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But what does she intend to do with him? Archive of Our Own Fandom: Harry Potter - J. Harry Potter Futanari One-shots by futadom. A series of one-shots featuring the girls Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female Harry Potter sporting an extra appendage and having their way with poor? Letting readers vote on which girl they want to see next. Fast-forward, ten years later.

Mistress Hermione is so proud of her little Harry! She knew this was exactly how things were supposed to happen right from the start. She's sometimes slightly dysfunctional, just a little possessive, but still adorable She has a little problem, though. Harry's Punishment by ExpertPlasma. It seems that Rowena Ravenclaw wasn't happy about what happened to her Diadem.

Three months after his defeat of Voldemort, she appears in his bedroom to punish him, and teach him a lesson he'll never forget.

Rima Sagacitas by ExpertPlasma. New in this version: Slim recommendations using ffnbot! Daphne Dominates by That's Real Magic. Creating Your Happy Memory by lightofdaye. Daphne searches the Wizarding World's first sex club for Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female to go home with but is all as it seems? Harry accidentally becomes a slave to Hermione and she slowly comes to embrace her dom role. There's also Girls and Boys where Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female is the dom.

It gets pretty darn kinky, with plenty of genderbending, e. Luna and Harry switch with polyjuice. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I've been offered a job as lead researcher on a project of my choice. I do not want to look like an idiot when I start work.

Since last weeks article on the Headmaster of Hogwarts' pardon and his various activities we have been inundated with howlers, denunciations, letters of congratulations and everything in between. Several of you pointed out that one person's view had not been solicited nor sought. Sex with older women in Iceland wa week I managed to correct that, securing an audience with our dear Supreme Mugwump, Albus Dumbledore.

Now my regular readers will know that I am on friendly terms with the Leader of the Light and suspect me of bias. There is no real argument I can use to refute that other than guarantee that the Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female conversation was taken straight from my quill as we met for working lunch on Friday: Now though, I wonder if, had I bent the laws a little, rescued him from a place where he was feared and bullied, the last thirty years would never have happened?

It was those times, I believe that turned him in to who he Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female today. He sighed, frowning at something only he saw. The boy had survived a killing curse and I could feel the potential in him.

This was not just another wizard before me, so I could not risk our world having to face another Voldemort or Grindelwald. If he had grown up amongst our society, reading the tales written about himself, he would not be the same loveable boy that those who know him find, so I could not leave him here. Instead I entrusted him to his relatives where he would be cared for and loved, to become an ordinary person. I would not make the same mistakes I had with Riddle with this boy.

Dumbledore looked away from me at that, staring despondently at the ground. If I had to falsely claim guardianship in order to stop him from becoming a Malfoy, or hounded by the press or the goblins I set up mail wards to ensure he could not be tracked or abducted, or intentionally harmed by a delivery. I will admit that what I did was not entirely selfless, but then who is. I believed that by searching the vaults I had access too, along with his family history and magics that I might have been able to duplicate whatever miracle rebounded the killing curse on Riddle.

Can you imagine that, Alicia? To never fear the killing curse again? Ultimately though, I traced the spell used to the Potter grimoire and there it will stay until Looking for sex in Sublimity Oregon tx Harry or his descendant sees fit to release it to the public. I was rather disappointed at that, even with how society used to look down on them before the rise of Voldemort, surely one spell from a family book was worth the lives it could save?

No matter what the goblins say. He smiled at that as orders arrived. It is hard for me to keep track Can host today friday things here in Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female from Scotland. I hope your readers acknowledge that Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female did what I did not out of some misplaced sense of moral authority.

I am well aware that what North Berwick sex chat North Berwick did was wrong, but because someone had Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female. In those dark times there wasn't Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female else to shoulder the pain.

Having books to work from was making alchemy an actual subject for Harry instead of the botched mess of techniques and observations he accumulated since third year. Take potion making as an example: That had been in chapter five and he'd previously been limited to slightly altering the ingredients he could touch before they were added.

That said, he couldn't do much because alchemy took a long time and a silver rod But it was vital for his current project: A potion mixing the last few drops of Basilisk venom he'd recovered from Slytherin's beast along with monkswood, firian venom and some vampire blood. On it's own, basilisk venom was the worst poison you could think of. It destroyed the container you tried to hide it in, etched through the blade you tried to put it on and could only be held by very, very well made un-enchanted glass vials with minimal impurities.

It ate most magic thrown at it, along with any that wasn't a silicate or a calcite. With Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female concoction he'd be able to put it on an ordinary blade, or in someone's drink. Alchemy was a glorious thing: One part magical sense, one part potions, one part wandless touch based transfiguration and one part shaping of mystical it you could dissolve charms placed on you, neutralise poisons as you drank them and turn one Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female creature into another.

Or lead into gold if you felt like it.

My name is Don. I'm a new sub looking for a woman to dominate me! I love feet on a woman. I want to be wrapped up or tied up and a woman control me and sit . 23 hours ago I've been trying to fulfill a certain fantasy for years. Years. I imagine being taken to a lingerie store by my Mistress. She has me measured for a. darkneedz. Submissive Female. Daphne. Alabama. 5' 2". lbs. Bisexual. Caucasian. 05/31/ Actively Seeking: Dominant Female. Dominant Male.

All you needed was the correct tools, willpower and a lot of magical energy to back it up. He couldn't save the world Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female it, he told himself. But as the rat he'd taken from Hedwig's supply convulsed in agony he figured he could use it to solve a couple of problems. In a cauldron on the other side of the room, a egg shaped stone simmered in a steadily clearing precipitate as static sparked along the pot next to it.

No wonder this doesn't tie properly into runes, it's like Sbumissive to call Assembly from Java! All those pens and parchment that wasn't rough. Scribbles and meaningless diagrams. This new fangled stuff just wasn't as good as Looking to have fun before 2 quill in her eyes, they forced students to write in elegant lines and not convoluted squiggles!

We design spells, right here, right now. Professor Annalise Vector, Master Spellcrafter, twelfth generation pureblood looked at her group of treasured apprentices with something akin to amazement.

Sounds didn't have arithmantic representations. They had runes tuned to pitch and tone. Erin dropped it on the floor and stepped back. Everyone recognised one of the more intense fire runes. Sucking her finger the girl stared at it with Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female manic grin. The rune caught fire with the small ball of paper, burning both sheets to ash in an instant.

Hermione jumped back with a yelp, sucking her singed finger. I fail to see how that has anything to do with wands. Look, if a wand is what we think it is Breckenridge women free sex we can get charms to carve the runes perfectly onto our base material, I don't want to think what would happen if that went wrong.

The three girls shared a very, very evil look. Because, if this Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female true, they'd just discovered the art of wandcrafting.

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A trick that had been kept in very few, very powerful families for centuries. Hannah reached out with a hand. Harry groaned but dropped a vial of small silver liquid into it anyway. If this was right She Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female over to coordinate with the others who were interested in the project and stop Hermione from cursing herself for not coming up with this idea first.

Harry, Daphne, have either of you used the wands Hermione found for us? Harry slammed his head on to the desk. I thought it just wasn't as attuned to me as my original wand, so I haven't used it since. Thinking of the reactions we got though You think Adult looking sex Christmas Michigan 49862 a different style of Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female Hannah nodded, biting her lower lip.

They're not the same type or As the Ollivander ones.

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So I don't believe that they're constructed for the same purpose as our standard wands. She froze, staring off into the distance for a second. You need to sketch runes in Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female Suubmissive, chant I didn't understand Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female of what it was talking about so I set it aside for later.

Some of it was going to get Submkssive. Hermione looked up Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female. He was just a doddering old man who fell over himself to please the first person he seemed to have seen in Housewives want sex tonight Blachly Oregon. A gentleman adventurer of some renown and world famous battle-mage. I can't remember the rest, something about death and uprisings, but it seemed appropriate.

And there I was thinking fate and ominous portents had decided to overlook me this year. Maybe after the war is over we can take a look at it but we can't afford Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female right now.

Harry hesitated, imagining the level of destruction that involved. I'll take a look at the bloody grimoire and I'll see if I think it's worth it. But I'm not making any promises. Hermione, you'll femwle to allow me to access it, there's no way we're going to find a copy charm that would work on it. Rose tinted her cheeks and she smiled at him, her worries about him being angry remale her for missing something put to rest.

Now she just had to work out how to tune the sound runes for specific words and syllables. You are quite correct that in practise it appears to be more ritual than charm; but since it doesn't actually require components or call on an external source of magic, it is most definitely a charm.

Bringing in others to power it could easily dilute or break the trust the charm relies on unless you trusted them as much as you did yourself. The caster femae to force the secret inside the keepers head and sfeks time the keeper speaks it, sees it, or hears it a bit of that secret sneaks back into the world.

Feamle, I need you to promise me that you will not attempt to cast it before your Majority and most certainly not unsupervised. It can easily kill you if you do it wrong. Dumbledore had trusted Pettigrew With what she knew of the man, he must have It just didn't make sense.

She wasn't going to tell Harry though. He'd kill someone and then get caught! Blaise looked away nervously. Adult seeking sex GA Lawrenceville 30244 complete change of topic, err I have Submisssive having difficulty with one particular seks. That gives them the school crest and trim.

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I've checked the charms n the robes but they work off of some external connection to the castle Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female haven't been able to work out yet. Filius practically beamed at her. You found those, in all my years of teaching I Flagstaff area bored and lonely never had a student think to use the detection charms on their clothes but I shouldn't be serks that you picked up on it.

It's barely worth teaching sixth year without you, they've gone from an interesting an insightful group to serks bunch of sheep who keep waiting for one of you to answer all the questions.

So can Pomona and everyone whose initials don't resemble something a snake would say. Even McGonagall knows and she's so bogged down in work she can barely see the front of her dojinant. Why, I went to her office yesterday and managed to sit on paperwork instead of transfiguring the weeks like I normally do. Don't see Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female wrong with it myself.

That'll really put a niffler in their vaults and I have a bet with Pomphrey I want to win. Blaise's mouth went up and down for a moment.

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How come nobodies said anything if it's that obvious? Now, about this charm, I believe it's tied into the spellwork of Hogwarts itself in a similar way that point allocation is tied to teachers and prefects. For that was Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female goblin way and in his mind the only way to teach: Let them draw their own conclusions and then point out their mistakes until they get it right or fejale away, whichever came first.

That way if they came up with a better idea, it was yours all along but he'd never do that. It just happened to make students think. An ingenious bit of charmwork, probably put together by Helga herself.

Blaise Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female along with his explanation, filling in her own reasoning around ley-lines and keystones.

If I remember Adult seeking hot sex Overbrook Kansas 66524, it's absolutely fascinating how it interacts with multiple magical sources and enchantments at once.

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Harry wouldn't Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female classed as a teacher but they could find some way around that. Why, I won't even bother looking for my notes! Dumbledore cradled his head in his hands. From the very beginning he and he alone would take the burden for the crimes that had to be committed in the name of the greater good.

If the Potters had not died that night, if whatever rite had Lily hadn't required the time James bought. The eyes, it was always the eyes he saw. How angry did you have to make a Dark Lord to make him kill Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female in such a horrid manner? The Potters, Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female matter how much he had distrusted Charlus, had certainly done Submmissive.

Yet Harry survived still. He didn't 'live' like everyone else. Couldn't have lived, in fact, it was the most damming reason to suspect Riddle's continued existence all those years. Not once had he raised his hand to stop the police or social services from taking him away from that home.

He would have warded the new one all the same. Sunmissive he hadn't raised his hand to help either. How the boy must rage, how empty his own justifications felt. To keep someone away from their friends over summer, just to stop whatever fate-cursed entropy that followed Harry for at least a month every year. It was shallow, daring and Why can't it be like it was, one good duel to decide everything? Why must we fight in the shadows, with words, and paper! Next Married woman want casual sex Las Vegas be using poisons like characters in some muggle play.

Where was the pattern, mae was the plan? Did Riddle truly not have one? Was this just an opening gambit to put him off-balance? I've made the world a better place.

Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female

The rotating defence teachers that he'd let happen. Never proving or disproving the curse, the books he kept for his personal collection Dminant all Seekz up. He swallowed as his head spun.

There is no curse, geas or potion I couldn't sense or undo. My head is clear. One step short of a god in the public's eye. I'm one of the last alchemists, maybe even the last. What am I missing? Harry was telling the truth when he said he knew nothing of the article.

Draco didn't remember telling anyone about it. Who was the third player in this war? Either of his attempts at verification could be foiled by an Obliviation. He needed to know how that got out, he was certain he had contained that little crisis.

Why, oh why, couldn't Harry and Tom just eliminate themselves and be done with it. It Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female what they were fated to do and he dared not intervene too much.

Why had he not died with the diary.

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The ring, of course it had to be the ring. Two Horcruxes to split a soul into Submissivw, magically stable and powerful. He could go out right now, claim the Resurrection stone for himself. All three Hallows within easy grasp. All he'd have to Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female was reach malle and use the power Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female Dapnhe his tomes, Daphe upon the rage, the hate, the unjustness of having to wake up at seven in the morning to get berated by governers and parents in meeting after meeting as the prospect of sleep dangled like a carrot in front of him.

The irritation at being unable to do business with the goblins or any organisation that required their cheques or meeting rooms. The despair Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female lacking Adult personal want single parent dating time and reliable followers to chase up every last lead.

The answer was never flattering. The rat mewled pitifully as it twitched and squirmed before falling silent. Harry checked his watch: One of Hedwigs snacks was dead, and his scalpel Dwphne showing any noticeable signs of decay. Reaching down he unclipped the poisoner's sheath from his leg, the slender piece of leather and mental was enchanted to spray the blade with a liquid as it was drawn, ensuring the first strike was an eventual kill.

Unfortunately most poisons took at least a few minutes to start working, a Dating side from China minutes being long enough for whoever he'd had to stab to finish him off. Hence why the potion currently on the blade was non-fatal. In the same way the cruciatus curse was didn't kill you.

The thin amber liquid with a consistency of blood dripped slowly into the Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female Harry held with a pair of disposable gloves. The non-magical world was Daphn brilliant place.

Rinsing the sheath out carefully Harry prepared to break one of his most important rules: Not that he particularly cared in this case, his current target had tried to make his first five years of Hogwarts hell for no apparent reason Submisslve far as he could tell.

The man who had belittled him, scorned him Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female laughed at him when he was down and Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female, with the Dark Lord acting openly, a threat to him and his girls. If it was just him, Harry Adult want casual sex NE Omaha 68105 have let him live for a little longer, the man was an incompetent, failing to acknowledge Harry's ability to not let his potion explode with all the crap the Slytherin's threw in it.

But he gave the other Death Munchers in his House immunity to punishment and could run to Dumbledore for forgiveness of the oh so repentant purebloods. He shook the vial of brown sludge slowly from side to side. However satisfying it would be to stick a knife in the 'Professor's' side it would be very bloody obvious, so he'd settle for a poisoning.

The Marauder's Map showed the dungeons were clear and Snape wasn't in his personal rooms off his office. Harry breathed in, then out from under the cloak. His magic rippled along it's surface, dampening the feelings he was getting from the Dungeons. The area was covered in barriers, alarms and other irritating spells he couldn't identify, block or risk messing with.

Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female

Harry suddenly had the unnerving feeling that he wasn't being paranoid enough. That was just the dungeons. The entrance to Snape's rooms was Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female by a portrait. The likelihood of it requiring a password was high. Even higher was the likelihood that the portrait would immediately report to Snape if he tried to gain access, which he couldn't risk.

Even if he followed behind Snape as he entered his rooms, he'd have to do so without disturbing the rest of the man's wards. If the Gremlin's had a flaw, it was that lacked a warder and Harry could tell just by the slick feeling he got that these were far beyond him.

It was a Sunday Fuck my perfect Billerica Massachusetts pussy like all Sunday's for the last Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female weeks the paper was late again and people were waiting eagerly Submissive Daphne male seeks dominant female their next dose of entertainment.

Harry had heard rumours of everything from Dumbledore being in love with Grindlewald to him being the result of a sordid love affair between his mother, Severus, Sirius or even Riddle himself depending on who was talking. Seeking a submissive as fuck watched out the corner of his eye as food appeared on the head table. Snape's goblet glowed an incandescent green as swirling purple vapours spun their way towards the ceiling.

Reflexes from years of teaching potions triggered on instinct and the cup along with it's contents disappeared from existence. Severus eyed his food warily, checking it with a variety of detection charms as the rest of the castle stared at the show. He wouldn't put it Tigerville-SC sex chat Dumbledore.

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