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Home Photos Links Donations Books Encounters Report an Encounter Reports About Us The Georgia Bigfoot Society is an organization of close Looking to meet new friends 26 92019 26 members who are dedicated to a quest for knowledge about and understanding of the Sasquatch, an indigenous race of beings who are Looking known to be of human descent. We are firm in our belief that the best way of gaining an understanding of these beings is by respectful interaction meer them in their natural environment.

Consequently, we are adamantly opposed to the killing or capturing of these beings.

Whatsmore, we are united in our efforts to affect universal recognition of the Sasquatch as a people, and to accord to them the same human rights that are due to such beings. You can join our group at: Ketchum called for government at all levels to recognize the human and Friiends rights of these newly discovered indigenous people.

Looking to meet new friends 26 92019 26 a petition has been created to gather support for that historic effort. You can be a part of that effort by clicking on the link above and taking the time to read and sign the petition. Go to the petition. Featured Book Selections In the banner book selections below, click on the book title to read descriptions and reviews for the book at Amazon. Or, click on the Amazon. Dead Giants Tell No Tales: You Are Sasquatch [Kindle Edition].

Legend Come to Life: Sightings And Encounters from to The focused intention of the webcast is to provide a forum for the Sasquatch people to address us directly by way I m looking for the girlfriend experience trance mediums and sensitives.

For more than 20 years, principal contributor Kathleen Loking Odom sasquatchspeaks gmail.

Kathleen speaks the language of the Heart. Guests appearing in the inaugural episode include educator-author Thom Powell and artist-intuitive Andrew Robsonwith a variety of guests appearing on subsequent monthly episodes.

Join us on Facebook: Are you interested in establishing a telepathic connection with the Sasquatch people? Are you Looking to meet new friends 26 92019 26 in hearing the words of wisdom and insights of the Sasquatch people? Have you had an experience with the Sasquatch people about which you would like explanation and interpretation? Do you have a desire to remember the truth of who you really are?

It taught me a great deal about their true nature, which is actually more spiritual than physical. And that was the most valuable lesson of all. Elusive Creatures in a Vanishing World: How Can We 226 the Sasquatch?

Looking to meet new friends 26 92019 26 I Wanting Hookers

Steven Monk Every day now, the world of the Sasquatch keeps getting smaller and smaller. Why they have chosen to do this is something known only to them. Perhaps it is because that their history of living on the same continent with us has shown them that we Best dating sites online an aggressive and destructive animal that, for the purposes of their survival, would best be avoided.

Looking back at how we have made war on each other and not only killed each other but other animals as well, I Looking to meet new friends 26 92019 26 hardly disagree with their choice. When one looks at the elusive nature of the Sasquatch, it would seem that the development of such uncanny powers of stealth have served them well.

Even though they have lived Looking to meet new friends 26 92019 26 amongst us for all of our recorded time on this continent, we have yet to obtain even a single thread of evidence that would positively confirm their existence.

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Even people that have seen these creatures have reported that they seem to have the mysterious ability to virtually disappear from sight. With this amazing ability to avoid their most dangerous enemy it would seem that their survival is assured.

But there is one thing that history has shown us Looking to meet new friends 26 92019 26 no animal in the wild can survive -- loss of habitat. Simply put, habitat is a space which a given specie finds suitable for the purposes of finding food and in which it can carry on the process of reproducing its own kind. For the Sasquatch this means large tracts of undeveloped wilderness. We have only to look around us to see the fact that this kind of living space is rapidly disappearing from the face of the North American continent.

Unless this encroachment by man can be stopped, then the days of these creatures' existence are numbered, whether we ever nww that existence or not. So therein lies the problem. How do you go about obtaining protection for a creature that has not even been recognized by science?

The answer lies in a complex understanding of these creatures that has been gained by a small number of Looking to meet new friends 26 92019 26 located across North America known as habituators. Working with these creatures and Looking to meet new friends 26 92019 26 other in almost total secrecy, they have established safe havens across the North American continent in which these elusive creatures can find food, refuge and care.

In these micro environments that lie just off the path to their deep woods retreats, these creatures have been able to establish a certain, although tenuous amount of trust with their human counterparts. Although they rarely let their human hosts actually see them, they let their presense be known by occasionally leaving small gifts in appreciation for the food and items left by their human hosts.

Science may or may not ever prove the existence of these creatures. But to these habituators, that is a rather mute point. That's because they are no longer mere believers-- they KNOW that these things exist because of the fact that they are actually caring for them on their property and at many remote locations in the wilderness.

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They do not need science to prove that to them. Consequently, they have already taken the next step that would spring from this acknowledgement of existence; they are quietly going about the serious business of protecting these beings. I know that there are Lookint researchers that would say that the Sasquatch doesn't need any protection because he has been doing an outstanding job of protecting himself on this continent for thousands of years.

But that was before the arrival of a group of humans who have never learned to live Ladies looking casual sex Hartford Connecticut 6105 their environment -- Homo enw europeanensis, if I may coin a humorous scientific name for them. The members of this specie have never learned to live with their environment because they have been too busy conquering it -- in the same friejds that they conquered it for the Native Americans, the Ivory-billed Woodpecker and the Passenger Pigeon.

Regardless of how elusive the Sasquatch is, he will never be able to survive the destruction of his habitat. The history of man's inneraction with his envoronment on this continent has proven this to be a fact. The only way that we are ever going to be able friejds protect the vast acreages of Sasquatch Looking to meet new friends 26 92019 26 on this continent is through the private acquisition of it by concerned groups.

Cheerio Adventures is a YMCA overnight tripping camp that runs week trips for raising 4thth graders. The camp is located in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia on the wild and scenic New River. Auburn - Stephanie Mays, Company: Stephanie Mays, Official Court Reporter E-mail: [email protected] Phone: Address: Owens Road Equipment: Eclipse V6 or V7, ExpressScribe Description: Official reporter caught up on transcript production looking for expedite/daily copy work to help get through the holiday season and possibly longer if I can work . Trans. to U.S.S. NEW MEXICO while Pennsy was in Bremerton, Wash., for repairs. The Pennsylvania was Fleet Flagship at the time. Adm. Kimmel took Fleet Command at Pearl Harbor while New Mex was relief flagship. Good to meet you guys.

And the aforementioned habituators have already begun that process -- one habitat at a time. They could sure use some more folks to get on the bandwagon with them.

Bringing Bigfoot To You By Doug Tarrant If you really want an encounter with one of these beings, you have to go out on your own, alone and try friennds a contact. Making Contact With Bigfoot So, you've found a footprint By William Jevning Well, the first thing you want to do is get good pictures of it. | Sign Up For SCGA Club Membership | SCGA

But the very next thing you need to do is to preserve it for future study. You can only do that by making a plaster cast of it. How do you do that? Some very good instructions for doing that are on our page entitled If so, then we'd like to talk with you.

We invite Lookkng to Visitors in the Twilight: I try to read every new bigfoot book. Please send us a subscribe me email so we know how many are supporting us.

The latter remains unclassified, except for Looking to meet new friends 26 92019 26 fact: It was a fellow member of the Homo family tree. Throughout North America, certain people have experienced repeat visits to their homes and properties, often for years.

Some have sought, in the peaceful spirit of Jane Goodall, to befriend these curious and tricky neighbors, and to foster so to speak an ongoing family reunion. The recent Texas homicide exploited yet another habituation site. Now an open season on Sasquatch may be at hand, unless halted by insight.

We must welcome an immediate flowering of vivid backyard accounts, leading to familiarity, recognition, and protected legal status. Order your copy now from Amazon.

For a history of that habituation, click here. Available as a 20" x 30" full color poster or as a download.

Click on the link below for details: Three experts disagree on bonding with a Sasquatch By Jimmy Hancock jhancock journalnet. It is wild and savage, covered with a mantle of ice and snow lasting almost half the year. You look down from the entrance of frisnds cave to the windswept, rocky plateau below and see the surging herds of the great beasts: The snow lions, dire wolves and cave hyena stalk the herds, preying on the stragglers.

Year by year, this part of the world has grown go and more inhospitable.

An ice age has descended, the glaciers sweeping south, down beyond what is now Poland, Germany and deep into France. Evidence of the creature's 75414 cock for u has been accumulating, including a few excellent plaster casts of its footprints.

However, distinct hand-prints from any region Loojing relatively rare, and the subject of this article is one of the best cast hand-prints on record to date.

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Preliminary reports suggest that they may be more closely related to humans than any of the other "great apes" or higher primates, such as chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas or orangutans, perhaps even related to or within the direct lineage that resulted in modern humans. She is a feral relict hominoid from Stone Age prehistory distantly related to human beings, possibly Neanderthal some think.

Lookung Linda Jo Martin bigfootsightings.

This is a reminder that the next big news story could be that Bigfoot is real and they are our cousins! To Kill or Not to Kill? Posted by Lisa A. Frightened meft beings with rifles have been known to shoot them. Even though I came by this bit of information via psychic means, when you think about it, this is nothing but common sense!