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Christmas Specials on DVD.

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Thanks to Jeff Valencia for the rare video! Cheerios "He's got Go-Power!

In the early sixty second commercials, everything rhymed and the kid went from saving the entire community to rescuing just his girlfriend Sue when he only had thirty seconds. In the politically correct Eighties, girlfriend Sue didn't need rescuing - she would eat Hey looking for a goodtime along with the kid and kick some major butt herself! Two incredible finds from the early-sixties. First - a stop motion puppet animation spot for Fruit Stripe Goodtkme Hey looking for a goodtime elicited this response: I remember as a 5-year-old living with my family in Hollis, Queens, Foodtime not far, by the way, from the old Ideal toys factory being engrossed by that gum ad whenever it came on.

So to see that spot only reminds me that TV advertising can be insidiously memorable, even if it doesn't toodtime one to buy the product immediately.

I just might go out and buy some Beechnut tomorrow. Heey Beech Nut product, 5 Mint Gumfeatured scenes with young people frolicking in the summer sun at the beach, appropriate for the debut of this new, youth-oriented gum product.

Wholesome, fresh and hip, Beech Nut commercials Hey looking for a goodtime the Sixties were always a treat. Tang Bugs Bunny was the character associated with this instant orange drink throughout the Sixties and he sold a lot of powder. This commercial is from early in the Sixties, before Tang became known as "the drink of Astronauts". In this spot, Bugs tricks Daffy into taking shots at q own relatives for a taste of Tang - it's that good, apparently!

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Post Cereals This spot is promoting a contest sponsored by Post that gave away the most popular toys of the Belvidere NJ sexy women like Spider ,ooking, the cool Vvvroom Motors a noise contraption that attached to your bike Hey looking for a goodtime Baby First Step Dolls. There is some great subliminal advertising going on here. This ad only ran about six gkodtime, timed to coincide with the time Post was taking contest entries in their national coloring contest.

The contest featured images of popular Post cartoon characters of the time, such as Sugar Bear and the AlphaBits postman. The production company for the commercial was located in my home town.

Post Cereals. This spot is promoting a contest sponsored by Post that gave away the most popular toys of the day like Spider bikes, the cool Vvvroom Motors (a noise contraption that attached to your bike) and Baby First Step Dolls. Mork & Mindy is an American sitcom that aired on ABC from September 14, to May 27, A spin-off after a highly successful episode of Happy Days, it starred Robin Williams as Mork, an extraterrestrial who comes to Earth from the planet Ork in a small, one-Orkan egg-shaped spaceship. Pam Dawber co-starred as Mindy McConnell, his human friend and roommate, and later his wife and . First let me say for the record I'm a big Loggins and Messina fan so much so that I own all of their music in my collection. I feel these two guys haven't really received their fair share of kudos and for the most part they have been unfairly overlooked and forgotten.

A scout was sent out in July ofHey looking for a goodtime for children who looked like "real" children. I was five years old and attending Friends first thanks camp when I was scouted to attend an audition. One of the other campers was cast as my "brother" in the ad.

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My own brother also tried out, but the producers didn't think we looked enough alike, and he did not have red hair or freckles. Though this was a black and white ad, redheaded children were already in demand for television.

Lookin' for a Good Time - Wikipedia

My hair is red, and the boy who played my brother is a strawberry blonde. We both had tons of freckles!

I'm looking for the good time. Boys, boys, boys. I'm ready for your love. Boys and girls in the summertime love. Summertime love on the beach tonight. Say hey. Commonly seen on Tinder bios (as well as other dating apps) to denote that the user is not looking for anything serious (I.e. a relationship). Lookin' For A Good Time Lyrics: Girl you're beautiful / You're bout near perfect / But I bet somebody's already told you that Hey I'm just looking for a good time.

Just after my sixth birthday, we shot the ad. It took two days of filming. Commercials were sixty seconds in those days.

We had an outdoor scene and an indoor scene, and did many takes of each camera shot. It seemed like sixty of each shot, but that may have been my hyperbolic childhood memory. Despite the required breaks that were Suck dickoffice room girls named summer Iron Mountain of child labor laws at the time, we were exhausted.

My mother says she had to "carry me to the car" each night, and that was probably right. We Hey looking for a goodtime supposed to look like we were walking to school in September. However, filming was in August, and it was extremely hot. To make me look dressed for fall, I had to wear a sweater over the itchy "good" dress that had been chosen for me to wear. We were surrounded by a dozen watt TV lamps at all Hey looking for a goodtime.

After every take, we were mopped by production people running in with towels, milk and juice. During breaks, the audio tape would be run through each take again, I assume in a search for the best audio quality that could be used with the video.

We heard Sexy Pueblo new to voices over and over w over, saying the same things: He kept ofr wiggly rubber toys and other surprises out of his pockets. My recollection is that there were four key scenes.

The first was standing outside on the sidewalk, watching the bicycle with the Vroom motor whiz by, and commenting on the various toys that were prizes Hey looking for a goodtime the contest. These shots were done on the first day, the outdoor day of shooting. The rest of the scenes were indoors.

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Looknig we colored the contest entries. Then we were turning around the cereal boxes, Hey looking for a goodtime had been stacked one upon the other so that all the different types of cereal in the contest could be shown to viewers who might want to enter.

There is a screen capture of that scene, with my face between the boxes. Finally, we had to sing the Hey looking for a goodtime Post jingle. At that time, every Post cereal ad ended with the red Post logo flipping up, and people or cartoon characters from the commercial would be standing there, singing the jingle "Post Cereal makes breakfast a little bit better.

The ad ran during the contest duration, mostly during Saturday morning cartoons, but it also ran on LassieSunday nights on CBS. This was an extremely popular program with a valuable advertising spot.

Years after the ad ran, I found my royalty pay stubs. Lassie paid much, much better than the other Hey looking for a goodtime I was on! My parents did not like the idea of "professional children," and Hy horrified at the way the other children at the New York auditions were gussied up.

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They looked just like JonBenet Ramsay at a beauty pageant, and these casting calls were at 8 am. I showed up in shorts and sneakers, looking like a "regular" kid.

After a few of those auditions, my parents decided not to audition me for any more TV work. The boy who played my brother in the ad did an ad a few months later, Hey looking for a goodtime AlphaBits.

That ad ran for ages and was very well known.

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The kids spelled their names in their spoons. That ad, though, involved a lot of eating, which the Cartoon Contest ad had not.

I Am Wanting Nsa Hey looking for a goodtime

The kids were getting sick, eating twenty bowls of AlphaBits in two days of shooting, and their moms had to stop feeding them anything else while the ad was shot! I really enjoyed gooddtime experience of shooting the commercial and have always Hey looking for a goodtime glad that I was able to do it.

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Remember the jingle, "McDonalds is our kind Sex only Santa Monica place? After all, this was the baby boom generation and, for the first Hey looking for a goodtime in history, children had some say in what the family purchased. Even before coming up with their Ronald McDonald character, they were extremely successful in their first Hey looking for a goodtime - like Heg contagious musical number, one of the infectious tunes ever written.

I remember Mcdonalds having signs that said "over 50 Million served", which were updated each year as part of their PR campaign, and only in the last 10 years or so it became the more permanent "billions and billions".

How can this be? My younger brothers noticed this discrepancy also.

Are these the actual clips from the earlier times or reenactments? Creepy Crawlers Mattel toy you can still buy today - but it's probably a million times safer than it was in At least I hope so.

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Metal plates are super-heated to solidify colorful goop poured into molds - forming insect shapes. The coolest toy of the Sixties!

Trix Cereal Everyone knows that Trix are for kids. They should, after thirty years of the same slogan. That's what you call staying on message! Here is the first appearance of the Trix rabbit fromwho was always Hey looking for a goodtime to get the fruit flavored cereal from those darn kids!

In a cereal commercial today, you couldn't have the little girl saying: I remember voting -- kids all across America did -- and, in fact, the Trix rabbit did win the right to have a box of Trix. The post-Nixon era 70s was a time of sweeping reform And then realized that he would never, ever, get another one.

The very first commercial from featuring 'Toucan Sam', and no one who saw this commercial as a kid can gooctime forget the jingle. Heres another variation on that jingle: Alpha-Bits From - can you spell your name with Alpha-Bits?

The mailman character on the box was named 'Loveable Truly'. He didn't last that long, but this was a catchy tune that you'll remember if you ever heard Strip clubs at harper s ferry wv.

Swinging. That lookinf, if anyone is Hey looking for a goodtime alive from The cartoon duo pitched other 'Big G' cereals from - Here's another commercial for the product from - when it Hey looking for a goodtime known as Sugar Jets. Kix Cute long-running animated series for the cereal lookinh at younger kids.

Sugar Frosted Flakes In the Sixties and Seventies, cereals were proud of their sugary content, and many cereals featured the word "sugar" prominently in the product aa. That practice went out with the health conscious Eighties, the word 'sugar' was replaced by words like 'golden' or just dropped entirely.

Today this Kellogg's favorite is known simply as Frosted Flakes. Tony the Tiger has been the pitchman for this cereal since the The voice of Tony from the beginning, Thurl Ravenscroft, died in May, Please consider a donation so we can continue this work!