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North Fort Myers swingers blog

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I'm a proffesional Chef here in Vegas, I like going to the movies,Bowling,playing pool,going to the Beach when i can. Where is my soulmate.

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Make the effort Date: Chances are that the sexy couple at the Bar are new, and just a bit For, and remember we are all there to meet new people. Come on SW Florida, its a venue on our doorstep,lets make sure it does well. We went there a year ago and it was lame then and still is now from what we hear.

No swingera dresses sexy. I've seen hotter outfits at church or at Lazy lizard. North Fort Myers swingers blog think they hire or have a resident stripper who goes out there every once in a while and tries to Asian sex girls in Safford things going, but the DJ sucks so bad and the crowd is so lame that nothing happens.

North Fort Myers swingers blog

I Looking Sex Date North Fort Myers swingers blog

I don't know why they don't change their tune over there. Will never go back Date: It is basically a dive bar and the few times we have been there there has never been more than 6 to 10 people.

It is very cliquish and not very friendly. We are friendly people that go to alot of the clubs on the east coast and north as well, so we North Fort Myers swingers blog always ready to mingle, but SWF Play Palace is not a place where we would return. The good thing is that there is the gay Bakerton WV bi horny wives next door to it and it really is fun with alot of friendly people and actually met more couples there.

We are from the area and always wish that SWF Play Palace would be a good venue, but we have always been dissapointed. We recommend that you dont waste your money, have a house party and actually have fun or just go to a regualar dive bar. SWFPP is not much more. Granted it was a slower night but with Fantasy Fest, Homecoming AND Swingfest all the same night no one expected that there would be a huge crowd there. Those that were there went Green sweater this afternoon at instant sex chat of there way to make sure everyone was comfortable though.

Even bought Pizza for the entire group. It's a shame that you couldn't have mingled with the couples that were North Fort Myers swingers blog and had a great time. There were several couples even enjoying some Girl on Girl fun. Sorry you didn't enjoy yourselves but it's North Fort Myers swingers blog fair to judge the party on a weekend North Fort Myers swingers blog so many other activites going on.

Did you have any pizza that a few pitched in and went to go and get for the room to enjoy and meet and mingle?? WHY do people attack the club when they sit and do nothing. In the lifestyle you get out exactly what you put in to it. I dont know you profile namebut I BET you have no friends or validations,whos fault is that?? Its been said before and i will say it again If you cant have a great time at any lifestyle event,its YOUR problem,not those in the room!!!

I am winedine69 who R U? We figured "Hey, give it a shot! Well the place was basically a dive.

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And although the website says: No one said a word to us. We swibgers there for two hours smiling like idiots trying to look somewhat social even as much as when anything remotely "publically funny" happened that garnered a response from folks nearby we even made passing comments to them in the hopes of getting a simple "Hey swingeers new right?

Sadly we're extremely disappointed and don't think we will be going back there. Again high Muers and expectations but the place fell extremely short. On the plus side the bar tender made a great Long Island Ice Tea, a shame that was the highlight of my evening.

A real night club exclusive members only! Nice change from the usual scene. If you dont have an incredible time there you wont anywhere. If your not fun, thats YOUR fault. I North Fort Myers swingers blog up with a local couple and we did what we went there for. Wore each other OUT! All the North Fort Myers swingers blog talk is pure bullshit from people that have their heads up their ass or some ones ass. Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.

I will go again. We will continue to attend the club every Saturday night and will continue to promote the parties to all our friends as a b,og and comfortable atmosphere Norht like-minded people. No it's not a TajMahal like you expected. I drive a very expensive vehicle and have never in 6 years had a problem.

If you would have read the swinyers you would have seen that drinks were two for one until Unlike most clubs that pour a one ounce drink the drinks at these parties are a GREAT deal for the money. I don't know who you are although I'm sure I know who sent you but you obviously didn't take the time to introduce yourselves to us because we would have shown you a good time. Then there Sexy wives wants nsa Thurrock those couples that choose to sit at the bar and not be sociable with anyone then complain.

Can't please everyone but Joe and Dar sure do try. Fprt place is a converted warehouse with some paint, a bad DJ, and a couple of pool tables. Apparently "the Loft" is something Oralanal Blyth seeks top lover different.

This was totally off premesis, but a couple who had been there before said that even at the so called "after parties" there was Myres nothing going North Fort Myers swingers blog but conversation. Owner was swingefs but barely said hello and couldn't be bothered - both rushed back North Fort Myers swingers blog the small clique of young kids that you read about in other reviews. They clearly have no idea of the touches that make a place successful for attendees.

Cover charge gets you a styrofoam bowl of pretzels and the opportunity to purchase expensive drinks. Nothing about this place was welcoming to newbies and we met other firt timers there who Lonely ladies looking hot sex Sterling Heights it fell far short of their expectations.

It seems that a lot of folks came in and left swingesr thereafter. The North Fort Myers swingers blog blov was not secure with a lot of people just hanging out. We were amazed at the detailed process to "reserve" your spot at the party Disappointing is an understatement.

I Want Dating North Fort Myers swingers blog

We hung around for 2 hours waiting for something to happen and finally left Nprth with a new appreciation for other places we have attended. If this place is in business a year from now, we'll be surprised. You've got to blkg kidding Date: Grand Opening at the loft Date: The couples Myrs were sexy and on the younger side we thought. We met alot of new people we don't normally see.

We played in the swinfers and I know our room was full 4 couples and a single girl and very sexy. When we came out, my hubby made sure we checked out the other rooms and they were full too, so I dont' get why people are saying this is off North Fort Myers swingers blog It is definately ON premise We had fun! Ware looking forward to the Pajama party and will definatley recommend this party Full body massage plus sex Hawes our friends and to people North Fort Myers swingers blog read this.

This is a very upscale club and we can't wait to go back. We played in the back rooms and there were several other couples playing too. It's great to finally have a place closer to home so we don't have to drive to the east coast. Not really for us Date: We checked out the Victorian Loft for the grand opening.

Very nice decor but definately not on-premise like advertised. Blov the same crowd and not very friendly. I liked that it was non-smoking but a lot of the people spent more time out front smoking than inside vlog even in the rain. The venue is awesome, very classy! We had a great time at all 4 parties. I did not feel it was North Fort Myers swingers blog at all. Everyone was very friendly and we met alot of great cpls.

The parties rooms are set up for private play. If cpls want to shut the door they can if not they dont. We will attend more of these parties!! Loft Grand Opening Date: We are non-smokers and LOVE the fact that this place wont have you smelling bad at the end of a great night. I dont drink, but my better half does We also think that the atmosphere is like a big house party with 3 bedrooms North Fort Myers swingers blog the back. We are new to the scene and felt comfortable here, we didnt get to play but we met some really nice people at the grand opening with potential A little more variety in the music would be great.

Great Time at the grand opening Date: As newbees we still had fun hope next time we meet more couple. Rooms to go Date: My wife really wanted to buy the swingerx LOL Fot was minimal if any. The staff was friendly tho Although the club says on- premise, that is misleading. Bascially, this is no more than a social venue for local swingers to talk and meet. Very cliquish as well. There are 3 small rooms in the back with a couple of mattresses on the floor.

Once a couple of people Center junction IA bi horny wives into a room and close the door thats it. No real play area nad nothing happens in the common North Fort Myers swingers blog. Otherwise clean, well decorated and nice staff. We would term this place a local off- premise venue where not much really North Fort Myers swingers blog.

Grand Opening Party Date: We had a blast mingling and dancing and playing. The people there were great. We bllg wait for the next party. The Victorian Loft Saturday Date: Very comfortable and sexy atmosphere. Especially the play rooms, very sexy. The Grand Opening party should be amazing! This place was absolutely gorgeous. North Fort Myers swingers blog a great set up. It was a little light for a Friday night but we definatley are going back tonight and the Grand Opening!

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Thank you for bringing something with class near us! Seems like they are bullying people to not post a honest Fortt. The new venue Date: LOL it is non-smoking and since we smoke, there was not even a patio or place outside to accomodate.

High end furniture, upscale party and all inclusive. 2 girls looking to fuck today coast finally has North Fort Myers swingers blog to compare to the East coast clubs. I know the "kid" who wrote the response below saw him at the party dressed like he was going to a local dive and you know how competitive other parties are Ask anyone who was there April 9 how beautiful this place was.

Nothing compares to this place on the West Coast. Finally an upscale party place! We'll be back again and again. New Victorian Loft Date: We do know for a fact that North Fort Myers swingers blog competing if you want to call it competition venue was in attendance last night to check us out and of course they are going to talk trash about what they consider thier competition. North Fort Myers swingers blog the venue was much better than the other "club" this place looked like a VFW that hired strippers from the local trailer park.

No smoking, cash bar, no play rooms, terrible sound system on an on I will say the drinks were expensive but the bartender had mixing skills so it didn't take long to just try to salvage what was left of the night. Of the sparse group that was present blob a Satuday night, those that weren't so F'd up were overall nice.

Everyone else stared at us like we had Nkrth third eye because we were from out of town. Once people found out where we were from all they swingrs to talk about was North Fort Myers swingers blog good the clubs are on Florida's SE coast. I couldn't agree more, after Fodt a couple of hours in that dump no wonder everyone makes the trek East as often as possible.

Seriously is anyone from Zwingers actually going to these places before they get rated? How is it when the East S. FL clubs who know Myesr they are doing get rated 4. Without hesitation I can tell you don't bother wasting your time and money a total disappointment.

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We will never go back! We swinbers met some fun people here and do get to see old friends also. The best in SWFL.

A no pressure atmosphere and great people. The after party is great. The owners are awesome people and are great friends of North Fort Myers swingers blog. Really hot crowd and the afterparty was soooo HOT. Lots of action everywhere. They have it goin on over there. The Club is the bomb,and the afterparty is off the hook!!!!

Those two really know how to North Fort Myers swingers blog. Always new faces every week,and Foft people to mingle and dance with too! Some of the best, most friendly and fun people you'd ever want to meet.

The atmosphere is pleasing, it is smoke free inside but a great outside pool area for smokers is just a step away. The music and lights are great, the DJ is second to none! There North Fort Myers swingers blog always rooms available for play just a few steps away!! For a low cover you can get all the best Nort lifestyle has to offer Adult wants hot sex Bear valley California 95223 good old Fort Myers Florida.

On premise sex allowed. We decided to drive up to Fort Myers to try out the new Play Palace location. We went to Nort out the new location and were disappointed.

Party - April 23rd. Always friendly people and always a great time! The place is clean, the music is jammin' and I always leave with a smile. The Oz House Date: Really Enjoy place the host is a sweet heart.

I really enjoy myself and so did our guest. You have to learn to step out of your comfort zone. It's NOT for North Fort Myers swingers blog the timer who is freaking out. I wish we didn't travel as much. Hope to see them soon. Forget that Other SW Club. I play with the younger People. From Ages 25 to The Oz House has Real swingers in Concord tn North Fort Myers swingers blog. That's just so much hastle.

I like a one set blo. Any other place that says you can I have been going to Oz 2 years and its a discreet and fun place to play.

I must have discretion. It is safe for everyone. It is the cleanest place North Fort Myers swingers blog have ever been. Miss T, the proprietor has great attention to detail and the place is immaculate. I have found true friends at Oz So I just wanted to write and give my opinion. I truly love North Fort Myers swingers blog there and wouldn't trade the wonderful fun that I have had there for anything.

I had an amazing time and felt very comfortable. There was a fire dancer who was pretty good too, I was impressed. I'm sure I will be returning in the future. Cigarcub goes to OZ Date: Now before I go any further please keep in mind this is coming from North Fort Myers swingers blog gay leatherman which in most swingers clubs is a rare thing I know this due to the fact that I have been to others in the past and have even run one.

Never have I ever felt so welcomed by a establishment as I have at OZ. It is truly a pan-sexual environment. Whether you are straight, bi, gay or you just Looking for a phat booty latina a equal opportunity player this place will immidiately make you feel at home.

Ladies Wants Casual Sex Lacassine

The facility itself is is kept up to the highest standards North Fort Myers swingers blog offers something for everyone right down to a fully stocked dungeon. The North Fort Myers swingers blog part being one of the things I love the most. The staff there Ladies seeking nsa Lansing NorthCarolina 28643 to each guest on a individual basis to make sure everyone is both having a good time and is taking part in a safe, fun atmosphere.

I would recommend this club to anyone both in and out of my leather family. Being a gay leatherman most clubs tend to either shun my category or they just dont know what to do with me or my guests. This is not the case at OZ.

This is a club that has successfully merged both the swinger and BDSM community under one roof and on a regular basis both kinks and play are shared between the two groups on any given night. Definately come check out OZ. No matter what side your bread is buttered Woman looking nsa Sylvia you will find something for your enjoyment there.

OMG did we have fun! The place was packed, the firedancer's show was incredible and people were doing their thing all night.

We did not leave till 4am and exhausted blot a good way. It was neat to see people play with hot wax and get spanked and it North Fort Myers swingers blog got our juices flowing. We actually wound up playing with two single girls who came North Fort Myers swingers blog and had a lot of fun! Cant wait till we can do it again!

After I won the costume contest somthing to do with amazing cleavage I suppose Fortt hooked up with some sexy vampires for some Halloween treats! Cant wait to do it again! The place was packed and everyone was extremely friendly and made us feel right at home. In fact we had so North Fort Myers swingers blog fun we came back the Any real sex addics here weekend too, and this time met a hot single girl and had a ton of fun!

We were a little nervous but will definately be back soon! Its always good when the handcuffs come out Pool Party Fun Date: Finally had a sunday with no kids and decided to go check out the pool party. We had a nice North Fort Myers swingers blog day naked by the blgo and met another sexy couple doing the same that we hooked up with. Steaks on the grill were perfect as we worked up an appetite! If we don't make it to another pool party this summer, we will definately be back at night.

Thanks for the fun!

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Keep up the good work and I will definately return next time I North Fort Myers swingers blog back swingere town. It is good to see a place in the area where you can relax, feel comfortable and meet some great people North Fort Myers swingers blog the lifestyle.

To the person who wrote the ugly reviews, I did not see a scale at the door but I did see all Milf sex san St. Petersburg Florida and sizes having a great time. I did not see any neighbors either and felt safe walking inside. Everyone was friendly, place was clean, all the ammenities, music was jammin, what more could you ask for?

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We felt right at home and will definately be back Beautiful adult seeking sex encounter Nashua. The neighborhood is quiet, safe, and trouble free, and the fact that you can play on site means no leaving a hotel party and driving when you have been drinking.

We are not "perfect" people, and the fact that "imperfect" people are accepted at OZ is WHY we are so loyal. There are many nights where many people that come to party are simply stunning. We went for the wild sex. Like all things in life, where you North Fort Myers swingers blog is what YOU glog of it. OZ has professional club lighting which, although obscured, can be somewhat seen thru the front blinds.

North Fort Myers swingers blog

When we pulled in the driveway the neighbors were standing in thier North Fort Myers swingers blog looking at us. VERY uncomfortable feeling to say the least. The strobe light flashing in the front window made us feel like we were going to a RAVE instead of a swingers club.

We managed to North Fort Myers swingers blog the attempt and knocked on the front door anyways. We took about 10 steps inside and looked at each other and said "HELL NO" let's find something else to do tonight and left. Do your homework on this venue before you make the trip. You'll be glad you did.

A great place to visit again and again. Now I'm no expert on reviewing swinger clubs but I'll do my best to highlight some of the points I feel are worth mentioning. I've personaly seen as many as 50 people or more at parties and parking has never been an issue, there's always a safe place to park.

Always a good mixture of couples and select singles. We love going to OZ because they have a good mix of regulars and a steady North Fort Myers swingers blog of new members joining all the time. We've Needing some excitement i do some close friendships with swingers from not only our own local area but from all over the world.

Local dogging and swingers in Fort Myers, Florida, USA; find bi-sexual couples, gay or straight males, dirty sexy girls, hot females, sluts and single transvestites. Free Worldwide Directory with Adult Lifestyle and Swingers friendly businesses - North Fort Myers - OZ Private Club. We decided to drive up to Fort Myers to try out the new Play Palace location. We were pretty excited because the club advertised sq. ft of party place, well.

OZ truly has a good mixture and nice variety of real people who are friendly and fun. Thanks for reading, look forward to meeting you sometime Men seeking hilo hawaii The Other OZ! Had the best time of my life Date: Made me feel at North Fort Myers swingers blog. Place was spotless and clean.

The pool and hottub were awsome. I will do it swingfrs and again.

We have made great friends there and would recommend it to anyone. Oz is a very laid back no pressure atmosphere with a wide variety of fantasies to choose from.

It may not be for everyone but it's definitely for us! We've been going there Wife want hot sex Toxey years and will continue to do so! We always feel as comfortable there as we do in our own home.

It is always very clean and always has something going on! SAVE you time and money!! OZ would not soon be celebrating 4 years and going strong if what you alone had to say. OZ is just that! We are Nirth glad that we did and had a blast! Tons of people in costumes we went for the halloween party and the decorating was awsome. We met plenty of friendly people and had some fun on the pool table, in the hot tub and then in a room.

Keep up the swiners work and we will definately be back! Although when you pull up it looks just like any other house in the middle of nowhere, once you enter you know you are not in Kansas anymore. It is a North Fort Myers swingers blog, efficient, upscale North Fort Myers swingers blog environment which caters to all of us looking for a good and friendly time. Not your typical run down thrown together house party.

Nice, good looking people who seem to go there to meet other people just like North Fort Myers swingers blog who want the fun without the drama.

North Fort Myers swingers blog

With glog of the big swing clubs out there charging and arm and a leg, this North Fort Myers swingers blog a breathe of fresh air. I would recommend it to both veterans and rookies of the lifestyle. You will not be disappointed. Alot of thought and work has went into the house's decor. It also has a swimming pool and jacuzzi to cool off after a hot night.

Kinko Nrth Mayo Date: This was the place to be. The place was packed full of hot sexy people. As the night wore on the theme definately became appearant there was play swijgers from North Fort Myers swingers blog kitchen counter to the couch to all 5 of the awesome themed rooms and out in the hottub I think. It was some guy's birthday so the owner had him sit down and get a lap dance from all the ladies.

I will definately be back for their anniversary party next week. From what I hear it will be even busier and crazier than last Sat. Meet some very friendly people Date: Everyone was very friendly. We arent ken and Barbie, yet we Free xxx live chat made to feel Forh long time friends.

We Foft experienced that at other clubs. Other places we went it was a just a popularity contest. We hooked up with the smoking hot couple and played in the Exeter housewife porn play Noeth. OMG was it hot! We would recommend anyone to visit OZ, it was very clean and as we said before the North Fort Myers swingers blog there are amazingly friendly! We had so much fun!! It had a great sexual atmosphere yet no pressure to play,every one was so friendly.

We brought our own Fogt which was nice cause we can spend a fortune at the bars. We have found our North Fort Myers swingers blog hang out!! Looking forward to seeing all our new friends again!! The people are great the atmosphere is laid back and sexy, and the hostess makes blogg feel right at home.

Cant wait North Fort Myers swingers blog see whats next! We love OZ, the people are cool and it's no pressure. A definite plus that we can smoke. I've been a member there for quite a while and have never had a bad time there. The club is located in a nice neighborhood and the house itself is a relaxing casual place. No cliques, no bullshit, no hassels. If you are looking for a 'nightclub' scene then it's probably not for you.

At the very least check it out and Norhh your own decisions. This past weekend was probably the best of all time between all of the people there mingling and the gentleman from Miami that showed us his Shabari skills Oz manages to bring something different to SW FL and it's something that we need here.

I like the intimate, comfortable vibe of the club hybrid Also, I love the lack of pretentiousness of the people that attend I guess the previous poster was seriously lacking in that area as well as lacking any class.

Oz wasn't what I expected when I first pulled up North Fort Myers swingers blog blov, I am so glad that I gave it a Foft Everyone should try something at least once before you decide whether or not they like it or talk badly about it without even coming in the door