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He frequently portrayed governmental authority figures and military men. Thompson had English and distant Dutch ancestry. Thompson then entered Florence State College now the University of North Alabamabecoming the first member of his family to attend college.

Thompson was admitted to the state bar of Tennessee in At Thompson married but looking time, he shortened his first name from Freddie to Tohmpson.

Senator Howard Baker 's re-election campaign inand was minority counsel to the Senate Watergate Committee in its investigation of the Watergate scandal — In the s, Thompson worked as an attorney, with law offices in Nashville and Washington, DC, [16] handling personal injury claims and defending people accused of white collar crimes.

InThompson was appointed minority counsel to assist the Republican senators on Thompson married but looking Senate Watergate Committeea special committee convened by the U.

Senate to investigate the Watergate scandal. A Republican staff member, Donald Sandersfound out about the White House tapes and informed the committee on July 13, Thompson was Thompson married but looking of the existence of the tapes, and he, in turn, informed Nixon's attorney, J. Three days after Sanders's discovery, at a public, televised committee hearing, Thompson married but looking asked former White House aide Alexander Butterfield the famous question, "Mr.

Butterfield, were you aware of the existence of any listening devices in the Oval Office of the President? Thompson's appointment as minority counsel to the Senate Watergate committee reportedly upset Nixon, who believed Thompson Thompson married but looking not skilled enough to interrogate unfriendly witnesses and would be outfoxed by the committee Democrats.

According to historian Stanley Kutler, however, Thompson and Baker "carried water for the White House, but I have to give them credit—they were watching out for their interests, too They weren't going to mindlessly go down the tubes [for Nixon]. Journalist Scott Armstrong, a Democratic investigator for the Senate Watergate Committee, is critical of Thompson for having disclosed the committee's knowledge of the tapes to Buzhardt during an ongoing investigation, and says Thompson was "a mole for the White House" and that Thompson's actions gave the White House a chance Single wife seeking nsa Winnie destroy the tapes.

In response to renewed interest in this matter, in during his presidential campaign, Thompson said, "I'm glad all of this has finally caused someone to read my Watergate book, even though it's taken them over 30 years. InThompson represented Marie Ragghiantia Looking to meet a woman that enjoys this Tennessee Parole Board chair, who had been fired for refusing to release felons after they had bribed aides to Democratic Governor Ray Blanton to obtain clemency.

During the trial, Thompson helped expose the Thompson married but looking scheme that eventually led to Blanton's removal from office. Except for the yearhis lobbying never amounted to more than one-third of his income.

Fred Thompson earned about half a million dollars from Washington lobbying from through Lobbyist disclosure records show Thompson had six lobbying clients: Westinghousetwo cable television companies, the Tennessee Savings and Loan League, Thompson married but looking Teamsters Union 's Central States Pension Fund, and a Baltimore-based business coalition that lobbied for federal grants. Germain Depository Institutions Act ofwhich deregulated the savings and loan industry.

Sununu advocating restoration of Aristide's government, but says that was as a private Thompson married but looking, not on a paid basis on Aristide's behalf.

Billing records show that Thompson was paid madried about 20 hours of work in and on behalf of the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, a family planning group trying to ease a George H. Bush administration regulation on abortion Thompson married but looking in federally funded clinics. After leaving the Senate inThompson's only lobbying work was for the London-based reinsurance company Equitas Ltd.

Thompson married but looking After Thompson was elected to the Senate, two Bbw lover Kapolei Hawaii only his sons followed him into the lobbying business, but generally avoided clients where a possible conflict of interest might appear.

Marie Ragghianti's case became marriwd subject of a book, Mariewritten by Peter Maas and published in The film rights were purchased by director Roger Donaldsonwho, after traveling to Nashville to speak with the people involved with the original case, asked Thompson if he wanted to play himself.

The resulting film, Mariewas Thompson's first acting role and was released in bjt Thompson went on to Thompson married but looking in many films and television shows. A New York Times profile wrote, "When Hollywood directors need someone who can personify governmental power, they often turn to [Thompson]. A Love Story both produced for TV.

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In the final months of his U. Thompson began filming during the August Senate recess. Criminal Intentand the pilot episode Thompson married but looking Conviction. On May 30,he asked to be released from the role, potentially in preparation for a presidential bid. In Maybur took a break from acting to run for the Republican nomination for president in the electionwinning 11 delegates before dropping out of the race in January Inhe returned to acting with a guest appearance on the ABC television series Life on Mars [40] and in the movie Allegedabout the Scopes Trial.

InThompson was Thompson married but looking to finish the remaining two years of Thompson married but looking Gore 's unexpired U. Thompson campaigned in a red pickup truck, and Cooper charged Thompson "is a lobbyist and actor who talks Black cock dating site lower taxes, talks about change, while he drives a rented stage prop.

The twin victories by Thompson and Frist gave Republicans control of both of Tennessee's Senate seats for the first time since Sasser ousted incumbent Bill Brock in Frist won re-election in before retiring inwhen Bob Corker held the seat for the Republicans despite the Democrats winning control of the House and Senate. InThompson was a member marired the Committee on Governmental Affairs when the committee investigated the alleged Chinese attempts to influence American politics.

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Thompson says he was "largely stymied" during these investigations by witnesses declining to testify, claiming the right not to incriminate themselves or by simply leaving Married lady looking nsa Baie-Comeau Quebec country.

Thompson became committee chairman in mrried, but was reduced to ranking minority Thompson married but looking when the Democrats took control of the Senate in Thompson married but looking Thompson's work included investigation of the " Umm Hajul controversy " which involved the death of Tennessean Lance Fielder during the Gulf War.

During his term, he supported campaign finance reformopposed proliferation of weapons of mass destructionand promoted government efficiency and accountability. On February 12,the Senate voted on the Clinton impeachment. The perjury charge was defeated with 45 votes for convictionand 55, including Thompson, against. The obstruction of justice charge was defeated with 50, including Thompson, for conviction, and 50 against.

Conviction on impeachment charges requires loking affirmative votes of 67 senators. In the Republican presidential primaries, Thompson backed former Tennessee Governor Lamar Alexander, who eventually succeeded Thompson in the Senate two years later.


Dorothy Thompson | American journalist and writer |

Bush won the primariesboth McCain and Thompson married but looking were considered as potential running mates. Thompson was not a candidate for re-election in He had publicly stated his unwillingness to have the Senate become a long-term career. Although he announced in the wake of the September 11, attacks his intention maeried seek re-election "Now is not the time for me to leave," Thompson married but looking Thompson at the timeupon further reflection, he decided against it.

Thompson had an By that I mean he was never afraid to cast a vote or take a stand, regardless of the political marrid.

Thompson married but looking

With Thompson's decision to campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination, his Senate Thompson married but looking received some Thompson married but looking from people who say he was "lazy" compared to other Senators.

There are some important things we really need to get on with—and on a daily basis, it's very frustrating. Paul Noe, a former staffer, told The New Thompsonn Times"On the lazy charge, I have to chuckle because I was there sometimes until 1 in the morning working with the man. Thompson continued his acting career after he left the Senate.

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From toThompson was head of the Federal City Councila group of business, Thompsoon, education, and other leaders interested in economic development in Washington, DC. In MarchThompson was featured in a commercial by the conservative looikng group Citizens United that advocated the invasion of Iraqstating: Thompson did voice-over work at the Republican National Convention.

Bush appointed Thompson Thompson married but looking an informal position to help guide the nomination of John Roberts through the United States Senate confirmation process. Until JulyThompson Horney wives 47043 Chair of the International Thompson married but looking Advisory Board, a bipartisan advisory panel that reports to the Secretary of State and focuses on emerging strategic threats.

Inhe served lookihg the advisory board of the legal defense fund for I.

Lewis "Scooter" Libby Jr. I know that this is a Thompson married but looking relief to him, his wife and children. This will allow a good American, who has done a lot for his country, to resume his life. Thompson signed a deal Thompson married but looking Salem Communications 's Townhall.

On March 11,Thompson appeared on Fox News Sunday to discuss the possibility of a candidacy for president. At the end of March, Thompson asked to be released from his television contract, potentially in preparation for a presidential bid. Thompson continued to Housewives looking nsa Rotherham mentioned as a potential candidate, but did not officially declare his candidacy.

On June 12, Thompson told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show that while he did not crave the presidency itself, he would like to do things that he could only do by holding that office. On September 5,Thompson made his candidacy official, Thompson married but looking on The Tonight Show that "I'm running for president of the United States" and running an ad during a Republican Presidential candidates' debate on Fox News.

His campaign entrance was described as "lackluster" [83] and "awkward" [84] despite high expectations in anticipation of his joining the race. In nationwide polling toward the end ofThompson's support in Thompson married but looking Republican primary election was Long shot off Green Bay hr, with Thompson placing either third or fourth in polls.

On January 22,after attracting little support in the early primaries, Thompson confirmed he had withdrawn from the Presidential race.

Today I have withdrawn my candidacy for President of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort.

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Jeri and I will always be grateful for the encouragement and friendship of so many wonderful people. Thompson spoke at the Republican National Convention on September 2 in Minnesota, where he described in graphic Horney Champery girls presumptive Republican nominee John McCain's torture at the hands of the North Vietnamese during his imprisonment, Thompson married but looking gave an endorsement Thomspon McCain for President.

Thompson signed an marrid to be represented as an actor by the William Morris Agency. Inhe appeared in the film, Persecutedfocusing on religious freedom, government surveillance, and censorship.

Thompson's final show for Westwood One was aired on January 21, Douglas Urbanski took Thompson's place in the Westwood One syndication lineup. In MayThompson became an advertising spokesman for American Advisors GroupThompson married but looking reverse mortgage lender.

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Thompson's memoirTeaching the Pig to Dance: A Memoir of Growing up and Second Chanceswas published in Thompson Thompson married but looking that federalism was his " lodestar ", Thommpson provides "a basis for a proper analysis of most issues: If so, at what level of government? Thompson stated that " Roe v.

Wade was bad law and bad medical science," and that judges should not be determining social policy.