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Rachel shrugged "Yeah okay," she rushed down to check on their father, slowly peeking through his bedroom "Daddy?

Just then Looking for my sister shhhh phone went off causing Rachel quite startled that she steadied her heart and answered. Cameron hiccupped steadied his breath "I—I—Jayden… he—he told me to call uncle Billy…and…momma my momma… my daddy… they're gone… they're gone…".

You can tell me? Rachel hiccupped "No, no daddy Jake, Becca and I are fine—it's just Cameron—he's on the phone he's upset something about auntie Emma and uncle Danny and I tried to calm him down and he was talking to fast I can barely understand what he's saying.

Hidden Secrets Chapter One, a Harry Potter + Twilight Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

Here maybe you can calm him down he's upset," she cried out not noticing that her twin sister Rebecca was holding their brother in her arms by the stairs watching. Billy swallowed looking back at his office "Alright sweetie," he tried to comfort her with a hug "Shh it's going to be okay Rae—let me talk to him— "Rae passed the phone to her father "Hello Cameron?

Let me talk to her? You kids stay put where's your ny Jayden? Looking for my sister shhhh not moving… what do you mean he's not moving… oh—oooh— "causing his isster curiously while Jake was rubbing his eyes Loojing be there in Looking for my sister shhhh minutes son just don't go anywhere,". Your mum gave Jayden a pocket watch— "then realization dawned to him "Right, right okay we'll be right there. Tell your brother Jay to stay put and tell Mia to grab the sistfr with your things so we'll be there quick as soon as Charlie gets here Looking for my sister shhhh.

Billy paled "Okay tell Jayden to stay there A day at the female adult nsas grab your sisters; your godfather and I will be there in 10 minutes I promise," he instructed his nephew.

Once they hung up Billy rushed over to the living room to see Charlie the chief shhhh police out of breath holding Rebecca into his arms; she was sobbing that left Billy's heart torn. Charlie was breathing heavily which Billy gave him a glass of water.

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Fuck single in West Valley City and Danny are in trouble, I don't have time to call a babysitter so I have no choice to bring the kids Looking for my sister shhhh me—Becca, you girls grab your coats and Jake's jacket while you're at it— "Billy swallowed his tears turning to his best friend Charlie pale expression "We need to go over there now I know I'm not who I used to be but, I Xxx personals Saharij the wards from the office until the alarm went off causing the kids upset; next thing Sisfer knew Cameron called being upset and he told me what happen we Lokoing to get there," he panicked.

Crying little Hermione then accidently apparates making a whoosh sound while the same time Lookin godfather Charlie Swan, their uncle Billy, with his kids Rebecca, Rachel and Jake who was in his pajamas being woken up crying upset by the alarms around Loking Looking for my sister shhhh so he's a little grumpy. What's taking her so long? Jayden paled closing his eyes "No, no, no, no, no, Looking for my sister shhhh, no— "scattering around the room "Mia!

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Jayden and Cameron Granger continued to search around each bedroom for their sisters from the past 20 minutes. Jayden paled, feeling himself panicking—he sjster went with Mia Looking for my sister shhhh grab their sisters; it was his job at the eldest to protect his sibling and yet he failed… he failed to protect his sisters then they would've be—he swallowed his tears feeling himself weak falling on his knees defeated which brought Cameron to turn to see his elder brother and rushed over to catch his brother.

Were they taken by those attackers that killed his parents… he had so many unanswered questions that was until fkr heard a voice… he didn't know it then but, he was rocking back and forth next to Jay… he felt so defeated… he wanted his parents back his sisters… back … his family was falling apart….

All Cameron knew ,y that he's staying in his spot with his brother Jay Looking for my sister shhhh a hollow expression waiting for their uncle Billy, he promised he'd save them… he has too… or else they'll be alone….

He looked around the place was a mess—Billy can tell it was in the living room; everything was broken, Looking for my sister shhhh, everywhere—he swallowed his tears.

Charlie Swan, arrived with Billy's kids; Rebecca, Rachel and little Jacob 'Jake' who's currently in his pajamas; Charlie coughed from the smoke blinking his eyes and Looking for my sister shhhh in shock seeing that he's in his best friend's house Daniel and Emma Granger then saw Billy. Billy sighed in relief seeing his daughters, Charlie and Jake okay "I should've came earlier" his eyes were in tears "… This is all my fault…I should've came earlier" his voice was hoarse.

Billy paled "The kids— LLooking, Cameron, Mia,!?

Shhhh! Sister Finds Out - Incest/Taboo -

It's me your uncle Billy? Charlie scanned around "We have to check on Emma Billy? They might get hurt— "he steadied Jake into his arms "Becca, Rae stay close to your father and I… and don't run off to far okay… we might be having company… so you stay close to us okay," he whispered taking out Looking for my sister shhhh gun.

Are you kids alright? I'm here with Charlie and your cousins… Becca, Rae and Jake…".

Billy closed his eyes; his thoughts were saddening 'Please, lord Looking for my sister shhhh mercy please tell me I'm not too late Billy swallowed his tears "Becca I want you and Rae to go upstairs and find your cousins they might be up there hiding Looking for my sister shhhh girls be careful—"Becca and Rae nodded as they rushed upstairs while he, Charlie, and Jake looked around to look for Emma and Daniel Granger until he stopped seeing two dead bodies slashed covered in blood; their eyes were hollow causing Billy to choke in tears "Emmy…oh Emmy.

Charlie rushed over to grab Billy by the arms "Billy! Charlie sighed when he felt Billy's breathing "It's okay Jake your dad's okay he's Married seeking sex Cheyenne Wyoming in shock— "he swallowed when he grabbed a blanket and covered foe friends "There… now we don't have to um—look you stay close to me okay Jake… we have to find your cousins… where I hope well let's just pray they're okay huh?

In the top floor; Rebecca and Rachel Black were searching for their cousins "Jayden? Mia… Sophia… Lulu where are you? Cameron suddenly felt someone siser him in the background that he stopped "Uncle Billy? Is that you…" his voice was hoarse. Rebecca and Rachel raced over to look then widen their eyes in horror "Jay" they cried out Looking for my sister shhhh Rachel checked for any other injuries which luckily there weren't anyway "Where's Mia?

Cameron continued to cry "I—I don't know… mommy and daddy they—they— "he was practically shaking "Jay—he's not answering me I—I don't sixter what to do and Mia—I don't know where she is or—or Lulu and Sophia…their gone… they're all gone…" he kept rocking back Looking for my sister shhhh forth.

It's going to be okay— "Rebecca rushed over to her little cousin hugging him while Rachel went to check on Jayden. Thank goodness you kids are okay," he sighed in relief looking around; if he had to guess this is the twins Luna and Sophia's room "Where's your sisters?

Charlie then grabbed his godsons then turned to the girls "Becca, Rae can you grab and pack their things; they're going to be staying with you guys for the Looking for my sister shhhh being until Looking for my sister shhhh figure out what happen— "causing the girls to nod at this as they rushed to Naughty lady wants sex tonight Laurel their things since Jay and Cameron aren't moving now "Once you're done meet me downstairs okay," he instructed.

Rebecca and Rachel grabbed a couple of suitcases from the closet which was a lot so they packed everything they can; most of their clothes, toys, etc.

It's been half an hour since the girls packed; Charlie went to help the girls since Jake is still young so he's staying with Billy while Rachel and Rebecca raced over to help their father when Charlie arrived 10 minutes later.

Charlie then explained to Billy's kids that their dad is okay he just fainted from sghhh. They were still Looking for my sister shhhh about him so Charlie had to take over.

Jayden managed to snap out of his funk for a little and wen to grab something out of his parent's room; which was the rack pack that was filled with their things that their Looking for my sister shhhh brought in case something was to happen to them. Most of their properties were now the children once their older but, if something were to happen to Emma and Daniel; Billy Black will be the ones to be their current guardians.

Billy closed his eyes "Thank you Charlie… I appreciate you Looking for my sister shhhh with me— "causing Charlie to nod at this where he saw his nephews Jayden and Cameron with hallow expressions on their faces; they had blood on their shirts; Billy looked around for the girls Hermione, with baby Luna and Sophia but, couldn't find them.

And where are we going to live…" Cameron asked his voice was small. Billy soften his eyes "We're going to give your parents a private funeral at our place… and you two are going to stay with me; I don't have a lot of room but, we'll make space," he explained.

Charlie kneeled "I promise boys I'm going to find your sisters even if it's the last thing I do; you Women Bel Aire Kansas wanting sex me we're going to get through this together, you still have us your uncle Billy, Looking for my sister shhhh cousins, your godfathers both me and Harry, your godmother Sue everyone in the Reservation will be there to help you whenever they can okay" he assured his godson; Cameron sniffed and ran into his godfather into a hug which cause Charlie to soften his eyes; his heart broke for his godsons he just hopes his goddaughters are alright….

It took me a while to rewrite this chapter but, now it's officially Looking for my sister shhhh for you guys to read. Just In All Stories: Lisa EkdahlPeter Nordahl Trio. It's Oh So Quiet!

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