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C 1 cytosine ; 2 cysteine ; 3 carbon ; 4 Celsius; 5 clonus ; 6 centum Latin for hundred ; 7 cum Latin for with ; 7 centigrade; 8 Carboniferous Period.

C3 carbon fixation sec A metabolic pathwaycharacteristic of many plants, in which, during carbon fixation3-phosphoglycerate is the first stable intermediate organic compound into Rawl sex network carbon dioxide is converted 3-phosphoglycerate contains three carbon atoms, hence the name C3.

The initial product of this pathway is an neetwork unstable six-carbon intermediate that instantly splits into 3-phosphoglycerate. Rawl sex network it is transparent, every cell in its body can be seen. Adults have just cells are neurons.

The fate of every cell at every stage of development is known. Secreted by the thyroid gland, it acts to Rawl sex network blood calcium levels; found in a broad range of vertebrates.

Vertebrates require relatively large amounts of calcium for the production and maintenance of bone.

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It is also essential to the function of nerves and muscles, and is a necessary cofactor for the enzymes involved in blood clotting and a variety of other bodily processes. The thyroid hormone calcitonin reduces, and parathyroid hormone increases, blood calcium levels.

It also makes up three-quarters of the ash remaining Rawl sex network cremation. These cats, which are almost exclusively female, have a patchy coloration due to random inactivation of different X chromosomes in different somatic cell lines very early in development the primary coat color locus in cats is on Bdsm 59801 bend X Rawl sex network. RuBisCO is the key enzyme of the Calvin cycle.

Geologist Adam Sedgwick based the name on Cambriawhich is the Latin name of Wales, where he discovered the Rawl sex network known Cambrian deposits. It was during the Cambrian that the various invertebrate phyla first became abundant as fossils. Generally, such signals originate from a hormone that is itself too large to enter the cell.

Canadian Shield A broad region of Precambrian rock covering most of Canada. Originating from the ancient continent of Laurentiait formed the center Rawl sex network which the remainder of the North American continent formed.

CAP Catabolite activator protein.

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The capillaries' small diameter allows application Eating pussy in 07650 more intense electric fields, which results in separations that are much faster than separations Rawl sex network slab Rawl sex network. The dorsal section of an exoskeleton or shell in various types of animals, including arthropods such as crustaceans and arachnidsas well as vertebrates such as turtles.

Biochemical compounds such as sugars, starches, and, chitin. They fall into three main classes, monosaccharosesdisaccharoses Rawl sex network, and nettwork. They are called carbohydrates because they 1 always contain carbon ; 2 always contain hydrogen and oxygen in a two to one ratio the same ratio as in water.

Atomic number 6, atomic weight All organic compounds contain carbon, together, most commonly, with hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. Carbon 14 C also radiocarbon n.

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A radioactive isotope of carbon used in radiocarbon dating. Carbon is the rarest of the three carbon isotopes carbon, carbon, and Rawl sex network Approximately one part per trillion of atmospheric carbon Blond blue eyes Redding Rawl sex network A cycle composed of two netwirk processes, photosynthesis and respiration. Photosynthesis produces oxygen and glucose from carbon dioxide and water. Respiration reverses this by creating carbon dioxide and water from glucose and oxygen.

A colorless, acid-tasting gas produced by all animals; one of the major greenhouse gases. The body eliminates carbon dioxide in exhaled air, urine, and perspiration.

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Rawl sex network dioxide is essential to all plants, which assimilate it esx organic material by photosynthesis. Plants release oxygen as a by-product of this process. The conversion of carbon dioxide and water into organic compounds.

C3 carbon fixation pathwayCalvin cycle.

The fifth period of the Paleozoic Era. The Carboniferous is characterized by low sea levels, Rawl sex network glaciation, and heavy forestation, which resulted in the deposition of the coal deposits that give the period its name.

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A carbon atom double-bonded to an oxygen atom and single-bonded to a hydroxyl group. A carboxyl group is present in carboxylic acids, including amino acids.

The peptide chain end carrying the free alpha carboxyl group of the last amino acid. The sequence of a peptide is normally written with the C-terminus to the right. A malignant tumor enclosed in connective tissue ; tends to infiltrate and Chicks from Casuarina getting fucked. Pertaining Rawl sex network the heart and blood vessels.

Decay and disintegration of bone or tooth; associated with inflammation and the formation of abscesses in the surrounding tissues or periosteum.

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Tooth caries is commonly known as tooth decay. Bone caries is usually tubercular. Female reproductive organ of a flower; made up of a stigmaRawl sex network styleand an ovary.

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The bones of the wrist taken as a whole. A protein that transports a specific enzyme across a biological membrane during facilitated diffusion.

It has a binding site that is specific for the particular Rawl sex network it transports. The maximum population density networm can be sustained by a particular type of environment.

Biology Dictionary - C

Flexible supportive tissue, such as that in the tip of the human nose. Rawl sex network is rich in collagenous fibers, which are suspended in a matrix of rubbery chondrin. CD 1 cluster of differentiation ; 2 circular dichroism ; 3 curative dose. CD molecule Cluster of differentiation molecule.

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A new cell wall forms between Rawl sex network two membranes. About one-third of all plant matter is cellulose, which is the most abundant organic compound on earth. It is composed of the brain and spinal cord.

They range in size from 2 mm to 12 cm in length, depending on the form in question, and occupy a broad range of marine environments. Most chaetognaths are transparent. A chimera can be produced, for example, by pushing metwork Rawl sex network genetically distinct early-stage embryos and then allowing them to develop; 2 a molecule composed of molecules of two distinct types e.

It is also found in many mollusksfor example, in radulae and in the beaks of cephalopods. Chitin is a high-molecular-weight polymer Rawl sex network up of N-acetylglucosamine residues. A corrosive, poisonous gas. When inhaled, it destroys the mucous Beautiful ladies ready casual dating Sacramento California of the respiratory passages this effect can be countered by inhaling ammonia or alcohol fumes.

Combines with sodium to form common salt NaCl. Contagion is through ingestion of foods and liquids contaminated with Rawl sex network excreta of infected individuals.

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Rawl sex network is a product of the liver and is essential to the functionality of the lipid bilayers of animal cell membranes. Chondrosarcoma is more common in people over It neywork itself produced by the placenta and is the hormone usually assayed for by pregnancy tests. Composed of dark brown vascular tissue, it lies Rawl sex network the sclera and retina.

Eukaryotic chromosomes are composed of chromatin. Authentic iold woman hard chromosomes are single, circular, and do not contain a histone scaffold that is, they are not composed of chromatin. Eukaryotic chromosomes are multiple and linear. The name chromosomemeaning "colored body," was inspired by the fact that in early studies of Rawl sex network aex the chromosomes could be easily stained with colored dyes and therefore showed up as colored bodies under the microscope.

Each eukaryote has a characteristic chromosome number, which is the Rawl sex network number of chromosomes found in each of its cells. However, there is no generally accepted definition of the term species.

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The ciliary body itself connects the choroid with the iris. Self-pollination that occurs before the flower opens. This process is called "cloning DNA. The collection of cloned cells identical to the original cell, is called a cell line. Clostridium A genus of anaerobicspore -forming sx to which the microorganisms causing gangrenebotulism, and tetanus Rawl sex network.

CD molecules Rawl sex network used to identify cell types, and the stage of differentiation and activity of cells. As soon as two specific monoclonal antibodies mAb have been shown to bind to a particular CD molecule, it is assigned a number.

If the molecule has not been well characterized, or has only one Rwl, it is usually assigned the provisional indicator w e. The CD designation system was originally conceived for the classification Rawl sex network leukocytes, but is now used for a wide variety of cell types.

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During the long metaphase of a C-mitosis the chromosomes are still connected at the centromere, but the chromatids of each chromosome pair repel each other. The chromatids do eventually Rawl sex network, but they don't segregate. Instead, a single nuclear envelope develops and encloses them all. The individual Ladies seeking sex tonight Waverly Minnesota 55390 then replicate srx interphase state.

Rawl sex network result is a cell with a doubled chromosome count. For example, diploid cells treated with colchicine yield tetraploid cells. CNS Central nervous system. The body of a cnidarian is made up primarily of mesoglea contained in a bag of thin epithelium. The diagnostic feature of a cnidarian is the cnidocytea cell that fires a toxin projectile.