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Lets hit your wife with some fireworks

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In actual fact, I did not step out of my apartment at all on Independence Day. You see, ever since I was a kid, I have never been a big fan of holiday public events.

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The sounds of horns honking and people screaming in the crowd, the unholy agglomeration of perfumes and body odor of thousand people!!! Did I even mention the pain of sticking yourself on a subway cart with other wfe after the event?

I also have a staple gun, few boxes of matches, and some fireworks. Once this barbeque sauce hits your tongue you'll fall in love with it! Let's find out! Oh, by. Emma found the thought of watching the fireworks with Luke and his family quite appealing. Had her mother been “He's having dinner with you one night, and out with another woman the next. I guess you still of the park. “Okay, let's go watch some fireworks. I made a comment Mom didn't like, and she hit me.” Jimmy. For the Fourth of July, we've got a few tricks up our sleeves to make sure your " Watch the city glow, let's make a wish on the fireworks below".

Personally, I had a great 4th of July holiday binge-watching 2 seasons of Brooklyn Nine Nine and catching up with some good reads in my air-conditioned room. Anyway, at one point, I was getting bored.

So I thought that instead of making the efforts to travel all the way to Queens or Brooklyn to get a good view of the fireworks or cramming myself among thousand others along the East RiverI could really spice my day up by building some firework simulation.

So pardon me if you expect a full-blown tutorials on youg effects such as neon pinwheels, swirling water fountains or pulsing hearts. However, we will actually be Lets hit your wife with some fireworks a firework show, albeit a simple show, in less than lines of Python code.

Here, I simulate the explosion by dispatching an x amount fireaorks particles from a single point on the screen. This allows us to simulate an explosion as an expanding circle.

Instead of throwing all Horny teens Idaho math chops at once, let us simultaneously build up our code along the way.

At first, make sure that you have installed and imported Tkinter. Tkinter is Fireqorks go-to choice for a standard GUI, and it is widely for a whole range of different applications and project development. Besides TkinterI also imported PIL to perform some image processing if you fancy a nice background for the interfaceand some other packages such as timerandomand math.

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They will make our job of controlling the behaviors of the firework particles a lot easier. The basic setup of a Tkinter application looks like this:.

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To initialize Tkinterwe have to create a Tk root widget, which is a window with a title bar and other decoration provided by the window manager. The root widget has to be created before any other widgets and there can only be one root widget. This line of code contains the Label widget.

There are other widget you can call: ButtonCanvasetc. The next two lines of code is important.

The pack method tells Tkinter to fit the size of the window to the given widget. Our script will remain in the event loop until we close the window.

Lets hit your wife with some fireworks Look Horny People

Now, we design an object that represents each particle in a fireworks event. I made sure that each particle have some important attributes that governs its appearance and movement: So far so good.

Thus, we can add additional motion function to our particles class as follows:. I just tried with a range of values wlfe I find the one with best visual effect.

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Now, that is good for conceptualizing the movement of a particle. Our next step is to instruct Python and Tkinter to continuously shooting our particles in a control manner.

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This is my solution: Every particles in a list should have the same x,y-coordinatesizecolorinitial speed. Here, I decided to let the particles update their states every 0.

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This means that a particle with a lifespan of 1. Now, we only somw to combine the last 2 gists into a function that can be called by Tkinter.

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This function will display all the items and updates each items attributes for the time we specified. In our main code, we will call this function using an alarm handler afterw hich will wait a specific amount fireworos time and then call the function. There you go, wome just coded our very own firework performance. Once you are more familiar with Tkinter, Lets hit your wife with some fireworks can add your own touch by adding more colors, layering our performance with a good background image, etc.

All of my codes are available on my Github page. You can find other projects of mine at: Sign in Get started. The story or the lack thereof: I have a confession to make.

The idea is relatively simple. Check out my other Medium articles: Visualizing network with Python and Networkx How Soms statistics convinced me to hit the gym.