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Ladies want sex East Dennis

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He became well known for his tabloid nickname, "Dirty Den". Den is the original landlord of The Queen Victoria.

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He has a stormy love-hate relationship with his alcoholic first wife Angie Watts Anita Dobson. After nearly 19 years of marriage, he hands divorce papers to her in the Christmas Day episode that was watched by a record-breaking He is also involved with the criminal gang known as The Firm that eventually leads to an attempt to kill him in This Ladise believed to be Ladiew, but Den returns to Walford in September Seventeen months later, his character was killed off again, this time for good, at the hands of his manipulative second wife Chrissie Watts Tracy-Ann Oberman.

Den's last appearance was on the 20th anniversary of both the show and Ohio grannies looking for black man character's first episode. His character has been described by EastEnders executive producer Louise Berridge as being arguably one of the Ladies want sex East Dennis iconic soap characters ever. Den Lqdies has a mistress, Jan Hammond Jane How.

He gets Michelle Fowler Susan Tullythe year-old best friend of his adopted daughter Sharon Watts Letitia Deanpregnant but she refuses Ladies want sex East Dennis name the father, Denniz repercussions for Den and herself. Den and Angie's relationship starts to fall apart when she meets Jan, but when Angie attempts suicide, Den ends his relationship with Jan despite preferring it to be the other way around.

Ladies want sex East Dennis

When Michelle gives birth to a daughter, Vicki FowlerDen is not Denmis any contact with her and her financially supports Michelle in secret. For many years the secret Ladies want sex East Dennis kept hidden but Michelle's mother, Pauline Fowler Wendy Richardis one of the first to realise the truth, igniting a feud between her and Den, which intensifies when he admits to her in January that he is indeed Vicki's father.

Den makes plans to leave Angie permanently; hoping to stop him, Angie claims that she is dying and has only six months to live in October that year. Den chooses to stay with her and Easst to rebuild their relationship, Ladies want sex East Dennis to be there for her until her death.

He takes Angie to Venice for a second honeymoon, but liaises with Jan, who is also there.

Ladies want sex East Dennis

Feeling guilty about her lie, Angie gets drunk on the way home via the Orient Express and admits to a barman that she is Laadies dying, unaware that Den has Ladies want sex East Dennis her drunken confession. He bides his time and gets revenge by serving her divorce papers on Christmas Day. The couple's divorce is finalised in and Angie damages Den by demanding a large divorce settlement.

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Den runs Ladies want sex East Dennis Queen Vic alone, initially assisted by Jan, but this relationship ends when Jan grows disillusioned with Den's treatment of her. When he discovers that they are seeing each other, he punches Ladies want sex East Dennis, sacks him and throws him out of his home in the Vic.

He gets Ladies want sex East Dennis on the two by manipulating an immature Simon into flirting with other women when his relationship with Magda hits a rocky road. Simon eventually starts seeing Donna Ludlow, and his rejection hurts Magda. Den uses this opportunity. He feigns mock sympathy and seduces her, but before he gets her into bed, he tells her that he has to go on an errand. He instructs Magda to "get ready" for him, telling her that he will be back soon. He then leaves Magda undressed and waiting in his bed for hours, before instructing Simon's mother, Pat, Ladies want sex East Dennis inform her that he is otherwise engaged, leaving her humiliated.

Whilst single again, Den begins to realise that The Vic's trade is Dennls without Angie. With some meddling from Sharon, Den and Angie decide to reunite as business partners and she returns to live at The Vic. However, it is short-lived, because Angie falls Dfnnis love with her friend, Sonny. Realising that Angie is planning to leave him, Den visits a solicitor and makes certain that Angie has no claim on The Queen Vic. Angie leaves Walford for Spain in May with nothing, and they never see or hear anything of each other again.

Having had a lengthy association Old ladies seeking women that want sex the criminal organisation known as The FirmDen's involvement escalates over the summer of The wine bar is merely a front to the Firm's illegal gambling den. This, however, is against the Firm's wishes so when the police investigation starts suspecting the Firm's involvement and what the Strokes wine bar is really used for, the Firm's bosses force Den to take the blame for the arson EEast order to distance their organisation from the attack.

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They take Den to a safe house in Manchesterpromising to alter his identity, but Den realises this is a cover and that the Firm are planning to kill him. Den escapes and hands himself in to the police to save his life and is remanded in custody in September at Dickens Lick pussy Passo fundo prison.

In Dickens Hill, Den struggles initially, as many inmates refuse to trust him. Homosexual inmate Queenie Price John Labanowski takes an instant dislike to Den and suspects him of being a "grass", leading to Queenie and his friends beating Eas up in his cell. Despite this, Den unveils Queenie as the true prison-snitch and gains respect, rising through the ranks to become "No. On Ladies want sex East Dennis outside, the Firm still feel that Den is a liability; fearing that he will tell the police about their dealings and decide that Den has to Denmark fun 35th av nude military women. Ladies want sex East Dennis ambush and kidnap Den when he is being accompanied to trial on 23 February but Den escapes again and makes plans to leave the country.

He contacts Michelle, requesting that they meet by a canal where they have held secret meetings in the past, so he can say goodbye to her and Vicki.

Unaware that the Firm is following her, Michelle unwittingly brings them to Den and he Eaxt shot by a man who is hiding a gun in a bunch of daffodils. A splash is heard, indicating that Den has fallen into the canal. The police search for Den's body but don't find anything until Sharon finds Den's signet ring for sale on a market stall in April and requests that the canal be searched again, unaware that Den Dsnnis not wearing it Ladies want sex East Dennis he was shot.

In the intervening years, Sharon and Vicki grow up, although not always living in Walford, and in early they discover that Den has a son he did not know of, Dennis Rickman Nigel Harmanwho joins them in Walford. Dennis was the product of Den's fling 30 years earlier with a woman called Paula Rickman. Ladies want sex East Dennis

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Like Den, Dennis has involvement with the Firm, and after some digging he discovers that Den is not actually dead; after surviving the shooting inhe fled to Spain Atlantic Pennsylvania girl fucking help from Jan and went under cover. Hearing this, Vicki traces Den and Ladies want sex East Dennis him back to Walford in September Sharon has mixed emotions: Den explains that the body found in the canal was Dennus of Mr Vinnicombe, a senior member of the Firm, who was murdered as punishment for Den's escape and dumped in the canal, his teeth having been bricked out to prevent Ladies want sex East Dennis identification.

Vinnicombe's body had wrongly been identified as Den's and Jan had assisted in this cover-up by planting Den's signet ring by the canal. Eventually, Sharon forgives him and Den returns to live in Walford to assist Sharon in managing her nightclub.

Den gets embroiled in a feud with Sharon's former boyfriend, Phil Mitchell Steve McFaddenafter hearing Phil hit her and also arranged for Dennis to be beaten up by a Dennia.

He promises another of Phil's former girlfriends, Lisa Fowler Lucy Benjaminthat he will help Ladies want sex East Dennis get back her daughter, who is in Phil's custody.

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After Phil plants drugs in the club and nearly gets it Ladiee down, Den fakes a truce and talks Phil into accompanying him and Dennis on a warehouse robbery. Den bides his time and organises a scam to get Phil imprisoned. During Ladies want sex East Dennis robbery, Den takes the money and obstructs obstructs Phil's getaway, resulting Phil getting caught by the police and remanded.

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Den then helps Lisa flee the country with Louise after Phil's current wife, Kate Mitchell Jill Halfpennyhands Louise over to her after deciding to cut all ties with Phil. The feud brings Dennis closer to Dennia father. Having lost his wife, his Ladies want sex East Dennis and his freedom, Phil manages to escape several weeks later, confronting Den on Christmas Day; after an intense brawl in which Den hits Phil with a chair in order to stop him killing him, Den pays Phil off and he flees.

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Den then spends the rest of Christmas happily with his family before leaving for Spain on Boxing Day to tie up some loose ends. Family problems arise when Den returns three months later and discovers that Sharon and Dennis are in a romantic relationship; Den accuses it of being incest, despite Sharon and Dennis not being blood-related. During an intense meeting between the two in the Ladies want sex East Dennis, Den calmly attempts to persuade Dennis to break up with Sharon but when this fails, he turns nasty and mocks Dennis for believing that their bonding at Christmas was real.

This leaves Dennis deeply upset but recovers and again refuses to break up with Sharon, leading to Den hurling him through some doors in the Vic. Dennis laughs this off and tells Den that Ladies want sex East Dennis leaving to return to Sharon. Playing his last card, Den goads Dennis about his neglected childhood and implies that he suffered sexual abuse whilst in care, successfully provoking Dennis into accidentally hitting Sharon who had just arrived whilst trying to attack him.

A guilt-ridden Den Married wife looking real sex Newry apologises and explains his reasons for not wanting his son and daughter together, because he wants both of Married women looking nsa Riverton in his life and he cannot have that if they are sleeping together.

Den then tries to explain to Dennis that his feelings for Sharon are simply Ladies want sex East Dennis due to the abuse he suffered as a child, which leaves Dennis confused and he decides to break up with Sharon in order to have a father-son relationship.

Init is revealed that Den had remarried whilst in Spain inand his estranged wife Chrissie Tracy-Ann Oberman Ladies want sex East Dennis in Walford to collect some money from him. They then continue their romantic relationship and despite Ladies want sex East Dennis heartache over Dennis, the Watts family reform their close bond.

Den plays a hero's-role when a fairground collapses in Walford and he saves numerous residents. Ian eventually accepts Bobby as his son and asks Den to be Godfather at the Christening. Den, however, still cannot remain monogamous, and when Chrissie discovers that he has been sleeping with Kate Mitchell, she threatens to kill him if he ever cheats again.

To rebuild his family, Den attempts to regain the Vic from the Mitchells just before Ladies want sex East Dennisby blackmailing their lawyer Marcus Christie Stephen Churchett into convincing Sam that Phil, who is still on the run, needs immediate money.

Sam sells the Vic to Den at a vastly reduced price and he reinstates his family at the pub in time for Christmas, after kicking the Moon family out on Christmas Eve. Things go awry when Den discovers that Sharon and Dennis have resumed their affair and are planning on leaving for the US, unless he can accept them both as a couple.

Ladies want sex East Dennis

In order to split them up, Den persuades Zoe to lie that she is pregnant sxe Dennis's baby. Den's plan completely backfires when Sharon decides to leave alone instead, as she was unwilling to allow Dennis to leave his unborn child. While trying to persuade Sharon to stay, Den tells her that he does not have half the feelings for Vicki that Ladies want sex East Dennis does for her, not realising that Vicki was behind him and overheard everything. Vicki then decides to leave with Sharon.

Den is devastated to have lost both of his daughters at Christmas, ironically because of his own lies and deceit. In apparent retribution towards ALdies for inadvertently being the cause of Sharon's departure, Den manipulates Zoe into Est sex with him so she can get pregnant and pretend the baby is Dennis's; when Dennis Ladies want sex East Dennis them having sex, Den appears pleased.

In the wake of this, Dennis leaves in search of Sharon but not before telling Chrissie about Zoe and Den's affair. When Zoe discovers she is pregnant with Den's child, Chrissie persuades her to abort the baby, not letting on that she knows Den is the baby's father, and concocts a plan of revenge to gain ownership of the Vic from Lonely seeking casual sex Sainte-Anne-des-Monts. She recruits Zoe and Sam both also scorned by Den and they confront Hot women looking nsa Brighton after closing time at the Vic one evening in February Den criticises them all for their weaknesses and refuses to sign over the Vic, even when Chrissie threatens to reveal Den's true character to the rest of the Square.

Sharon then emerges from the shadows, as Chrissie has lured her back from America Ladies want sex East Dennis the pretence that Den was seriously ill. Ladies want sex East Dennis then disowns Laries, and in a rage, Den violently throws Chrissie against a fruit machine and is only stopped by Zoe, who hits him over the head with an iron doorstop in the Vic, presumably killing him.

Minutes later, however, Den stirs and grabs her ankle, telling her, "You'll never get me out of the Vic!

Sam secretly witnesses the fatal blow, but Chrissie continues to allow Zoe to think it is she who has killed Den. The three women bury Den in the Vic cellar and concrete it over. Arguments between the Ladies want sex East Dennis occur, and Sam and Chrissie become embroiled in a feud to regain ownership of the Vic, with Sam blackmailing Chrissie and digging up Den's body in the hope that Chrissie will be imprisoned, and Chrissie subsequently framing Sam for Den's murder, which leads to Sam's imprisonment.

By Novemberthe truth has been revealed, and Chrissie is imprisoned after pleading guilty. Den is finally given a proper burial in his 'original' Ladies want sex East Dennis next to Angie. Gavin is revealed to be Sharon's birth father, and it is said that Gavin and Den did a deal so that Den would adopt Sharon in exchange for Gavin being part of a criminal job that Den knew about.

The character of Den was originally going to be named Jack [3] and he, his wife and adopted daughter were to be the occupants of the soap's local pub, now famously known Ladies want sex East Dennis The Queen Vic.