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No, the would-be ban is being led by that most deeply progressive group of all: We can only hope some of them will stick to their guns and maintain the boycott: Mind you, there may be a few compelling arguments to ban this perennial. The definitive version is really the recording by Johnny Mercer and Margaret Whiting. And then came the awful deluge of modern performers who have no Swinger website edmonton alberta going near a Frank Loesser lyric… or sex.

I was right on one out of two counts. Another reason for barring it from the airwaves, at least for the month of December: We all know that, right?

This is where the feminism comes in. Loesser was, among his many gifts, a savvy chronicler of sexual and gender mores.

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Please, no one tell the Academy. But he wrote a feminist-leaning anthem that holds up pretty well as a sex-positive period piece in anyway.

Woont least two out of three of which she is explicitly the one asking for, by the way: The fellow in the song makes some pretty funny arguments, including the threat of pneumonia, a rationale maybe even the vicious aunt would find acceptable for a couch sleepover. The song has been ripe for role-reversal covers over the years… starting with its point of origin. I look to one of my favorite comics, Jen Kirkman, who has less public patience for even slightly patronizing, let alone predatory, men than any performer I can lookkn of.

If you want to be outraged, be outraged about what the song is actually about — the double standard in regards to sex that women face and how nothing much has changed.

And then enjoy the song. And, additionally from Kirkman: But who are you going to believe — an actual dyed-in-the-wool, talking-about-this-stuff-everyday feminist, or nearly all-male program directors and DJs? kad

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And hilarious rhyme schemes. And, most of all, art that catches women in the act of realizing exactly what they want.

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In the wake of MeToo stories flaring up in the music world as a result of a flurry of accusations against singer Ryan Adams, many more female musicians have been taking to social media to share their own stories of debasement, among them singer-songwriter Lydia Loveless. Queen will perform at the Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, the Motion Picture Academy announced on social media today. The band now performs under the [ A grand jury Wats been convened in Cook County, Illinois, in connection with new allegations against singer R.

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Kelly, CNN reports, citing two sources close to the case. Whats up lookin for some fun u wont be mad latest round of accusations against the singer — who has allegations of sexual misconduct against him dating back 25 years, although he has never been [ After being arrested on Feb.

The following day, the New York Times sat down with him for an interview in which the [ As legend has it: The folktale was perhaps less fitting this past Saturday evening, as the San Francisco Symphony [ Deputy Inspector Emanuel Gonzalez is accused of telling officers during a June 7 roll [ You will be redirected back to your article in seconds.

Canada's CBC is the latest radio outlet to ban "Baby" as offensive. Who to believe — radio programmers, or actual feminists? Previous video Next video. Premier Logo Created with Sketch.

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