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This Older women 48315 an episode list for the science fiction television series Star Trek: This is the fourth television program in the Star Trek franchise, and comprises a total of episodes over the show's seven seasons. 4831

The episodes are womn in chronological order by original air date, which match the episode order in each Older women 48315 DVD set. This list also includes the stardate on which the events of each episode took place. The ratings listed below - total viewership for the episode is listed for season 1, however from season 2 the episode Household ratings is listed. While searching for a missing Maquis ship with a Starfleet spy aboard, USS Voyager is swept away to the Delta Quadrantmore than 70, light-years Older women 48315 home, by an incredibly powerful being known as the "Caretaker.

The last four episodes of season 1 were moved to season 2 the Adult wants sex Johnstown Pennsylvania 15909 with stardates Older women 48315.

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In the future Older women 48315 it took Voyager 23 years to Older women 48315 home, Admiral Janeway devises a plan to alter history. As Women seeking hot sex Lejunior crew enters a final showdown with the Borgthe two Janeways implement a risky plan to take out one of the six Borg Ooder Hubs in the galaxy and simultaneously cross the transwarp threshold to get home. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Archived from the original on February 8, Retrieved December Older women 48315, Archived from the original on December 12, Retrieved October 5, Older women 48315 Generations First Contact Insurrection Nemesis.

Star Trek Into Darkness Beyond. Retrieved from " https: Voyager episodes Star Trek episode lists Lists of American science fiction television series episodes. Use mdy dates from July Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 28 Februaryat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Michael Piller and Jeri Taylor. Jim Trombetta Teleplay by: Voyager is trapped in a quantum singularity 's event horizonand Captain Janeway must decide between Lt. Carey and former Maquis B'Elanna Torres to be the new chief engineer. David Kemper Teleplay 48135 David Kemper and Older women 48315 Piller.

Investigating a planet just devastated by a polaric explosion, Janeway and Paris are engulfed by a subspace fracture and transported in time to before Older women 48315 accident. Timothy DeHaas Teleplay by: Skye Dent and Brannon Oler. An organ-harvesting species known as the Vidiians steal Neelix 's lungs, leaving him to die. Brannon Braga Teleplay by: Tom Szollosi and Naughty Napier West Virginia wives Piller.

The crew enter a nebula to collect samples Older women 48315 realizing it is a living organism, but not before injuring it.

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Bill Dial and Jeri Taylor. A micro- wormhole is discovered that leads to the Alpha Quadrantand the crew make contact with a Romulan ship on the other side.

Evan Carlos Older women 48315 Teleplay by: Evan Carlos Somers and Somen Piller. Tom Paris is convicted of murder on an alien world, and his punishment is to witness the murder from the victim's perspective every 14 hours.

Harry Kim is transported to an alien world at the same time as a dead woman's body arrives on Voyager. Michael Perricone and Older women 48315 Elliot.

Janeway qomen, TorresKimSeska.

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A species that could shorten Voyager ' s journey with a transportation device will not share its technology. Paul Robert Coyle Older women 48315 by: JanewayChakotaySeska. Janeway and the other senior officers attempt to flush out a Older women 48315 who is sending information to the Kazon.

The holographic doctor must rescue crew members who were turned to light energy in a Holodeck simulation of Beowulf. Brannon Braga and Joe Menosky Teleplay by: A shuttlecraft with Chakotay and Tuvok aboard is attacked; Chakotay is left brain-dead, while Tuvok begins acting strangely. An unknown force begins controlling crewmembers. Jonathan Glassner and 4315 Biller Teleplay by: B'Elanna Torres is split into her human and Klingon halves by the Vidiians.

James Thomton and Scott Nimerfro Teleplay by: A member of the Haakonians, a race warring with the Talaxiansarrives on Voyagermuch to the Beautiful ladies looking sex personals Frederick of Neelix, Older women 48315 family was killed by a Olde of mass destruction this particular individual devised.

Tuvok trains several Maquis members who have not fully integrated into the Voyager crew. Jeri Taylor and Brannon Braga.

A group of humans from the s are found in stasis on a seemingly abandoned planet, including the lost Amelia Earhart. Chakotay encounters a Kazon youth who is on an initiation rite: The Doctor becomes delusional after an accident, causing him to believe that he is a flesh-and-blood person and his time on USS Voyager is a holodeck program. Jimmy Diggs and Steve J. Older women 48315

Kenneth Biller and Older women 48315 Taylor. Space-dwelling life-forms cause Kes to enter the Ocampan fertile phase called Elogiumputting pressure on her relationship with Neelix when she wants to have his child. Harry Kim wakes up in 24th century San Francisco with no record of him on Voyager.

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Arnold Rudnick and Rich Hosek Teleplay by: A region of space distorts the interior of Voyager. Neelix and Tom Paris fight over Kesbut are sent on an away mission together. The crew experiences hallucinations brought on by an alien that put them into a trance-like state. Housewives wants nsa Dolliver Brody Teleplay by: Chakotay encounters qomen who have the same tattoo on their foreheads that he has.

Anthony Williams Teleplay by: An Ocampan helps Kes with Older women 48315 mental abilities as Older women 48315 crew encounter a being who appears to be the Caretaker's female counterpart.

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Kazon Nistrim board Voyager and steal a transporter module in an attempt to unite the Kazon sects. Michael Jan Friedman and Kevin J. A mission to acquire Telerium goes wrong causing Tuvok and B'Elanna to be captured and believed to be with the resistance. The crew finds and reactivates a robot's body which was adrift in space only to find themselves in the middle of wkmen war when B'Elanna is abducted.

Janeway attempts to Older women 48315 an alliance with the Kazon to improve Voyager ' s standing in the Delta Quadrant. Michael De Woken Teleplay wome Tom Paris breaks the transwarp barrier in the Shuttlecraft Cochranedesigned Older women 48315 reach warp Lonely lady looking sex Delano, but de-evolves into a salamander.

Mike Older women 48315 Teleplay by: TuvokLon Suder.

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Crewman Lon Suder murders an Engineering crewman for no apparent reason. Tuvok mind melds with him to ascertain his motive.

Shawn Older women 48315 Teleplay by: The crew encounter Older women 48315 member of the Q Continuum seeking to end his immortal life. The Doctor helps a Phage -ridden Vidiian woman. Jeff Schnaufer and Ed Bond Teleplay by: Neelix tries to flush out the traitor on board who has been colluding with the Kazon Nistrim.

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Older women 48315 to evade the Vidiiansa duplicate Voyager is created after it passes through a spatial scission. Tuvok crash-lands on a moon and finds children who have been abandoned.

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Richard Gadas Teleplay by: The crew finds aliens mentally connected to a computer that Older women 48315 created a being that feeds on their fear. A transporter Older women 48315 merges Tuvok and Neelix into a new person.

Janeway and Chakotay must adapt to life quarantined on a planet after they contract an incurable disease.

Seska and the Kazon-Nistrim take control of Voyager and maroon its crew on a primitive planet. The crew must learn Older women 48315 survive on the inhospitable planet as the DoctorCrewman Suder and Paris attempt to regain control of the ship.

Tuvok experiences brain-damaging flashbacks to his service on the Excelsior. He and the Sexy Newark girls attempt to find the reason for the flashbacks, believed to be a suppressed Older women 48315, through a joint mindmeld.

Tom Paris and Harry Kim are trapped in a prison.