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Updates and Revisions through 28 February This article in a nutshell: Ancient Sumer's edin the Online Iowa City free sex chats land surrounding Sumerian cities is identified as being being the Jersfy prototype of Genesis' land of Eden in which God Yahweh planted His garden.

Genesis' God's Garden is identified as a fusion of several pre-biblical locations appearing in Jerseg Mesopotamian myths. Man's purpose in life according to the Mesopotamian myths was to care for the gods' city-gardens relieving the gods of self-toil, goddfss them thereby an eternal sabbath-rest from earthly toil. Although I understand that all the city-gardens of Sumer have been fused together to Im seeking an Jersey City goddess one God's Garden in Eden, there is one location that stands out "head and shoulders" above all the rest Im seeking an Jersey City goddess that location is Sumerian Eridug, Akkadian Eridu.

Genesis has God warning Adam not to eat the forbidden fruit or he will die, this motif appears earlier in the Adapa and the South Wind Myth, Adapa being Women seeking hot sex Fremont Hills by his god Ea of Eridu not to eat the food of death Anu will present him in heaven or he will die.

I understand that Eridu, where Jerseg Im seeking an Jersey City goddess was given, was transformed into Yahweh warning Adam in his Garden of Eden. Ea, like Yahweh allowed man Adapa to obtain forbidden knowledge but denied him, like Yahweh, eternal life.

Ea of Eridu, like Yahweh, warned one man Ziusudra of Shuruppak to build a great boat to save the seed of man and animals against a flood which would destroy all life.

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Ea of Jfrsey has become Yahweh, Adapa has Im seeking an Jersey City goddess Adam, and Eridu has become Yahweh's Garden in Eden where the warning not to eat or you will die was given. I am in agreement with Professors JastrowGraves, and Patai that events associated with Enkidu and Shamhat appear to have been recast and assimilated to Adam and Eve. This homonym or homophone confusion strikes me as being very plausible.

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A fragment from the Epic Im seeking an Jersey City goddess Gilgamesh has been found on a clay tablet at Late Bronze Age Megiddo, so the story was known to the Canaanites who had scribes trained in writing cuneiform. Of interest here are clay tablets from the Egyptian appointed mayor of Jerusalem called Abdu Heba found in the archives of Pharaoh Akhenaten in Egypt warning him all of Canaan has fallen to the Habiru and only Jerusalem is holding out and to send aid before I city falls.

I Wants Dating Im seeking an Jersey City goddess

We are told that the Jebusites lived in Jerusalem and that Israel intermarried with them. He is the Im seeking an Jersey City goddess of: Stories or poems about Gilgamesh composed in Sumerian exist from circa B. Housewives wants hot sex Richboro Pennsylvania 18954 the world-renowned German Assyriologist Professor Friedrich Delitzsch shocked the scholarly world of biblical studies by announcing that Genesis' Eden was derived from the Sumerian word edin.

This word in Sumerian has two meanings 1 "back," as in a person's back; 2 by analogy: Every Sumerian city had its god and a god's garden, which grew an assortment of crops intended to provide food for the god as well as man: The god's gardens were then, in the midst of the edin, "the wilderness.

Ladies looking nsa AL Vandiver 35176 highly reccomend the following recently released book which is very scholarly and profusely illustrated with a wonderous array of maps in black and white as well as color attempting to Im seeking an Jersey City goddess Paradise on the earth Im seeking an Jersey City goddess Early Medieval times to as late as Scafi is a lecturer at the Universi ty of Bologna, Italy and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London: The second-place "runner-up" to Scafi's magnificent tome, is for me another fine scholarly work but with much fewer maps, all are black and white, no color which traces various ideas about Paradise and its location from Early Medieval times to the 19th century A.

The Continuum Publishing Company. Une Historie du Parais: Le Jardin des delices.

Im seeking an Jersey City goddess

For over years some scholars have Jerseg that Genesis ' Eden Hebrew: How can this be? The late Professor Campbell in noted that the Mesopotamian myths understood Im seeking an Jersey City goddess was created to till the fields of the gods which he equates with Adam being created to care for God's garden: Men were to do that work for them and provide them with food through sacrifice.

Marduk, too, created man to serve the gods.

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And here we have Jegsey created to keep a garden. The Masks of God: Campbell also very astutely and penetratingly noted that the Hebrews in the book of Genesis appear to have employed Im seeking an Jersey City goddess times "inversions" or "reversals" which "turn about" Mesopotamian beliefs by degrees emphasis Im seeking an Jersey City goddess Seekig Division of Penguin Books.

Campbell on the Hebrews "inverting" of earlier myths Emphasis mine: Genesis portrays Adam as NAKED, placed in a God's garden, his companions at first are wild animals, he is a vegetarian and his animal companions are herbivores thus offering no harm to him, then a naked woman is presented and he forsakes his animals for womankind's companionship in a place called Eden.

Im seeking an Jersey City goddess are naked and have sex, then before leaving edin's watering hole they clothe themselves, just as a naked Adam and Eve are clothed before leaving eden's garden.

The Mesopotamian myths also have man being made for the express purpose of caring for the gods' city-gardens located in edin the plain, just as God placed Adam in his sfeking in Eden to care for it. They apparently objected to the Mesopotamian notions about man's creation and the gods' exploitation of him.

They offered a nobler image of man and God. Of note is another Hebrew misspelling: God loved man and sought to fellowship with him, he put him in a garden full of herbs and fruits to eat instead of grass to feed on.

Genesis portrays God creating a garden in a location called Eden. He creates man and places him Im seeking an Jersey City goddess his garden to care for it. Man is Jfrsey he may eat of the garden's seed-bearing herbs and fruits from trees Ge 1: Some Catholic scholars date the creation of the Garden of Eden based on the Bible's internal chronology to circa B.

This research on Eden's garden and its trees can be broken down into basically three phases historically speaking: Eventually man leaves the rain-fed foothills and begins to create villages with irrigated gardens in the northern reaches above Baghdad in the Mesopotamian plain, the Tigris and Euphrates rivers providing the water for Im seeking an Jersey City goddess La-grande-WA adult friends. The first city and its city-garden created by the gods is Eridu in the southern Mesopotamian plain according to the myths.

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Archaeology reveals Eridu is no older than circa B. God did not create a city for himself to Ladies seeking sex tonight Mallie Kentucky in nor did he create a city-garden to provide food for himself, nor did he create man to harvest and prepare the garden's produce in order to have man feed God. He made the Garden of Eden to provide food for man and situated it in the midst of a Ladies wants hot sex Vancouver called Eden instead of the Mesopotamian region known to the Sumerians as the Edin the uncultivated flood plain or steppeland that the Tigris and Euphrates flow through.

All this is to say that the southern Mesopotamian city-dwellers were wrong about the origins of the gods' irrigated city-gardens, and Genesis too is wrong in portraying like the southern Mesopotamian myths, a God creating a garden and then creating a man to work in it. Wyse and Winkleman on the archaeologically attested evolution of irrigated gardens in Mesopotamia: Within a few centuries the development of irrigation allowed settlement to spread into central Mesopotamia, ultimately reaching the rich alluvial lands of the south, where the first cities were to eventually emerge.

Past Worlds, Atlas of Archaeology. Borders Press in association with HarperCollins. Professor Saggs on the Garden of Eden being a folk explanation for the origins of agriculture: That source is the Bible.

Within its earliest chapters are several references to man's very early cultural history. The story of the expulsion from the Garden of Eden is a case in point. Whatever Im seeking an Jersey City goddess interpretation one puts upon it, on the cultural level, it is a folk-memory of the beginnings of agriculture.

With that stage, mankind no longer dwelt idyllically Im seeking an Jersey City goddess parkland, feeding on wild fruits; man had begun toilsome tillage for the cultivation of cereals: Thorns and thistles shall bring it forth to thee; In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread.

Civilization Before Greece and Rome. Because they tired of the grievous burdensome work in Im seeking an Jersey City goddess and clearing irrigation canals to provide water from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers for the city-gardens the lesser gods called the Igigi rebel at two Sumerian cities Eridu and Nippur.

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This revolt over the grievous labor by the Igigi causes the senior gods or Anunnaki, Enki and Enlil, to create man and impose upon him the burdensome, back-breaking labor required to care for thier city-gardens, giving the Igigi everlasting freedom from toil. The Mesopotamian myths have Im seeking an Jersey City goddess knowledge of the gods ever expelling man from their gardens because then they would have to care for their gardens themselves, an onerous task that they dreaded.

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Man's lot in life according to the Mesopotamian Sex Dating Blaine is to bear the burdensome, grievous, back-breaking agricultural toil of the Igigi for all eternity in the gods' city-gardens located in edin-the-steppe of Mesopotamia. I understand that the Hebrews have taken this notion of the gods' hard work being likened to "man" and made a "man" Adam the gardener who rebelled and was removed from a God's garden: It was this text's account of the Flood that the poet of Gilgamesh used as Im seeking an Jersey City goddess source for his own version of the Deluge myth.

It also provided a striking model for the story of Noah's Flood in the Bible.

The Epic of Gilgamesh: Before mankind's creation, the myth tells us, the cities of lower Mesopotamia were inhabited by the gods alone and they had to feed and clothe themselves by their own efforts.

Even the Tigris and Euphrates were their work.

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Eventually the labour became too much for them and they mutinied. The resourceful god Ea called Enki in the poem of Atramhasis devised first the technology to produce a substitute worker from raw clay and then the means by which this new being could reproduce itself. Jerseey

The first humans were duly born from the whomb of the Mother Goddess and alloted their destiny, 'to carry the yoke, the task imposed by Enlil, to bear the soil-basket of the gods'. Professor Sayce aeeking that Eden was the Babylonian plain between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and the "garden of Eden" was watered by these rivers and was principally a plantation of fruit trees: It was in this plain that the garden was situated.

It was not a garden in our sense of Im seeking an Jersey City goddess term.

Im seeking an Jersey City goddess

The word signified what we would now call a plantation mainly of fruit trees It was thus the annual flood of the Babylonian rivers which irrigated Paradise. Professor Sayce, John Jackson, L.

The Jewish Publication Society. Year of the Creation: A realization of this simple but much neglected fact opens the way to a proper understanding of the geography of Eden and its environment. Thus, out of "greater Eden," a river flowed into the garden 2: On the Reliability of the Old Testament. Steppe, stubble, and riparian verdure were, however, systematically linked in the ecology of pastoral nomadism, tribally organized.

To the plains 'steppe nomads came in the spring, mountain nomads in Horny girls Reading wokingham autumn' Rowton The Emergence of Civilization, From hunting and sseking to agriculture, cities, and the state in the Near East. Below, a map after Van Zeist What's going on here? Archaeology has revealed that the "earliest" irrigated gardens Im seeking an Jersey City goddess in the Neolithic Age or "New Stone Goddesx in the mountains surrounding the Mesopotamian plain.

In the cities of Mesopotamia were found tall temple-structures or "towers" called Ziggurats, meaning "to be high" and understood by some scholars Im seeking an Jersey City goddess be "artifical mountains," perhaps recalling for the plain-dwellers that their gods were originally worshipped in the mountains where appear the regions' earliest villages and irrigated gardens.

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