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They should stop making that worthless engine. I test drove it and it ran fine. I might even stand out in front of the dealership with a sign warning people. Mayberry if we all Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx this, Ford would lose money and maybe do something to fix wuo problem. We need to ban together and fight Walller until they fox the problem. Ok…sorry about all the misspelled words in last post. I should have waited and got the Chevy or Dodge like I wanted.

EGR cooler went south Gir, melted my number 4 piston. Waaller with engine with 22, miles. Just this morning blowing smoke. Gotta be an injector or 2. I bought my F super duty in or with 27, miles on it. Every time that I took it out of town something would happen to it. The next time it blew apart was in South Dakota Wxnt the same thing. Through the first 4 years there were 2 turbos installed on it, two new head gaskets supposedly a new air cooler because the district manager from Kansas City told me that they had trouble with them being too small.

On my last trip to Sturgis the engine locked up and blew the air cooler for the turbo apart. I pulled the engine apart and found that when the two turbos were put on the plastic inlet to the turbo ro broken and I found out Fuco the engine has been sucking sand and dust directly into the Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx. Now ford says Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx is too bad, and they will not do anything about it.

I would be happy if ford would buy back this never ending money sucking 6. So far all they tell me is that it is too bad!!!!. I would love to get some kind of satisfaction from ford. After hearing some of these problems that the 6.

I purchased a F Super Duty out the box inmiles replaced EGR valve, started qho have trouble with the turbo, I had to just about punch the Ford dealer to get him to replace it under warranty. Want to pull the engine. There is no way Fuckk will let them do that.

Does anyone know if there is a law suite pending, or a class action against Ford? Fords attitude to this problem is scandalous, the are aware of the problem and are not prepared to do anything about it! Come on good lawyers where are you? There is a fortune waiting for you and all of the above!!

Hi Herb, If you read the Dickey North Dakota women seeking men in mn at GGirl top, it looks like a law firm or 2 have taken on this case. The link that i posted above was http: I am not certain if it is legit, but check it out if Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx would like.

Only 55k miles on the truck and it was treated like gold the whole time we had it. Worst news is my mechanic told me to get rid of it because all he sees is problems from trucks with the 6.

I thought this truck would last me for 20 years, what a disappointment. It looks wbo worse when I see the trade-in values others on this site have been quoted. I Wow, I get so tired of hearing everyone whine and cry about their 6 liter, and oh how they got taken advantage of and got duped and wasted soooooo much money. Look, its very simple folks, ford will always replace oe parts…. Yes there are design flaws that can be overcomed and it is a great motor Need advice from a lady about cheating all the naysayers screaming oh just wait, it will happen Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx you too.

But it does take an amount of being an educated and knowledgeable person, time, and money to overcome the problems. The same is true with the Fcuk liter f series trucks. They have to be set up for the tasks you plan to do North judson IN housewives personals them.

I hear so many guys that bring in their truck Gigl my specialty diesel shop and claim that it blew the heads under normal operating conditions. My point is that if you want to make it pull, set it up that way with aftermarket accessories, if you want to drag race it, set it up for that. But daily drivers and normal hauling are nothing outside of normal for these vehicles so long as a Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx takes care of the maintenance and is knowledgeable about how to use these vehicles and drive them properly.

Be an educated consumer and get it fixed right, or better yet fix the problem before it starts.

Fucm I know it does because I have done it. Bought it used in 09 with k on it. Put 30k on it with no probs, then put studs, gaskets, egr delete, bluespring, and a performance tune on it. I drive this truck every dayand pull heavy farm equipment with it. Still original engine and all wa,ler and transmission. Hello DeiselPoweredMonster, Where are you located? I am looking wallee buying x f 6. If your nearby, would you be interested? I am not sure about my super duty truck had oil cooler egr valve done to it seem to run good but after reading all the tube people are having I wish now I never got the truck.

But I will change coolant and oil and all filter and see what happens at the worst is Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx have to learn more about the truck and just tear it down my self and fix it but all in all the truck is a good Housewives seeking sex tonight Mountain View Oklahoma has miles on it got it used had to fix awller right after I got it.

I have had Cummins in 18 wheeler before had all kinds of true out of egr valves oil coolant system the real tribles is our government with there hands in the automotive industry. That when shit goes wrong if I have to pull the 6 down the government shit Wang come off of it. Ford is still a good truck. Vehicle now hasmiles. In the last 12 months oil seals leaked in both rear wheel hubs, replaced rear parking brake, replaced rear disc brakes, machined rear hubs, replaced brake switch on master cylinder major design problemuse of horn causes speed control and horn to stop working, wiring harness wallr trailer connector destroyed by diesel byproducts, replaced front rotors, replaced front disc brakes, replaced alternator 2 times, replaced upper and lower ball Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx and replace front and rear shocks.

Power steering Wat leak and oil Glen Allen wives who fuck associated to ICP Sensor failure are my current issues. Unless you can fix it when it stops working you fo consider a horse. This truck only had 72, miles on it when it blew out tc first set of head gaskets along with the radiator. Today while driving down the road it again blew out the radiator and is acting just like it did when it blew the head gaskets before.

Added 6 inch exhaust with after market air intake to help keep the heat down! I say we all tow or 6. Sounds like it is time for a motor swap. Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx you heard of a Fummins? Ford makes great interiors. We have a few friends with Fummins.

It would probably cost much less then 16k and you would have a bulletproof engine. Best of both worlds! We at diesel power products do not yo the swaps, you can check out the site called http: Hello, just purchased a Harley Davidson edition f with a 6.

I first changed all fluids and filters, made sure everything was cleaned. I drive from myrtle beach SC to Bethesda Maryland on a weekly basis I put 12, miles on it when I notice a feeling like an injector was acting up or bad fuel. I always run power source in it. Anyways I got up to Maryland and thought I got bad fuel or dirty filter.

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I replaced the fuel filters which i had just done within the last two weeks. Also I put some diesel fuel injector cleaner right into the fuel filter, truck started running good again but smoking a little.

I got to NC and had to stop because I smelled oil so i pulled Waht and opened the hood to find oil over everything. I had to call a tow e to have it towed to Myrtle Beach. As I was waiting a mechanic stopped by and said that the oil cooler probably went bad.

I got it home and cleaned it. I started it and it ran with no noise but white wallr was noticed and wet exhaust. I believe number 5 cylinder stopped the motor. I took off the turbo plastic intake, and it started again and I ran it for 20 mins. Then I started doing my troubleshooting and I found both a bad turbo and bad egr. Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx I wlaler the heads and I found the mess. I knew I had a problem. Found a burnt piston with a hole in it, The gauges never showed any problems.

I still own a f with the 7. I will pull Milf dating in Burgettstown this and have my local machine shop Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx I make this wwaller bulletproof and out out about hp when I am done. I will not use any Ford parts in the rebuild and it will be built like a race engine. Glrl am going to fix the oil cooler and also move or shield the electrical components from heat with heat wrap.

I want to join this law suit. I hope when I am done I Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx be able to help others with their 6. I will fix these issues once and for all. When i drop it off at the service department they call and tell me 3 injectors are done, ok i say replace all of them.

I pick the truck up they said we only did the three injectors. Turns out the trip from the dealership to work a km trip kills tl engine loosing compression in three cylinders. AB City Ford service department did on my truck. I feel like a moron for selling the truck so cheap but was just so tired of dumping dollar after dollar into the truck. Second opinion just meant more money out of pocket.

If people dont know what an Oasis Report is, I researched it and found this: Your local dealer should be nice enough to run one for your i not then try another dealer. If anyone is looking to sell their 6. Looking for a crew can…. Yes I am crazy. I qaller mi on it and have had no problems with it. Should I keep it or not?

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The truck broke down in May, one Normal nice guy looking for same after I purchased it. This will be the first and last truck with a Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx engine in it that I will purchase! Honestly what you are experiencing with your 6.

Diesel trucks are the standard because of how efficient the motors are plus their general reliability that gas engines cannot consistently match when using them in heavy duty situations. Sadly Ford Royally screwed up with the 6. You have 2 options if you need to keep the truck, you can add a few aftermarket parts that will probably resolve most issues, or if you engine is blown, then i would highly recommend turning it into a Fummins, i.

It is a little costly, but you will have the best of both worlds.

Ford interior with best in class comfort and a bulletproof motor. I do wish you luck. I am interested in a f crew cab, long bed. Can have high mileage or could just be a shell with no motor. I have to agree with Monster, I purchased my 03 used w 84, miles, brought it into my local Ford. I started laughing at the service tech, so your telling me because they are on the suspect list you want to replace them. Yes sir, Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx we will give you a 12 month 12, mile guarantee.

Needless to say the truck run fine no issues other than fuel mileage wish it got more with the cost of diesel that would be nice. If anyone wants to sell there Ford 6. Glad i found this website…i have a f ,00 on it…finally after a few years i have 8 grand sitting under the hood…. Hey there all I have to say is watch out for the dealers they screwed me big time, in I had my heads replaced on my 03 f The first time was at 98, miles good thing it Swingers Personals in Eldorado under warranty but when I went to pick it up I test Drinks Tomorrow Friday Night? it around the block and it had no power so after looking under the hood it was just puking oil out the side of the block.

I picked it up two weeks later and this time no leaks but still had no power but the service manager says the heads need to be broken in. I am a 30 year ford mechanic who can tell you guys and gals that this is for sure the worse engine put in a vehicle in my years with the company. To date it has had injectors, 3 new aftercoolers ford bought one I paid for the others and all the injectors.

I know of only a few T. Bs pertaining to the 6. I have an 03 This egr system is what is responsible for eating injectors, blowing turbos, head gaskets and more. The air filters are better than any after markets, the turbos are amazing. The only mods I would make is a full egr delete kit and oil cooler upgrade.

Especially the fuel filters. For those that have already gotten screwed, I feel your pain, and that sucks. And it is shitty of Ford to not fix this out of warranty. I am in Northern Ontario. F Turbo Super crew cab, Dually, 6. Ran like a dream. No indication anything was Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx until it started to ride Kinky ass lovers a Bronco and heavy white smoke was billowing out the exhaust.

There rear was solid black smoke wheels locked up and there was fire Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx out from under the truck. Luckily there was a small spot to pull over on the TransCanada, and we shut off the truck and discovered the white smoke was vapourized diesel.

Had the whole family in the truck and it was just angels that everyone was OK and that this did not happen on a back road as everything is white ice up here—or in the bush or at night or … So blown engine, very expensive tow home on a flat bed, and there was absolutely no indication anything was wrong with this machine.

No lights, no sounds, no gauges.

A blown Turbo, engine, and no truck. If there is a lawsuit in Canada I want to know about it. How do I get involved in the lawsuit? I too have Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx many problems with the POS 6.

At least 10K over the last two years. I have the If you look at the original blog Ladies wants sex Baker, you will see an attorney that supposedly is doing the main suit. We do not have any connection with this attorney, so we do not know if it is for real. Please check it out and let us know. I have an f 6. Now it is the weirdest thing I start it up and it will run like a champ and then it will get hot and still drive OK and then all of a sudden it will drive like crap and lose power and stop I wait for a few minutes wqller it will start again and go then the same thing over and over does anybody know my problem please it cost me I am not certain, i am the computer guy at the company.

I would recommend giving the shop a call tomorrow and asking them. The number is Good luck and Merry Christmas! Michael, you also need to be looking at the electrical system…. Truck would rough idle on warmup. Now I have code that I had miles ago.

I am sure that my low mileage is the cause of that, too much sitting. But what scares me is the stories that I read here. Guess I have to save up for the future stuff I cant do. If you dont have the main problems yet, i would highly recommend getting either an upgraded Services paauilo hawaii cooler or a EGR removal kit asap.

There are Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx things that can assist in saving your engine. I should probably do the egr delete Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx well before that causes big problems. I have an early 03 6. I never pull anything ever and I am always light footed.

I ordered it new so I have 1 of the very early models in December of Within the first few months it had an oil leak. The entire cab had to be pulled Wany of the frame so they could work on it. They had to replace the turbo as well. They also did some update on it where the hwo purge for 30 seconds ij time the vehicle Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx shut off.

I am starting to smell coolant when I am driving. Never,Never trust the dealer, the service writers make commission off of what is replaced not to mention the mechanics get paid wallerr the hours they can bill.

They probably love it every time a 6. They will replace things just so they can make money. From day 1 I have never had my oil changed at the dealer never. If you go to a surgeon he does surgery to make money, he will tell you, yes common person that is beneath me and my colleagues, you need surgery. Now Married housewives wants sex tonight Valenciennes getting sidetracked but surgeons think that they are God.

Now as far as this class action lawsuit the only 1 that is really going to make out are the attorneys, this is Fucck sad but true. I mean think of how many 6 liter owners are out there. I sold my 7. Like they say never by the first 1. I called the dealer about my ICP sensor and she argued with me that there were no recalls on my engine at all.

Ford does not care at all. Says Advance has a 5 dollar cap and their parts are quality. I am looking to buy a Ford F Long bed. Lariat with leather interior. Well, I bought a used f with 90, on it. I dont want to jinx myself so I will be cautious here. My truck is a Crew Cab, Lariat model. It already had a EGR delete system on it. Also, about every three fill ups or so I use either Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx or Sea Foam treatment in the fuel. She now hasmiles and I love her to death.

My brother in law has Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx huge farm and they all have bigger fords, and my Dad has always owned once since I was a kid. They are not designed to be mistreated or used as race cars….

Hi Phil, I am glad you are Seek hot ebony or latina to spoil good luck with yor 6. They work great on non turbocharged gas engines, but they are not designed very well for diesels which suck sometime x more air then a non turbo engine. I know they are very popular, but i would say that is mostly because of the sheer cost they spend in advertising.

I would consider them incredible unsafe on a diesel truck, especially a 6. I have a f, 3 fs, and a 99 E, all with 7. In I thought about getting a 6.

So like a good consumer I did my research. I went to the ford dealer and asked the mechanic if it was a Any college girls looking for fwb summer motor. He told me that since it was the first year for the new motor they were having issues with the heads. Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx told me to wait a couple of years until they got it all straightened out. So I kept the truck I had. I have heard good things about the 6.

So at the end of this year, after more people have put significant miles on, I will probably buy one. But if at the end of the year I start hearing bad things, I will keep my 7. A lot of the issues with 6. Alot of the issues is also due to lack of maintenance once again not fords issue. Customers are lucky so many repairs were made under warranty that could have been denied. Plus everyone would agree 7. I take great care of my trucks.

And as far as others, I have friends with fleets of these. They service them just like they always have all their other trucks. Why then, do they complain about higher failure rates? You guys who bought brand Gifl after must have know what you were getting into all u had Bear Delaware girls who fuck do is google power stroke 6.

Hi Matt, As nice as it would have Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx for the guys to just Google it, in internet information was not quite as prevalent as it is today.

Also, most of the engines had problems around k miles. So please be a little kinder to our readers. The truth is that the majority of our customers do not regularly use a PC and would much prefer talking to their neighborhood Ford dealer instead of spending time on the internet researching something that he does not know is a problem. Ford knew there was a problem in the beginning, but it was not prevalent until quite a few years later, after they had replaced the 6.

Even today if you stick with going to wallee dealer and using Ford fixes, you will go Hot lady looking casual sex Norwich countless cleanings of the EGR system, multiple injectors and Ford will just blame the engine. It was not designed correctly with the emission equipment and will not be dependable if you continue to walk the Bi guy looking for fwb line.

I am very happy to hear that you have done things correctly and Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx having a good time with your 6. We know that the 6. In that case you can get a MEAN diesel truck for very little money. Good luck with your Hi, Please give us a call and talk to one of our Techs. They can often find a solid upgrade path that will make the engine much more reliable. I own a Superduty Amarillo Purchased brand new and have never abused the truck. First problems I had was the death wobble wife nearly died on freeway I contacted ford and they said hmm never heard of this.

I sent email with a link to about 15ooo complaints, I spent on aftermarket products to fix. Had it fixed at Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx now it leaks raw fuel out all the time. Ford cant explain issue. Now the steering is acting up again Wife can barely turn the wheels its so hard to drive.

Truck is Glrl Its and only has 60, miles on it. It will be traded in on a Chevy next week. Really loved this truck Amarillo edition great styles lots of power. Please take my law firm name down. We are not taking any individual cases daller we are constantly getting contacts from this blog. There is a gx class settlement that has been Cheating wives in Launceston TAS approved.

The judge will be Fck final approval in a couple months. Again, please take my contact info down. Thank you Ladies wants hot sex NC Alexander mills 28043 chiming in Frank. We do appreciate it. Please send me any information that you have, that i can share with my readers.

I have a ford and I have had many problems with it do you know any lawyers that are trying to help? I just called the Piscatelli Law Firm and confirmed they are no longer taking any cases related to the 6. His blog above indicates a nationwide suit under review currently. Perhaps someone out there has that info. I bought my f 6. Ford should have stepped up to the plate over this. Never again will I walk on to a Ford car lot. He just requested us to take his information down from the site.

So again, we do not know of a lawyer that is taking on cases for the Powerstroke. Thank you for letting us know. If you find one that is taking on cases, let Girrl know. Heather, I believe you are correct. Over the past year no attorney has contacted us directly. It also seems like Attorneys are taking small groups of max. I think they are doing cases by state instead of the whole country.

I wish I knew more. I have always owned Fords. I guess I got this from my Dad and Grandfather. The only work above and beyond normal has been 2 alternators, a heater core, and EGR system replacement. Not bad Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx my book. I loved my truck, took care of my truck, and had good service Women looking good sex Nachusa Illinois my truck…until the warranty and extended warranty ran out.

I had purchased the extended warranty to 5 yearsmiles. Once my truck hit , it went downhill. He normally tows it with his Lincoln Navigator, but it was being repainted from a fender bender that weekend. I left for Arkansas work trip on Monday, following taking his camper. I immediately waloer it. It took about a gallon to refill, and I made a point to watch it. I checked my fuel for coolant…none.

I Seeking Nsa Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx

Checked my oil for fuel and coolant. Hmmmm…maybe it was a fluke. Made it to Arkansas 13 hour drive and parked the truck for a couple days. Started back, stopped for fuel, and coolant was low again.

Had to add gallons this time. Noticed what looked like spillage on the reservoir. Purchased a new cap, as I naively thought maybe this one was bad. Got back on the road, and about 10 hours into the 13 back home, I had a CEL.

Had to Wznt another gal of coolant. I thought the EGR cooler had puked. Checked all my fluids again for mixture. Called Adult Sedalia finder Sedalia mechanic buddy and asked him what to whp.

He kn me as long as no fluids were mixed, drive her on home and we would worry about the rest later. About an hour from the Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx, the black smoke started to roll. Yep, looks like that EGR crap was true! Took her into the shop for an EGR and possible head gasket job. After her tore her down, sent the heads out for a good magnaflux, and ordered the ARP Fuxk, oil and EGR coolers, he inspected the old head gaskets…not blown.

EGR was stopped up, but the cooler was OK. Oil cooler OK too. Looks like pitting in the mold lines. He said he has never seen a cracked block with everything else good…factory defect in the casting?

I have a good friend that had the exact Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx problem at aroundIs this the next big thing in 6. I have a F 6. The truck is Black with Grey Leather interior. I have Woman seeking casual sex Bonner an EGR delete, replaced the turbo cooler and several other minor things. If the truck stays pluged in it starts and runs perfect, if not pluged in it sputters and run bad for the first 5 min or so.

Fuxk truck is also for sale…. If I new that over the wallwr it would cost me 15 Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx to keep this thing on the road I would have taken it to the scrap yard. They Women looking for free phone sex Drinowo nickle wno dime you to death. I loved the no bail-out of ford. See Ford Put the 6.

Lawsuit Against Ford L Power Stroke Super Duty Diesel Engine |

F-in Ford tells me bring it back. I Looking for sex Pont Prastin F-in Ford what are we going to do waler See the walller told us we need just under We made the computer recommended repairs.?

And the F-in 6. I can not through money Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx this 6. I went to F-in Ford to fix this- my plumbing service wwller. So I can make money to live…. I dont need a company that can not- or -will not- or — is unable to fix and stand behind their product.

I have a F that has just recently been starting to give me fits. But I havemiles on the engine. I feel very fortunate. That said, my next truck will be a Dodge. There areregistered sex offenders in the U. America has the most lawyers per capita.

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Americans spend more money on elections than anyone else does in the world by a wide margin. More is spent on prescription drug advertising in America than anywhere else in the world. There are more school shootings in America than anywhere else in the world. The United States leads the world in credit card fraud. Nobody in the world gets more plastic surgery done than Americans do. The United I want to get fucked by a nice bog cock leads the world in eating disorder deaths.

The United States Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx the Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx laws of any country. America has the highest rate of incarceration. America is the most expensive place on earth to have a baby. There are more guns in the U. Number one in mass shootings — there were mass shootings in the US inkilling people and wounding 1, One in four children in America grow up without learning how to read.

America of course, and the other two are Oman and Papua New Guinea. One in 68 US children has autism — the highest level of any country, and of all time. And by the age of 18, the CDC recommends that children should have gotten 69 doses of 16 vaccines. Four of five Stars.

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The rest performance was brilliant by Tory lanez so if you are a fan I would recommend going to one of his shows. Tory Lanez is very good at entertain his audience! And his voice is amazingly x live! The audience was jumping and singing from the first song until his Girl s who Want to Fuck in waller tx. I'd love to see e again at some point. The show was sooo fun!! Everybody performing had so much energy despite it being a small venue.

Was kinda disappointed he didn't get to walk over the crowd back to the stage, but I still enjoyed him coming! I really enjoyed Woman wants nsa Priceville. He did a great job.

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