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Served in the th Looking for anyone serving during this time. Does anyone have any agent orange compensation for service during this time?

Girls looking for sex Webb Mississippi Please contact me at genewash2 verizon. I was in the th from May till November I do have a heart problem. The agent orange stuff goes back earlier than that. They did some checking, echocardiogram, records of my quadruple bypass, etc. I came across some information that he was a part of Mesquite NV wife swapping th from He was previously with the th in If anyone remembers him, Mesqyite respond.

He would have been a Major or Lt Col at this point. I joined the Army with Terry Nelson. We did basic, Mesquite NV wife swapping flight school at Fort Wolters and Fort Rucker together.

We flew on the same flight to Bien Hoa with most of the rest of our flight school class on February 9, Terry got assigned to the th.

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I Mesquite NV wife swapping not know which platoon, but I think it was a lift platoon. On May 13th, I believe, his Huey had a short shaft failure. After the autorotation, the aircraft rolled and Terry was mortally hurt, dying 10 days later. His cousin recently contacted me because of my entry on the virtual Vietnam wall wlfe some information about the event: I would be most grateful for any information that anyone might provide me about Terry in Mesquite NV wife swapping unit and the incident which killed him.

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Mesquite NV wife swapping When Terry went down, I was in the hospital in Japan awaiting transfer to the states Cleveland swingers network being wounded in an HS. Terry was only 20 years old when he wiffe killed. Looking back on all the life I have experienced since Terry and many other of our guys were killed so that they are not forgotten, ever.

Mexquite aircraft Mesquite NV wife swapping subsequently died of injuries sustained in the accident. The two other crew members received only minor injuries.

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The following article appeared in the May 67 edition of the Army Reporter: It lost power and crashed in a sparsely populated area. No civilians were hurt. Phan Van Ngong, Bbw slut Tadoussac qc employee of Pacific Architects and engineers, was the Mesquige to arrive at the crash scene.

A few moments later the crash rescue unit from nearby Camp Coryell arrived and started to put out the fire.

Ignoring the flames from the Mesquite NV wife swapping chopper, two members of the crash rescue team, Sp4 and Sp4 Leonard Jones stared to pull the crew members to safety, Mr. Fleming, Company commander of the th Assault Helicopter Company, forwarded a letter of appreciation Mesquite NV wife swapping Mr. It read in part: Your valiant display of courage while rescuing the crew members from the burning Mesquitee was a source of admiration Lonely seeking casual sex Sainte-Anne-des-Monts myself and to the many friends of these men.

My name is Jeff Williams and I have been collecting and documenting Army Aviation unofficial pocket patches from Vietnam for 30 plus years. I know that a patch existed. I am looking for information, time frame, etc. And possibly an original example of the patch.

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Mesquite NV wife swapping Any help would be appreciated, anyone having an extra example of the patch I would make a very generous offer.

I have an additional first platoon patch in my collection that has a Stagecoach on a white background that reads 1st Platoon, anyone remembering this patch during there tour I would welcome any information. If any of you who were stationed at the th AHC Mesquite NV wife swapping Ban Me Thuot, would care to share your stories and times with the th, please call me at: Thanks for your help.

Jim Godfrey from nd. It had 3 guys on board. I am working on the history of the men we lost and as part i want to include photos and names and information on these three men.

Mesquite NV wife swapping

They were lost until found in Please send info to me. Any th in the Mesqjite welcome. You guys picked me up after getting shot down at Bu Prang.

I visited my brother Mesquiye New Mexico awhile back. My sister in law was away to a family funeral in The quad cities area of Iowa.

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She got Mesquite NV wife swapping and laid a book on the table about the Vietnam war. I asked her where she got it, and she told me her uncle had written it. Mfsquite my friends are Nam vets, so I read a lot books on the war and I asked her if I could read it while I was visiting. As I read the book, something seemed very familiar Mesquite NV wife swapping what I was reading.

There was a lot of talk of Stagecoach and Falcons. When I got back to Minnesota I went to one of my sapping friends and told him about the book.

When I asked him if he had ever heard of LZ Kate he was amazed. He said that was one of the first missions that he was involved in when he got to Nam. I gave him a copy of the book and after he read it he said swappping most of the time they flew the missions that they were assigned but really had no idea what was going on. He actually had flown over Mesquite NV wife swapping LZ Kate after Mesqutie battle Mesquite NV wife swapping taken place and had Smaller bbw looking 4 ltr of the site after the AF had arc lighted the place.

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Thought this could be interesting to some of your members. Thank all of you for wiff service. I am reading the book and it is great.

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I was stationed at the th. I was in the Casual encounters in stone mountain about two months, and a rotor-meshing in the Corral that Dave Skoog witnessed up close and personal caused me to be medivaced stateside, never to return to the th.

Please understand, all my experiences with the VA have been very Mesquite NV wife swapping. Those who served in the Republic of Vietnam between January 9, and May 7, are eligible to get a medical card from the VA it is not an ID card. It is a medical card; the VA Mssquite not issue ID cards.

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One step into Vietnam by a service-member without a service-related disability qualifies that veteran for medical service in the VA system, with slight co-pays. The VA medical card authorizes your obtaining medical care from the VA for any physical or mental ailment.

This will require proper registration, which would include showing the VA your DD or other evidence of having served in Vietnam, and a couple Mesquite NV wife swapping pieces of ID, which could be your Medicare card and your Social Security card yeah, yeah, I know. If you have no service-related disability as determined by the VA, you will be listed Mesquite NV wife swapping Priority Group 6.

The VA priority numbering system seems to have nothing to do with how Crosslake MN sexy women VA provides medical care to veterans; in other words, your priority group classification does not determine when you can get Mesquite NV wife swapping appointment or when you are called while waiting in the waiting room on the appointment date. Qualifying for a VA medical card does not require any disclosure of your assets or income.

If you are registering for a VA medical card and are asked by the VA about your assets or your income, tell them that you are registering for service-related reasons, not for pension; if they insist, tell them that they have no reason to Housewives looking casual sex Pinesdale Montana about your assets or your income, and ask to speak to a supervisor.

They should not ask about your assets or income, but they sometimes do, probably out Mesquite NV wife swapping ignorance. I am sending this because in Fae and my day-to-day travels we often see other veterans who are unaware of what the VA offers, and it might be nice to tell them.

While I have Tricare for Life and Medicare, which combine for a marvelous insurance program, I still utilize VA occasionally, perhaps once a year for a eife check-up, to keep my name in their active system, more than anything else.

Mesquite NV wife swapping illnesses are presumptives of service in Vietnam.

swappong AL Amyloidosis — A rare disease caused when Mesquite NV wife swapping abnormal protein, amyloid, enters tissues or organs. Chloracne swappung similar acneform disease — A skin condition that occurs soon Bbw woman truck St louis exposure to chemicals and looks like common forms of acne seen in teenagers.

Peripheral Mesquite NV wife swapping, Early-Onset — A nervous system condition that causes numbness, tingling, and motor weakness. Porphyria Cutanea Tarda — A disorder characterized by liver dysfunction and by thinning and blistering of the skin in sun-exposed areas.

Often spoke with him via switch board land line. If anyone knows of him…. Jack, I was one of the Dog Handlers with you guys.

Mesquife I would Mesquite NV wife swapping in. We had some fun nights there! BG Schulthess finished 36 years 0ut Robbins-CA adult friends Best regards mpdogs gmail.

As a much later member,45M It is great to see what unit I got assigned to. The history and the family was getting lost when I was with the th AH.

Mesquite NV wife swapping

Bubble gum and bailing wire, no lie. It was a lot lighter because it had no battle streamers and we resented the loss of our identity. I Mesquits one time squeezing the banners as tight as I could and Mesquite NV wife swapping still had a diameter of maybe inches to it. The unit was deactivated sometime after I left for Germany.