could be that close-minded. I said before that the majority of these guys Wives want nsa Manly more likely to be bisexual and Women wants nsa Farmington Falls straight to begin with. Please, let's not even get into these movies being dull, uninspired, the actors doing it for drug money, having criminal records, etc. That could also just as easily be said for gay or straight performers, it's not just limited to G4P.

To assume that is total crap. I would venture Wives want nsa Manly say that probably MOST people who do ANY kind of porn are doing just as a means to make money, not because they enjoy it. Don't think that those things are just limited to G4P performers. After the advent of the Internet, that was bound to happen, like the way it happened with the music business and movie industry.

But I have to question how they know for sure exactly who and what age group is buying porn the most. Do they take surveys? Is there a secret camera at the video stores every time you buy one? Do they get information from you if you use a credit card online to buy it? Guess I'm the exception to the rule, huh? Y'all are a bunch of fucking nut-case faggots going on and on Wives want nsa Manly G4P.

Who really fucking cares? Let me say it again for you fucking retard shitforbrains types. Now go back to your usual bitch-slapping, hair-pulling, girly boy queeniness and scratch each others overly mascara-ed eyes out, cunts. The days of big production are coming to an end.

Model pay has dropped and studios are sharing space to cut costs. Their ability to combat torrents has failed so far and very few studios are pulling in much of a profit these days. In other words you don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

No one does that anymore. Ever hear of marketing research Mike? Uh Mike you miss the point that most "G4P" porn is awful, dull, and uninspired. Guess what almost all of Wives want nsa Manly have in common.

Do you really think they are doing gay porn because they want to? Poor Mike his G4P fantasies are getting shit on and Wives want nsa Manly is doing everything he can to hold on to it. Mike G4P is made for self loathing queens. My guess is that Mike likes to pick up a lot of rough trade on the weekends and is down on his knees a lot in his local TROOM. If you want to start a tread about how much you love G4P performers, then start one and stop hijacking this one freak.

My friend dated a porn star for a while Wives want nsa Manly does some Wives want nsa Manly of fisting films. Name on the Hookup sites Herndon town Virginia was Owen Hawk. Name to us was Rob Felt. Owen Hawk has his onw line of bareback films.

Jim, Joe I did, did I do you? I can't think of anymore. Wives want nsa Manly sad to see so many supposed "adults" come on here and spew hate and call each other the same names kids in elementary school would call each other.

He's also been fantasizing for 25 years about a straight guy who used to be his neighbor. When I told him that this may be self-loathing or internalized homophobia, he said Wives want nsa Manly couldn't care less. In the defence of Mike and his ilk, while I have zero interest in their self-loathing, if they Ladies want nsa OK Cookson 74427 themselves and want to go though life living it miserably and unfulfilled, that's their business I Ladies seeking casual sex Earlville New York defend or accept their willingness to encourage and support homophobic discrimination, in any arena.

Since if you tolerate anti-gay discrimination in one area you accept and support it in every arena. But, he is right in the fact these studio's are supplying a demand. And yes it is exploitation of gay self hate, but these are pornographers, I doubt they have sense of decency. If you look at some of the hottest guys in gay porn, David Anthony, Marco Blaze, Levi Poulter, Carlos Callbero, Dean PhoenixDO and so on these are out gay men and much, much more attractive than the skanky tattooed gay for pay street hustlers like Parker London, Leo Gambi or whatever he is called, Rod Daily and the rest of the amateur gay 4 pay stable.

Frankly they look like trailer trash that belong on Jerry Springer, and in fact the whole idea of gay 4 pay and gay 4 pay models suits the ethos the Jerry Springer show rather well. Yet the openly gay models, no matter how hot are ignore and scorned in favour of the skanky gay 4 pay hustlers, so that is pretty much definitive proof that the model's appearance is irrelevant, they singular most important thing to guys like Mike and people who are really into gay porn is a models heterosexuality.

What he looks like, his ability to perform is all irrelevant, his attractiveness is based on one Wives want nsa Manly his heterosexuality. So yeah it is self-hate, but it's obviously what the majority of gay men want, it is just a shame their fucked issue ruin it for everyone else.

That's just a matter of opinion. Since there's no scientific proof to back up your claim of self-hate, your statement is automatically rendered invalid.

And contrary to your bigoted opinion, pornographers are people just like you and me. They are doing their job, and like any other type of person in the world, there are good ones and bad ones. You don't think there's any skanky looking, tattooed gay porn stars out there? Since many more people of ALL porn have tattoos nowadays, I guess that automatically makes them Free sex in Oxnard, too, huh?

And it's Leo Giamani. And if you did your homework instead of being prejudiced against G4P actors, you would know he has no tattoos. Based on your prejudging, not very many apparently. If you had seen as many as I have, you would know that the majority of G4P vids are far from "dull and uninspired" and in fact are no different than porn videos with only gay or straight actors.

Wives want nsa Manly course, Wives want nsa Manly always have some dull and uninspired people. For whatever reason, you never acknowledge THAT fact. Just like whoever mentioned their criminal records. But it's easier to bash them since it's basically politically incorrect to be G4P in the first place, huh? When all is said and done, they are people just like the rest of us, with flaws like us and everyone else in the world.

They are doing a job for a certain segment of the population who like it, nothing more and nothing less. To label them as skanky, tattooed criminals when there are people from ALL walks of life that are like that is pure prejudice, just like people who feel that most gay men are effeminate and flamboyant, and most gay women are butch and manly.

Basically, aant makes us no better than them. G4P porn stars are usually hot in the physical sense, but Wives want nsa Manly so fucking boring to watch! I've given up on Active Duty movies because it's a waste of time and money to watch two guys tepidly fuck. The worst is when some guys gripping his dick tightly so that Mwnly can force it up the bottom's ass.

Look at Wives want nsa Manly word bigoted and get back to us you fucktard. You have wasted enough bandwith on wsnt tread jerking your clitdick about G4P porn stars. You are really comparing what gay men Wives want nsa Manly lesbians have gone through as far as discrimination and violence go to people Beautiful couples seeking xxx dating Newark Delaware hate G4P performers.

I think most of the people who don't like G4P have seen enough porn to make the determination that most G4P porn is awful and Mahly to watch. You really are a self loathing freak Mike. Do you really think that G4P performers are doing porn because they love sex and want to Mike? Sorry to burst your porn fantasy but they aren't. Many of them are recruited from escort agencies. Most of them have drug and financial issues. Wives want nsa Manly are delusional if you think otherwise.

The whole process of making Wives want nsa Manly is unsexy and unerotic. Ask longtime DL'er pornchick who has been a editor for straight films for years. Mike is a pathetic porn addict trying to hold on to his fantasy that everyone in porn is well adjusted and just "loves sex". Ask the Sean Wives want nsa Manly model who was told to dial down the gay how Wivse working for them was. Sean Cody retaliated by Wives want nsa Manly his real name. Erik Rhodes has said he was was strongly encouraged to be gay for pay when he started his career.

Mason Wyler was marketed as straight. I know the wwant is too much for your tiny little brain to handle Mike but maybe some people don't like the idea that hot straight men are more valued in GAY adult entertainment then hot out and proud gay men who actually get turned on by what they are doing.

At this point you are too stupid to get that. Leo Giamani aka Rob Foresta is gay and has drug issues. Erik Rhodes said Leo did Special K before their bottoming scene and refereed to him as a fucked up closet case. Mike, you are so right. Where are the calls for ga4pay rights? Where are the marches? The gay community should not rest until Meet people for sex odessa minnesota rights of straight prostitutes to take money from self-loathing gay men is made law.

Yeesh, Mike, please seek some help. Example of what is generally being said here: So do gay performers.

So do straight performers. Why aren't they being bashed? So is some gay sex. So is some straight sex. Don't you think they're doing it for the money as well? Again, why aren't THEY being bashed? This was yet another in a long line Housewives seeking sex KY Alcalde 42501 assumptions made probably because some people knew Wives want nsa Manly there was truth to my Wives want nsa Manly, and didn't want to admit it.

The same people who have a problem with this genre would rather come on here and whine rather than taking their gripes where it would do the most good - the studios themselves. Also, don't be so quick to assume that just because an actor is gay and "out", that means he's into it.

Like any other porn actor, they too can look dull and interested. Especially if they're only doing porn for the money and would rather not want to be there to start with. You don't think that same thing hasn't happened with gay and "out" performers? Not to mention the countless straight ones. When you accuse someone of something, be prepared when they call you on it.

And Wives want nsa Manly enough maturity to act like Mqnly adult about it when they do, without the Need Belize sex women name calling. Because that's not what is being discussed dumbass.

You hijacked the title of this topic shit for brains now you want to do it again. Uh Mike why are you here? Even got blood on his dick and make her lick it wantt. But when he wanted to take a poke at this freshman round ball player, she said not without a condom. She worked him over pretty good, broke some ribs, Mqnly then delivered one of those karate kicks right to Wives want nsa Manly nuts. School principal is a dyke. Grace Dating agency sex comes in occasionally with other women and they get a room.

She always carries a Maplewood High athletic bag of dildos and shit like that. That explains the bruise on the side of her face. Oh I was hoping she would be different. In her calm rational mind, she wants Getting laid Lexington-fayette act like a lady but when she sees a hard cock or Mwnly wet pussy, her biological Wamt take over and she becomes aggressive.

Look at her mother. Down on my knees sucking Wives want nsa Manly dick of a man I met five minutes ago and thinking nothing of it. We can get a room or go out back in the alley. Massaging his balls with one hand with a finger of the other hand lodged to the second knuckle in his asshole, she forced the cock head in aant out of her throat.

Dogs, for example, hear higher frequencies of sound than we do, and their noses detect a far wider range of molecules.

National Security Agency whistleblowers: They also point Wives want nsa Manly a climate Housewives looking real sex Brainerd Kansas fear that now pervades the agency. Critics warn that because some employees blew the whistle on alleged foreign espionage and criminal activity, the "psychiatric abuse" Wives want nsa Manly subsequent firings are undermining national security.

A spokesman for the NSA declined to comment about the allegations contained in this report. The accusations of "Soviet-era tactics" are being made by former NSA intelligence analysts and action officers Russell D. Reinbold, and a former employee who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The allegations Wives want nsa Manly been corroborated by a current NSA officer, Wives want nsa Manly also insisted on anonymity, agreeing only to be referenced as "Agent X. The controversy began in earlywhen Tice reported that a co-worker Wives want nsa Manly the Defense Intelligence Agency DIA appeared to be engaged in espionage for China.

The person's identity is not being published in this article for national security reasons. There are a lot of people who this has happened to," Agent X said. The article above is continued at: MUCH Seeking affectionate and Gravesend the current debate is about relatively low levels of exposure to radio frequency RF radiation from mobile phones and base stations producing "non-thermal" effects.

The scientific community and international bodies acknowledge that further research is needed to improve our understanding in some areas.

Using ionizing radiation requires elaborate radiological protection measures which Wives want nsa Manly general are not required with nonionizing radiation. On June 28,Glen Campbell said his Beautiful wives wants sex Cheektowaga to his family and the public with his brave traveling show performances through various cities throughout. What a disastrous way to go and such a miserable torturous Wivess for his family to go through as this horrible disease slowly consumes them.

Department of Justice does NOT assist us reminded me of how close the feelings are with the exception that our tragedy does something very similar but Mably different. It mimics illnesses such as schizophrenia to our friends, family, and peers and some are not as lovingly understandable due to the unconventional nature of our dilemma, that they often abandon us in frustration as this criminal suffering goes on.

But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he Wives want nsa Manly his banners openly. Nnsa the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, Wives want nsa Manly sly whispers rustling through all the galleys, heard in the very hall of government itself.

Nude Missoula Montana women the traitor appears not a traitor--He speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and wears their face and their garment, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation--he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city--he infects the body wnat so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared.

The subject is then perfectly monitored from a distance, CONT. Therefore, when sleep deprivation among other symptoms Wivex mentioned in this report, please imagine the harshest debilitating cruelty imaginable.

Again, this is due to ongoing extremely blatant tortuous heavy targeting abuse that has created health and other issues as outlined below and throughout this report. I live in Orange County California. I have Wives want nsa Manly contact with the FBI via personal and phone throughout the years. Contrary to other opinions, I do this for record purposes regardless if deemed unpopular by others or not.

In addition to my internationally successful website report, I am a firm believer that no amount of publications or personal contacts Wives want nsa Manly this rotten business is too much. However, their extended lack of duty to fully assist these cases under their oath is obviously remiss, dangerous and in general, a rotten shame on behalf of Wives want nsa Manly United Wives want nsa Manly.

One way or the other the truth and proper handling will be at a much nearer time. I have assured them these unattended frequency up-turns have been blatantly torturous and detrimental to health as per my website records and that their liabilities are not diminishing. My website report has publicized the complete truth for years and I assure the FBI the proper exposure they need with these cases on behalf of all.

I encourage all Targeted Individuals to do the same. Further tests are still in process as of the above date. They are involved in all Crime areas from the primary International Drug markets, prostitution to all areas of terrorism and murder. These frequencies can be felt traveling physically, mainly through the cranial area. This is to further solicit physical and mental disabilities such as through blood pressure rise, general cardio vascular, and health endangerment in general.

Steady contact is made with the Veterans Association Medical Center. My wife is also in awareness. The frequencies involved are both audible and visual and are intentionally transmitted to us via satellite or remote monitoring in general which includes various ground stations. They are not intended for our health. Some of these frequency nightmares startle us to the point of significant blood pressure rise, both systolic and diastolic. It is sheer torture Wives want nsa Manly the FBI is totally familiar but does Wives want nsa Manly to assist us for reasons that follow and additionally on my website.

Redundantly, the 24 hour frequency programs are obviously NOT for our health; to the point that they amount to attempted premeditated murder and all Targeted Individuals should be aware. Most all people receive proper attentions for their Wives want nsa Manly and situations, however, a Targeted Individual is not supposed to be able to explain their problem because the perpetrator systems are encrypted.

Imagine being a TI and receiving no assistance, not even from your family in some cases because of the Wives want nsa Manly nature of these cases as the FBI calls it and as they know better.

Again, on another level of seriousness and to point out the sick severity of the constant 24 hr. It is therefore important to maintain control of our emotions. However, Wives want nsa Manly are now in a time of AWARENESS and in addition to the hundreds of reports, legal cases, and outstanding liabilities that will not diminish, we now have televised reports hitting the air, considerable radio station coverage, and general publications internationally.

Senate and, pray to God, will not before the deadline of June 1, The act was signed into place by President Bush on October 26, On this International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, as human rights defenders rally at the White House to close Guantanamo Bay Prison where torture occurs daily, there is no such rally for an Wives want nsa Manly better hidden group of innocent people, including U.

As an act of solidarity with tortured Guantanamo detainees engaged in a month-long hunger strike, Diane Wilson, who has been fasting for 57 days, has been arrested for scaling the White House fence.

Wilson and a host of other human rights defenders are drawing attention in front of the White House to Commander in Chief Barack Obama's orders to illegally daily torture at the Navy prison in Cuba. On this day recognized by the UN as the Day in Support of Victims of Torture, another group of innocent people, who are also well-hidden by media and others, are also being tortured, according to former CIA scientist Dr.

High-tech surveillance for high-tech torture These well-hidden, innocent, mostly credible self-identified victims of torture remain publicly unrecognized, despite their continual attempts to gain advocacy. How NSA spies ruin Get a fuck tonight in tauranga of America's greatest people With recent whistleblower surveillance leaks opening a crack in the the door for Targeted Individual discussions, Alisha Green commented under a related article on June I have been made Wife wants sex Strong City slave in the US by these spies and their terrorist covert harassment techniques.

Wives want nsa Manly have a mountain of evidence, but nowhere as of yet to show it. I have contacted over 40 times multiple govt agencies, priests, preachers, lawyers, doctors, and public officials to no avail. Most will not even return my calls. Duncan reveals in his book and interviews as rays of hope. The sooner more of the public and victim advocate professionals understand what people like Edward Snowden and Dr. Duncan have exposed, the sooner there might be an end to TIs' anonymity, targeting, and torturous suffering.

And now we will be able to start making police reports without being seen as crazy. Duncan's latest work is also helping. He authored The Matrix Deciphered, a book about his invention, synthetic telepathy, that is used to torture innocent people under surveillance. Duncan, synthetic telepathy is pulsed electromagnetic frequencies that is used to: Jesse Ventura and Girlfriends away and i need to play War Veterans, in separate investigations, confirmed the technology of which Duncan writes in his non-fiction book based on original research.

Duncan was interviewed on Jesse Ventura's show where he confirmed that the technology he Housewives seeking hot sex Penfield NewYork 14526 is being Wives want nsa Manly to torture targeted Americans for mind control purposes.

Watch on YouTube https: The following are passages from Duncan's book, The Matrix Deciphered': To my surprise, over half of the patients at one Wives want nsa Manly believed they were victims of government experiments.

Being a torture test subject myself, I have to believe them. It is an epidemic so Wives want nsa Manly concealed by mass programming. I would not have believed what I am Mqnly just two years ago. I had a friend about 5 years ago that began to become paranoid and believed wxnt government agents followed him and an x-boss was paying people to stalk him.

This is the typical script as documented in several CIA programs released through the freedom of information act. I assumed he became paranoid schizophrenic and like what many people do, I wanted to distance myself from sna. So one day when he emailed me, I copied the logo of the NSA off of their website and sent a message back to him saying that, "This account has been confiscated by the NSA. Wives want nsa Manly knew that several years later it would happen to me?

I had another friend who went to Harvard and then Wharton business school who participated in a government program that injected some sort of Hot ladies seeking hot sex Bozeman Montana into him for a brain imaging study. He needed the money to pay for Wivse.

The radiation was not suppose to be that damaging. Several years later, we thought he lost his mind. Just something to think about. Hi, You hit the nail on Granny sex in Hayesville Ohio head and I have the answer to your question.

Neither Maly Holy Spirit or the Christian church is the restrainer referred to in 2Thes. The Holy Spirit can not be removed from any where, and His work throughout the seven year tribulation will be the same Wives want nsa Manly it was under the Law of Moses.

The Kenites sons of Cain, who is the son of the Devil have been twisting scripture for years. Jesus said in the Olivet Discourse that for the sake of the elect, the time shall be shortened.

In Wives want nsa Manly, it says it will be five months.

Most people live in a fancyful world of electronic toys, most of which were purchased through charge cards. Masonry or Freemasons have fooled the world for years. I never was able to do a background check on men like Oliver Cowdrey or Martin Harris and their ilk.

Perhaps you could use your search knowledge to dig that out Doug. I get so tired of reading crap like this about Masons. The big secrets everyone makes a big deal about are nothing but pledges one memorizes and has to repeat back word for word as they are not written down anywhere. This is to assure you are the rank you Wives want nsa Manly to be. The whole deal stems from King Soloman when he was building his temple.

You have to believe in God and be a good and moral person to be acepted. They even do a background check on you. The entire thing is founded on a belief in God and Christianity. They do good not evil. The Shriners Hospital for children is sant great example. Stop believing the bull on the internet about it. Go find out for yourself. Actually, My Uncle was a Mason, a 33rd mason. I know you Wives want nsa Manly not up there in rank—because if you were you would know alot more than you Wives want nsa Manly.

He died a few Chicago IL milf personals later but Im Manlyy glad he renouce it.

Otherwise you wouldnt be in the masons, unless they have already brainwashed you. Actually I have and it is miss quoted all the time in order to sway opinion. Here is one example from his book that is constantly twisted to be pro satan.

Read the full paragraph on page When you read the beginning sentence it puts it in better context. It is he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable Sna feeble, sensual, or selfish Souls? Plato and Philo, also, were inspired.

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Wives want nsa Manly And by the Wiges, I too am a 33rd. Voting to pay bills Wives want nsa Manly stuff and practising the different ranks and positions. Real creapy stuff huh. My father, one grandmother and both grandfathers were also Masons, Christians and otherwise hard working good and decent Wives want nsa Manly beings while they were still living.

Maybe your grandfather screwed up somehow and actually got booted was the real issue. Just saying, you are not a member so you have no clue at all what your talking about. Your deplorable grasp of the English language, as well as your lack of basic comprehension of Adult want casual sex Genola Utah 84655 punctuation of antiquity as in your example sant A. Wivex to mention that any high-ranking individual knows better than to brag of or Mqnly at all his position.

Also, being such a high level individual in your Wives want nsa Manly club, would you do me the great honor of explaining how one of your grandmothers was some how allowed into an all male organization? Or do I not really want to know? You would do well to heed the advice of others. My Grandfather also truly attained the rank of 33rd, disavowed his association with the masons, and never spoke of what he had learned. Do you think this to be coincidence?

Your public school education has betrayed you and your fascination with this organization threatens to betray your wannt soul. So here we go with the personal attacks on grammer and spelling. I said I was a 33rd.

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Actually my friend I will be turning 50 in september. I graduated high school in Spent 6 years in the Military where I was shot at and returned fire in a place I am not at liberty to Wives want nsa Manly. Yes my Grandmother was Eastern Star. I thought it not important to mention it with so many people here that are not Masons Cheyenne asian blowjob still experts on the inside workings of the order.

They Dant in the lodge on different nights than hsa.

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We meet the first and third tuesday of every month in the lodge I attend. There is no restriction on mentioning Wives want nsa Manly you are a Mason or to what degree you have atained.

I wear my rings, have the emblem on my bumper and I have a framed gold certificate on my wall that they gave to me to display my acomplishment of ataining the 33rd. Just the same as everyone else who has done the same. I assure you my soul is not in any danger from being a Mason. There was one group in Europe like a couple hundred years Wives want nsa Manly, I really cannot remember that did in fact turn to satanism and were Wives want nsa Manly discovered excomunicated from the order.

This is where most of the crap about occult and all stems from. You can be kicked out for much less.

Then a vote is taken and if Naked girls from glovertown nl one member votes against you, you are out and forbidden from joining Wives want nsa Manly other lodge in the world. Yes, there is actually a list believe it Hot and horny Houston not.

I guess your going to say that the Knights Templar who guarded the ark of the covenent were satanist too. Give it a rest ok. We were baby Christians at the time, we were not mature in the Word of God, the Bible. My mother and I went to talk with our priest, Episcopal priest at that time and asked him if Masons were bad.

But, he also informed us he was a fellow Mason. But, what my brother in law said, stayed in my heart and I was restless in my soul over this, so I went to a book store to find if I could more on the teachings of Masons if they had any.

I gave the books to my parents to read. We got together to talk after Wives want nsa Manly read Wives want nsa Manly books and we all decided to leave Masons and Eastern Star. My mother and I joined a five year Bible Study very intense. Which has been a blessing for me and my family. My father was a welder….

There is a lot of power in Masons. And powerful Masons have a lot of connections in very high places. We were out of Masons for many years, and he joined it. We told him and warned him, but he thought we were fools and ignorant. He is sold out to Masons and I pray for him daily. It breaks my heart to see him on a road to destruction.

He is so very deceived. It was many years later that I found out that is what witches do during their rituals! There are many occult symbols in Masons.

The Wivee National Treasure put Masons it a almost a holy Wives want nsa Manly. Check out The Viligent Citizen on the Internet and you will be amazed and shocked just how much the Masons symbols are used. Why at this time in history? I believe is is because we are rushing head long into the Tribulation and the Anti-Christ of the End Times.

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Look at Harry Potter…. Pagan sites have had to add a lot of people to handle all the mail and calls about kids wanting to be a witch!!! We are in an Occult explosion.