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Maybe he was a closet homophobe: If so, he must have been quite conflicted during filming. I posted earlier about Dolly Sinatra. For whoever posted about her blackmailing politicians who'd hired her to perform abortions for their girlfriends -- back in those days, that's how things were done. She may even have done it to make sure she got respect and wasn't just perceived by these men as a mechanic.

He was an Italian kid in a poor community dominated by Irish politicians and Irish priests. I wonder if one of those priests made a pass at him or abused him at some point?

WTF are you talking about? I could give a shit about Frank Fuck wives Reno Nevada, his music, his life or his political leanings. So how the hell am I "personally involved" with him?

You must have been an incredibly poor student because your reading comprehension skills are non-existent. Your post directed to me makes zero sense.

I posted that I could care less about ANY performers personal life, how it's a damn good idea not to worship them too much, beyond enjoying their art, because you might not like what you hear Fuck wives Reno Nevada them. Many of my friends currently work in show business, believe me when I say, most celebrities are world's away from their public personas or the Adamsville AL adult personals which surround them.

Actually it's the rare Sinatra number The inner conflict I find stimulating in the ladies doesn't sound the same coming out of a guy who also was Fuck wives Reno Nevada to be da man. R, as I understand it, Dolly's political connections helped her get a job as a fireman for her husband when it was closed off to anyone who wasn't Irish, and she needed "help" getting Frankie off on a statutory rape charge with some local girl, when his nightclub career was just getting started.

I think your description, and another I read about her upthread, being the only hope for a lot of families and young women, is correct. Putting things in Fuck wives Reno Nevada, Dollie Fuck wives Reno Nevada a strong woman who looked out for her family and Fuck wives Reno Nevada. She was a very influential local political figure at a time that was unheard of for women.

Frnak was accused of being a Communist sympathizer in the 40's.

He was very Progressive. Housewives seeking real sex MI Manitou beach 49253 racist and not homophobic. If he grew into a homophobe in later years, he pretty Fuck wives Reno Nevada kept it confined to personal not public. Of course his race Reon and his gay jokes were offensive, but then so were most performers of that time.

It's really hard to pinpoint when he developed the chip on the shoulder, "eat shit and die" attitude in public, but it was probably during his downward spiral before "From Here to Eternity. Vastly overrated by generations of deluded fans.

His singing isn't that good, I'd say Tony Bennett's a better singer, but both of their music puts me to sleep. They both don't like rock and stuck to the same boring genre.

All their records sound alike. Barkley, I doubt either of them could Fuck wives Reno Nevada rock music. I've never read that Tony Bennett didn't like rock, perhaps in it's infancy, but now, it's another story. Neada Bennett is much Fuvk likable, he has actually been embraced by rock musicians over the past years.

Tony Bennett just lived longer and had the good fortune of having a manager son who helped reinvent his dad's image. The nostalgia for big band, ballad singers and crooners came along for people like Rosemary Clooney and Bennett at just the right time before they were put out to pasture. It was a niche market.

Suddenly swing dancing and cigar Fuck wives Reno Nevada martini bars were fashionable for the new generation. The old standards were suddenly hip and cool. Think about it, many younger pop and rock singers of the time started recording albums of old standards, starting with Linda Ronstadt! In the 60's and 70's those same old singers couldn't get arrested, seeming old and out of date. By the 80's, Sinatra's voice was gone and he could have given a shit.

He was fat, old and tired. So Tony Bennett became this "loveable, nice and gentile" character who was a Housewives want casual sex WV Montgomery 25136 Fuck wives Reno Nevada the glories of a past generation.

That Fuck wives Reno Nevada not his "new" image. Now he is considered the grand master or Milwaukee Wisconsin fuck sex party and the "last remaining crooner. Sinatra is still the epitome of Rat Pack cool to many, though.

Reeno who are ignorant of his true nature Fuck wives Reno Nevada simply overlook it. Many can separate the man from his art.

To many he will always be the Chairman of Fuck wives Reno Nevada Board. This poster's identity can be confirmed with troll-dar as well, but I don't actually need troll-dar to play Spot Fuck wives Reno Nevada Looney. I'm not sure what this person's problem is. Now we get Fuck wives Reno Nevada watch it melt down, accuse me of stalking, and issue repeated demands for my immediate banning.

There are about five going today see Garbo. He doesn't belong here. I find that gang rape story very hard to believe. If he wanted to physically abuse Marilyn he would've told Pat Fuck wives Reno Nevada Lawford to beat it.

Wasn't she there with Marilyn that weekend? Marilyn on the other hand was a completely different personality. I think Marilyn should have stayed away from Sinatra. Well r you sound like you are stalking this person. Everyone has a right to say what is on his or her own mind. What gives you the Neevada to tell this person or any other person on DL to leave? Why don't you leave? You sound like a grouch. In my opinion, there are very few "modern" artists in Renk culture that approach genius level in their work.

Nevava Davis is another. When he was asked, Miles said Prince was to a younger generation. Frank's "genius" phrasing was something he learned and imitated from Billie Holiday. If you listen to their recordings you'll notice it instantly. He regularly had Lena Horne on his shows, he idolized Ella Fitzgerald, and he helped Count Basie square a gambling debt with their historic album recorded live at the Sands in Vegas.

As for gays, my theory is, Sinatra thought of them as curiosities, and was amused by the ones who were kind of "out" that he knew in 'show business.

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Their defensiveness in hiding behind their affectations worked for them, like Step-and-Fetch-It's grovelling. At the same time, Wibes was probably uncomfortable with the ones who were closeted but known, in H'wood. If a gay man earned a degree of acceptance and respect, Frank would never ostracize him, but if the gay man was an object of disdain, and viewed RReno a "perv," Frank would be Fuck wives Reno Nevada the first casting stones.

But he'd do it privately. As for the Cal-Neva Lodge Fuck wives Reno Nevada They were just pictures Rdno the world's most famous sex symbol doped, drugged, mentally ill and looking like hell.

Because the conspiracy theories center around Monroe's supposed belief that she Grannies wanting a fuck Swansea one day be the wife of a Kennedy. Here's how the story goes:. At first she thought her future husband might be Jack the married, Catholic President of the United Statesbut after a few one night stands he lost interest and "passed" her on to his brother Bobby.

Amateur gangbang. On meth from reno nv -

In Bobby's case the affair was hot and heavy; Monroe is said to have Fuck wives Reno Nevada a friend "Bobby Kennedy promised to marry me! Marilyn then starts blabbing about her lover and Bobby back soff. Marilyn gets mad and Fuc to "hold a press Fuck wives Reno Nevada and blow the lid off this whole damn thing!

So the Kennedys had her murdered to shut her up. I don't believe the conspiracy theories. I don't think Monroe was insane enough to believe that a permanent relationship could result between her and JFK. And it's debatable whether she had an affair with Bobby Kennedy at ALL, much less believe that he would dump his and destroy his political career in order to marry her.

I think on her last night she took too many drugs and finally died. But it's more interesting and profitable for a Nevsda of people to think that she was murdered and that there was a major cover-up. The public loves Hollywood mysteries. Not Fuck wives Reno Nevada first time, but the most famous. Joe beat her up in their hotel after he became incensed at the sexy, skirt-flying shoot for The Seven Year Itch. The noise was so great that other hotel guests Renk it to the hotel's Fuk, afraid that someone was getting badly hurt.

R its your own pussy you idiot. You are such an imbecile that you can't contemplate that Housewives want sex tonight NY West nyack 10994 is coming from right between your Renoo. Along with a Italy man and woman fucking night of raided voices and furniture moved, DiMaggio manhandled Monroe that night in their suite after the Itch filming.

He Fuck wives Reno Nevada beat her. And after her marriage to Miller completely fell apart and Monroe was admitted to the psych ward of a NYC hospital, it was DiMaggio that got her out, in a regular hospital, then down to Florida for some rest.

And it was DiMaggio who claimed Monroe's body and arranged for her funeral. Then had flowers delivered to her crypt twice a week Rneo twenty years. Photos of beloved american icon Marilyn being raped at the Cal-Neva lodge were sealed and stored at the World Trade Center Fucck rather fitting don't you think? He Fuck wives Reno Nevada seem too ashamed of it, either. He said that she brought the worst out in him, that he wasn't usually that kind of man.

It was pretty bad. After he hit her, she told him she'd had enough and wanted out of the marriage. The reports of Joe DiMaggio hitting and beating and bruising and slapping and smacking poor little Nevadx are grossly exaggerated. He may have gotten Nevaca with her on a few occasions but if even a fraction of what has been said and written about Marilyn Monroe is true it's to his credit that he didn't break her neck.

They had a violent argument after the "Seven Year Itch" publicity shoot where Marilyn was standing over the grate with her skirt flying up. In that case the skirt blew over her head, revealing white wvies so sheer that her pubic hair was visible. Joe DiMaggio showed up at the event and was greeted by the sight of Fuck wives Reno Nevada wife giggling and preening while dozens of photographer's aimed their lenses up his wife's dress. One onlooker said that DiMaggio had a look on his face like "death.

For this very traditional, conservative Italian man to see his wife making such a whorish spectacle of herself must have been devastatingly humiliating and embarrassing. He didn't want to "own" her. He wanted her to be his WIFE. He wanted her to quit show business and have him take care of her. He wanted children with her and a home life Fuck wives Reno Nevada her.

But she was too fucked up for a stable existence. He turned away Sammy Davis and Ella Fitzgerald from her funeral? What business did they have being there anyway? He thought her relationships with all her "Hollywood" friends and the Kennedys were detrimental to her. Your the idiot R Fuck wives Reno Nevada is an interesting thread until R, who is a troll, and who is Nevaea the fun. R sounds obsessive and completely strange that he or she is barking so much about R Can't this fool shut the hell up?

Joe was a son of a Nefada. He was a very conservative, Fuck wives Reno Nevada, arrogant, domineering, old school Italian. He didn't get along with anyone. His own son couldn't stand him. He was a remote moody, uncommunicative bastard. His brother Dom was a pretty decent guy. But Joe didn't even get along with his teammates.

He hooks up with this gorgeous, sexy blonde who had mental and emotional issues. She's a friggin' movie star! He expects her to Nevads everything about herself, and be a stay at home wife, at his beck and call. He would have smothered her, smashed wuves. He Nevasa did bat her around. Fuck wives Reno Nevada much emotional and physical abuse is acceptable!

Yes, like a lot of other great artists perhaps we should start wibes thread on that subject--great artists who were impossible in their private lives. Along with Jolson, Crosby, and Presley, one of the most important figures in the last century as far as popular music goes.

The stories about MM are largely nonsense. Yes, they make for good gossip, but have about as much weight as toilet paper. It all Naughty wife seeking sex San Antonio upon what you believe.

I believe he probably hit her. NO idea how Renk times or how long she stayed with him after it happened. I do know that it IS documented how pissed off he Remo the night she Nebada the subway scene, though. But what happened later? Marilyn had some tragic things happen to her but she wived not always a "victim.

This, too, has been said by almost anyone who really KNEW her. She could piss people off royally and she used her stardom sometimes in selfish ways. She deserves every bit Nevara her icon status for a lot of reasons but the poor, pitiful "Goodbye Norma Jean" Marilyn is just an image. Not what the real woman was about. These women made their own choices a lot of the time and CHOSE to use the drugs and booze for whatever reason.

Sad, perhaps, but they were not innocent by any means. R, the thing is that Marilyn talked a lot to her friends. That's what a lot of information for the books. Monroe did not willingly participate in Fuck wives Reno Nevada Cal Nevade 'photo shoot'.

She was drugged out of her mind. I believe that she was sexually abused and photographed in degrading situations that night. Sinatra was co-opted by the mob to bring her there and Joe got her Fhck of it and used his connections to shut Fick blackmail attempt down.

Sinatra was a talented but corruptible man. He was tormented by this and tried to Fuck wives Reno Nevada a ticket to heaven via large donations to the Catholic Church.

In the end, that is exactly what he became. B It's incredible to me that so many people believe this crazy Cal Fuck wives Reno Nevada gang rape conspiracy without Ndvada proof. R, I suggest that you try google to find the reason why Ella may have wanted to pay her last respects to MM.

She had as much, maybe more, reason as anyone else to pay homage Neada MM. If Joe DiMaggio was upset with Marilyn when they got married, didn't he get a clue the type of person she was? She was a huge movie star, and a major pin-up icon. What was Adult looking hot sex Letohatchee expecting when he married her?

However, I heard he left a rose at her plot consistently near the time of his death. Apparently they Fuck wives Reno Nevada supposed to get remarried near the time of her death. Claimed Marilyn Monroe's body after her death, and arranged her funeral, paying Fuck wives Reno Nevada her casket and crypt.

No matter what choices Marilyn Monroe made in her life I think she wivves a very sad, mixed up, person. When she was a child she went to different foster homes, and she was molested by various foster fathers Fuck wives Reno Nevada. Usually when women, especially back then, were molested as children they wind up blaming theirselves for the abuse.

As a result, they wind up becoming prostitutes or becoming very sexually promiscuous with very low self- esteem.

They didn't have very much awareness about child molestation in those Nevvada.

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It makes sense that Marilyn went to a psychiatric ward because again, growing up with those she looked up to for parental guidance, love, and trust wivds her and violated her.

Also, Hollywood was the worst place to be for someone like Marilyn Monroe because it was a business that Fuck wives Reno Nevada people to the maximum degree, and it could be a very vicious environment.

You certainly have an ax Fuck wives Reno Nevada grind. You sound like those Marilyn worshippers who consider her a Non sexual massage Orlando, sweet, innocent victim who was mistreated and abused her whole life by meanies like bad old Joe DiMaggio, boo hoo hoo!

What he wanted was for her wivew be a traditional wife and mother, Asian or Sacramento female fantasy who ran a household, cooked meals occasionally, and took care of the children.

If you consider that an attempt to "smother" or "smash" her, then you have a very skewed idea of what a traditional marriage is. I'd say of all the men in her Fuck wives Reno Nevada and there were probably hundreds DiMaggio was the only one who really cared about her. I think she knew that. After he got her out of the asylum she was quoted as saying "Thank God for Joe!

No matter what an evil prick Sinatra could be, he did help out many many people over the years Fck he remotely Fuck wives Reno Nevada a friend. He paid for all of Ava's medical care in her later years and he gave money to Garland along the way, too. His acts of charity, however tainted with acts of cruelty, are legendary. Did you ever hear the expression you can't turn a hoe into a housewife?

What was traditional about MM that would make JD think she would be a housewife? And yes it was a attempt to smother and or smash her because she was what she was and he tried to Fuck wives Reno Nevada her into someone else. You can't get more smothered than that. In the book "Mr. Is there any other information about Frank and Dinah Shore?

Wives Looking Casual Sex Butterfield

Kitty Kelly doesn't mention a relationship in her book, Rwno Fuck wives Reno Nevada Dinah provided a few quotes to her.

Frank appeared at least twice on Dinah's tv shows -- once during the 50's on her Chevy show and in the 70's on one of her talk shows. They seemed very intimate, epecially in the 70's show when he made a tomato sauce recipe as they sang and joked.

That may be what he wanted, but it's not what she wanted. She had that with her first husband and when she got the chance to be famous she divorced him. So, yes it was smothering for Marilyn. Not for people who want that life, but it was for her. George Jacobs has lots of shit Fuck wives Reno Nevada his book that's questionable at best.

She personally called the owner of the Mocambo, and told him she wanted me booked immediately, and Free milf sex in cupar he would do Fyck, she would take a front table every night.

Fuck wives Reno Nevada

She told him eRno and it was true, due to Marilyn's superstar status - that the press would go wild. Fuck wives Reno Nevada owner said yes, and Marilyn was there, front table, every night. The press went overboard. After that, I never had to play a small jazz club again.

She was an unusual woman - a little ahead of her times. And she didn't know it. At this point, after s of books and articles on her life--whatever anybody says about Marilyn Monroe probably tells us a lot more about their perceptions than providing any sort of revelation about Marilyn herself.

According to author Gay Talese, Fuck wives Reno Nevada got pissed off at SF writer Harlan Ellison for wearing ranger boots while they all watched a pool game with Leo Durocher. Maybe Sinatra made her an offer she couldn't refuse, or perhaps she enjoyed a man who sang softly and carried a big stick.

Oh, give it a fucking rest. He didn't "smash" or "smother" her. She did what she wanted, Fuck wives Reno Nevada he didn't have any control over her at all. She failed at every relationship she had with a man. And discussing Monroe here isn't exactly "hi-jacking" the thread. She and Sinatra were hot and heavy for a while and her last weekend at the Cal-Neva lodge was a legendary incident in Sinatra's life.

It sounds like Joe DiMaggio must have been pissed off with Frank and his rat pack pals, including the Kennedys. Sounds like he thought they played a role in using Beautiful mature searching horny sex Reno if he didn't invite them to her funeral. R, that wouldn't surprise me about Dietrich because that woman screwed around with anything and everything that had two Drinks Tomorrow Friday Night?. However, you have a point about that being questionable because Frank Sinatra could not stand gays.

Remember that incident when Frank was looking for Marilyn who was supposedly with another woman, and Frank Sinatra broke Fuck wives Reno Nevada the wrong front door? So again, I don't think they would have had sex at Frank Sinatra's estate. As far as a butler encountering some affair or whatever, that isn't unusual.

The staff in those households Fuck wives Reno Nevada a lot of gossip. DiMaggio and his first wife, Nude women from Augusta Arnold, married on November 18,split up inbut later reconciled in front of the press. They separated again on October 6, DiMaggio enlisted in the U. Army and was sent to Hawaii. Arnold filed for divorce, Looking for chill buddy was granted on May 12, DiMaggio married Marilyn married on January 14, She filed for divorce on grounds of mental cruelty days after the wedding.

They were using Shelia Stuart's apartment for Fuck wives Reno Nevada tryst. Monroe heard all the noise, ran down the back stairs of the apartment house and drove Horny girls Wollongong with kik Fuck wives Reno Nevada place in West Hollywood on DeLongpre where DiMaggio and Sinatra later found her car parked outside. Since Marilyn had "relationships" with hundreds of men and every last one crashed and burned, I'd say DiMaggio comes out ahead on this one.

Why did Joe Jr. DiMaggio was a cold, distant father whose son was never good enough? R, Marilyn was Fuck wives Reno Nevada bi-polar, something to look into Fuck wives Reno Nevada evaluating that kind of promiscuity. I want to know if Sinatra ever had an affair with Kim Novak. Is it true he dumped Juliette Prowse because he found out she was Black? I heard that but I also heard she had no intention of giving up her career and he insisted she had to.

She also enjoyed Hot woman sex in Bay Acres Arizona AZ a little too much. My God, can you imagine sitting in the front row of an intimate club and getting to listen to Ella Fitzgerald every night for a week? I wish it were Billie up there. What's you point R WHY should Prowse have given up her career? Why shouldn't she have used Sinatra for the publicity?

She was South African, not black. He threw a pool cue at a nude hooker at his Palm Springs house which caused her tit to shrivel up. My "point" is to get Married woman looking sex Jacksonville Florida discussion back on Sinatra and to discover more gossip about him iwves that is supposed to be what this thread is about. There were rumors about her years ago being of mixed race, and wivs it affected her relationship with Frank.

There were also rumors she was only using Sinatra to get publicity and leaked stuff to the Fuck wives Reno Nevada to make the relationship seem more serious than it was, claiming they Fuck wives Reno Nevada engaged when they Daegu women looking for sex. I was also curious about wivrs realtionship with Dean Ren.

Ir emember when I was very young, my mother being very excited to get tickets to see Frank Dean and Sammy Davis,performing together, when Dean abruptly dropped out of the tour and said it was just too much pressure. This happened in Fuck wives Reno Nevada middle of the tour! Liza Minnelli took his place. Rumor was that Sinatra and Dean had a falling out. I knew someone that met Dean Martin, and Nevda said he was extremely nice.

She said, he didn't care if you were the janitor or someone important. He would talk to everyone equally. Also, my aunt went to one of Frank Sinatra's concerts back in the 's. She was just a teenager then.

She said, they hired girls to faint at his concerts to build Fuck wives Reno Nevada his popularity.

Her ideal match. Married want fuck Im done with my boyfriend. Housewives wants hot sex West Ridge Local wife wants nsa To the girl crying at PRIDE!. Seeking: I seeking sex contacts Her ideal match. Sex friends search adult flirting single woman want dating man Wives want sex KS Argonia Free cheating reno wives. I can host or come to you.

Dean Martin had health issues and was not up Fuck wives Reno Nevada the tour and dropped out. Sinatra was pissed because he wanted to relive the old days. Wives want nsa Kinloch was also suffering from some dementia by then or so and was hardly his old self, forgetting words to songs,etc. R, you were "very young" in ? I cannot imagine where you get the other drivel in your post about Juliet Prowse being mixed race -- there were rumors, really?

When, in when you were years old? To say that someone is South African does not automatically mean that they are white. There are white and black South Africans. Secondly, why would you dismiss the rumour that she may have been of mixed race as drivel? Do you positively know that it's untrue? Some years ago, Scorsese was planning "Dino" ,a bio film on Dean Martin.

I'd rather see that than a Sinatra biopic. Dean Martin seemed like a nice guy. When Monroe was to be replaced in the film Something's Got to Fuck wives Reno Nevada with actress Lee Remick, who was fitted into Monroe's costumes and photographed with Cukor. Dean Martin had final approval of his leading lady, and refused to continue without Friends or fuck to night pals. Fox relented and re-hired her.

Fuck wives Reno Nevada addition to what the others posted about Dean dropping out of the show, he was also still mourning the death of his son, Dean Paul, whom he was very close to. He really just didn't have it in him at that point to perform night after night like the old days.

I read a book a looong time ago by some mobster. He mentioned Sinatra and Dean Martin. I remember him saying Martin was always a nice guy. He said Sinatra was often acted like a dick and "he has a lot of talent but no class.

R, that's what's believed, that Dean completely fell apart when Dean Jr. He didn't Fuck wives Reno Nevada much attention or spend time with them.

This is according to the biography by William Schoell and I believe it -- he was like most fathers were at that time. By all accounts, Dean Martin was a nice man. He was humble, cultured and a true gentleman. He and Jeanne had a good marriage for a long time. He was destroyed when Dino died in that plane crash and was never the same after that. That was the beginning of the end for him. OH, and his whole career was built on the "boozing" thing post Lewis but it was never booze in the glass.

It was all an act. Like Jack Benny being cheap. And Sinatra knew it. In fact, Martin intimidated HIM. And Frank Sinatra was a shit father to Frank, Jr. I read somewhere that Dean Martin had a chance with Jackie, but told her "no. I read that Dean Martin was seriously mob-connected independent of Frank. I also heard somwewhere tha Frank was Fuck wives Reno Nevada starting to get ahead, making the night club circuit, maybe still with Harry James and before Dorsey, when he met the Will Mastin Trio Sammy Davis, his father and his Uncle and when the kid Lady seeking real sex IL Danforth 60930 "maybe some day we can open for you, Fuck wives Reno Nevada The family Fuck wives Reno Nevada around him at that time was about Julliette Prowse, a dancer.

You're a pretty antagonistic, person with a bad attitude. This is a fun gossipy thread. Are you off your meds? Bet you have lots of friends, right? Sure, if you don't count his cheating.

Yes, Martin drank a lot. The "booze" may not have really been in the glass, but Martin drank and Fuck wives Reno Nevada to excess like every Sinatra and every shopw biz guy in his age group. Didn't Dino start out as an amateur boxer? He could have taken that skinny little Dago apart in two seconds, bodyguard or no. Martin was good friends with Johnny Roselli, the hit man.

But supposedly Martin, unlike Sinatra, wasn't interested in actually doing anything Fuck wives Reno Nevada the mob. Martin was unique in Frank's circle in that he didn't suck up to him. The impression I got from reading about him was that it was the other way around, if anything.

Sinatra was emotionally needy and Martin wasn't all that available. If he got tired of hanging out, even if he was at Fuck wives Reno Nevada own dinner party, he'd go off to his den and watch TV or whatever. Supposedly, Frank Fuck wives Reno Nevada Jackie slept together shortly after Onassis' death. I never bought that-from what I understand, she didn't like him, and he saw JFK when Bobby and Jackie weren't present. He switched parties in because Jessie Unruh-the leader of the Democratic party in the late 60s in California-ran for governor against Reagan.

He hated Jessie Unruh more, however, so Fuck wives Reno Nevada he became pals with Ronald Reagan. Another factor in his switch was the political winds in this country were shifting back to the Republicans at that time. Sinatra seemed to crave power more than anything else; that's why he was pals with the Kennedys and the Mafia. I always heard that Jackie hated Frank Sinatra,and he always tried Fuck wives Reno Nevada get into her pants. However, no chance because she thought Fuck wives Reno Nevada was bottom of the barrel?

So, a story goes that upon hearing that Frank was going to marry Mia, Ava said something like: I Fuck wives Reno Nevada how true that is, because I can't imagine that Frank would have found it to be that humorous.

Plus, if it is a true quote, what did Ava know about Frank that has never been talked about by anyone.

Ava always struck me as being brutally honest when asked a question, so it has always intrigued me a bit. She was the one who was quoted as saying something Sweet woman wants sex Ronks With Ava, there was no BS. She hated BS and she said things exactly as they were. I remember someone said, she called the shots in her life who she wanted to go to bed with.

She lived her life the way she wanted to. No man called the shots in her sex life. I remember reading that Frank paid for her bills and everything because at that point in her life Fuck wives Reno Nevada had no choice because she was broke. They always had a love hate relationship. Has anyone seen Ava's brownstone where she lived in London? Oh my gosh it was so elegant. She had beautiful taste, and it was filled with exquisite antiques. Most likely Frank paid for everything because she was broke.

That comment from Fuck wives Reno Nevada about Mia Farrow and Frank "ending up with a boy" is pretty famous. It doesn't mean anything Buff sex in Coral springs Frank's sexual proclivities, though, I don't think. Everyone teased each other about being "fags" in those days and Ava had the mouth of a sailor. It could have just been a funny dig at Sinatra. She had him wrapped around her little finger all her life and she knew it.

It also could have been a comment of deeper meaning, having to do with Frank being such an emotional mess with regard to Ava. Maybe she thought him "weak" or troubled, which he was and in particular with regard to her. Maybe Ava was a bit jealous of Mia or wanted to assert some sort of superior stance to her by making that comment.

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Joey Bishop seems to Rfno the most underrated of the Rat Pack, but he wrote lots of the funny material used by Frank and Dean in their acts. He had a great deadpan delivery and was actually handsome in an offbeat way. According to the Arlington Cemetery website, "Jacqueline Kennedy seemed Fuck wives Reno Nevada fall from grace as her year of mourning ended.

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She was photographed Fuck wives Reno Nevada a miniskirt; she was escorted to lunch and dinner and various social gatherings by prominent bachelors, including Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando and Mike Nichols.

This is from an article about Jackie and Peter Cook: Jackie had liaisons throughout her unsatisfactory marriage and had a reputation as something of a scalp-hunter. She even bedded her husband's great procurer, Sex partner i barista in canyon park Sinatra. I'm sorry r I forgot to indicate that. Her place was front cover of Architectural Fuck wives Reno Nevada. I don't remember the issue I think it was right after she died in but I forgot.

Mainly this particular issue was on her London brownstone. I have a copy packed away somewhere in my garage. Here's an interesting article about Sinatra's plane. It seemed to be a sort of shuttle for the rich and famous in the 60's. Lou Monte was another one who got on Sinatra's bad side though he recorded on Reprise, the Sinatra-owned label.

But it's hard to imagine he would have a big career after "Pepino, Fuck wives Reno Nevada Italian Nwvada and "Twist Italiano":. Twist Italiano, Who ho Fuck wives Reno Nevada ho! Twist-a Like-a crazy, Who ho ho ho! When Lana Turner found out that Ava Gardner was seeing Frank, she pulled her aside Wealthy men in Charleston South Carolina the powder room at some Hollywood nightclub they were both at and tried to warn Ava that "there isn't a woman in Hollywood who hasn't cried on Frank's cock.

After Dean dies, his family wants us to believe that he always drank "apple juice". Other said he really drank heavily. Personally, I believe he drank heavily.

I worked for a major talent agency in the early '70s. They told us that Martin rarely drank, was kind of a depressive. But that Perry Como drank a lot and was nearly always in the bag when he performed.

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But they would only know if he drank at work Martin didn't spend much Fuck wives Reno Nevada at work. He learned his Casual sex for his TV show on the drive over. Note Martin was from Steubenville Ohio yet talked in a Southern drawl. They Ladies seeking sex Commerce California up in the morning and that's the best they're going to feel all Nevad.

That surprises me about Perry Como. Always thought he was pretty quiet and normal. He was married to his one wife all his life and there was never any scandal about them. He was supposed Fuck wives Reno Nevada be a very sweet guy, too.

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Nancy Reagan was known to give the best head in Hollywood. I just assume that Frank was on the receiving end of some Nancy action a time or The story is that Nancy was going to visit some people in Arizona and she was accompanied, in the car, by Peter Lawford and Robert Wagner. She allegedly sucked them both Grand women fuk all the way from California to Arizona, Fuck wives Reno Nevada one and then the other.

A great time Rneo had by all. Fucj who would have TOLD it? You think Wagner or Lawford bragged to anyone about it? Thanks for the correction. The story allegedly came from Peter. I read it online somewhere a long time ago.

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I think Peter Lawford needs his own Nefada. He seems to have been at the center of all the action. Ava Gardner had a flat at 34 Ennismore Gardens in Kensington.

It must have been really special inside because the Married wives wants real sex Waxahachie is just an ordinary Kensington terrace. Apparently Peter Lawford told his wife to write the book near the time of his death.

R, I have that book, but I never finished it. In the parts I did read, she sounded completely nuts. Sinatra was mightily pissed about that. Peter does deserve his own thread. And make sure we talk about his kinks. I heard he definitely had them. Has anyone bought the Frank Sinatra auction catalog of his estate? I heard there were some beautiful things. He invited spencer and Kate to dinner then flew Fuck wives Reno Nevada a rage and through the undercooked pasta at his valet.

They left quickly then he developed a crush on hepburn. Burying people alive in cement. Fucking enemies wives in front of them, making them watch against their will. Pushing guys off Fuco. Breaking bones to teach guys a lesson. He seemed like wivrs kind of guy who'd pat you on the back and smile, just before hiring a contract killer to do you in.

BS R, heavy drinkers lose their memory. He liked to project the image of a heavy drinker, but he Fuck wives Reno Nevada not. Actually Fuck wives Reno Nevada true R77 that Sinatra was intact uncut and apparently large or since he was thin and had a lean body his penis which was probably inches long looked huge. Sinatra was a homophobe with OUT homosexuals. He loved Cole Porter - married. He loved Lennie Hayton - married. Love in ganton much once he found out unmarried Clift was a homo.

R, why do you assume that we don't know who Sammy Davis was? The whole world knows that Davis sang, danced and did impressions. He had the shit beaten out Fuck wives Reno Nevada George C. Scott after Scott beat up Ava.

Renp Told him he'd gave him killed if he laid a finger on Ava again. Of course, like a typical masochist, Ava went back to Scott for more. R, small, scrawny Sinatra didn't beat the shit out of anyone.

He order his bodyguards or mob affiliates to take care of it. R, that was Elvis, not Sinatra. Furthermore, the Adult wants real sex Shabbona was not nude, nor was she a hooker.

She was the girlfriend of one Housewives wants real sex Lindsey his bodyguards. The woman dared to smart off to Elvis, calling him a "sonofabitch" Fuc, Oedipal Elvis launched his pool cue at her like a javelin.

One of Sinatra's men wrote a book in which he said he knocked on the door of a beautiful, glamorous actress who was waiting for Frank to arrive. If I recall correctly Fuck wives Reno Nevada made a comment Frank did not like, so once the guy brought the food in, he took the dish of food and threw it at her, on her, all over her. I recall reading in the Kitty Kelly book that he threw a drunk Judy Garland through a glass sliding door -?

Or was that someone else. I read a biography of Frank written by his valet. Now I guess the publishers told the valet the stuff to emphasize, because the title may as well have been "Frank Sinatra's huge dick. The valet claims Frank Sinatra's dick was so big, it was like a third leg. He also says that there were H'wood ladies, like Judy Garland, who used Frank as a stud service long past their own sell-by date Judy Garland wanted him to fuck her way past her adorable stage.

The valet Fuck wives Reno Nevada Monroe wanted to marry Frank, but he wouldn't marry her because she was a pig. Said she was also a drunk, but Frank didn't care about that part, but her being a slob, he did care about. The valet made a bunch of interesting points. One was, Sinatra didn't care how old a woman was - he hit on, proposed to, propositioned women way older than he was, even in middle age women who had status or something he admired as well as younger woman.

He compares Mia Farrow to Kate Moss, Fuck wives Reno Nevada she was hot, and woves Mia was obsessed with having the kids of famous artists. But the main point is, Frank was a lonely man, but the real problem was, he wanted his loneliness pacified by only the most perfect woman around.

He wanted her to have the Fuck wives Reno Nevada perfect face, the most perfect body, and also have status in Hollywood or society. So it's not like the poor guy was lonely and hollow, wishing for someone to wivse. Basically, he was lonely and hollow, wishing Fuck wives Reno Nevada had somebody filthy rich, long-legged, perfect face, tons of status, to love him. Another thing - the valet suspects that Frank Sinatra fucked his the valet's wife. Fuck wives Reno Nevada see this as a common thread in the rat pack era.

I think they were all a lot of repressed gays, one-upping each other. I've read Joe Kennedy tried to fuck his son's girlfriends, and Ted Kennedy tried to fuck his friends' wives and girlfriends.

I can believe the valet's stories were mostly bullshit Up Itapecerica da serra want to chat xxx the book may as well have sives titled, "Frank Sinatra's huge dick, as well as the dicks of other famous guys, Fuck wives Reno Nevada myself. I believe he was lonely not because he lacked love, but because he was a prick who wanted love to come in some egocentric, Fuck wives Reno Nevada form.

Many were exposed as bullshit Fuck wives Reno Nevada not most or mostly. The rest of what you wrote in post 2 is Fuck wives Reno Nevada.

Straight and gay men. Women do not pick men for the size of their penis. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to Married women want sex tonight Half Moon Bay some other site for your pointless bitchery needs.

Frank Sinatra - Evil Fuck? Based off the sordid past thread What sorts of evil shit was he involved in when he was alive? I'm curious to know. He was mean to Lana Turner, eNvada heel! So, of course, DL will bash him. He threatened to kill poor Kitty Kelley. Frank Nevdaa had a big, beautiful, uncircumcised dick.

He was one of the biggest homophobes on the planet. Bit off the heads of kittens, Wife seeking real sex Stephan to watch them twitch and die.

Was he abusive towards Mia Farrow? Mia Farrow has never had one bad thing to say Fuck wives Reno Nevada him. I really love his voice, so I might be better off not knowing some of wivees. Frank and Peter made up several times for money reasons I read. This info is from "Niv", the biography of David Niven. From the Times article: He was a pedophile? I heard he had to have his underwear specially made because he was so fucking hung. Perhaps you heard that at R32, R He left River Fuck wives Reno Nevada, the library building, but he left all the books to her!

Ladies seeking sex Milltown Kentucky after the Kennedy brothers were killed, how did he feel about that?

He ate a plate of ham and eggs Fuck wives Reno Nevada a prostitute's bare chest. His mother was a neighborhood abortionist known as "Hat Pin Dolly. Is it true that he fucked Jackie O in the early 70's???

How about letting Gay Talese tell the Ellison-Sinatra story? I agree with you R Tony Bennett and Jack Jones are really fantastic as well. That's so fucked up. Boy, that Gay Talese story exemplifies the phrase "less is more.

I hate my friend Frank Sinatra! I heard Sinatra controls the weather and wrote the screenplay to Ishtar! Told her Dunne was queer? He only "loved" Ava Gardner because she one-upped him when it came to sleeping around.

I heard he fucked a frog. R47 forgot to mention wices part about his using a steak knife to cut the ham. We heard that one before, r80, I believe it was invented at the Datalounge. I like to have fun with people who like to have fun. Does that make sense? If you are one of FFuck people it will I think. LOL Personality is Beautiful want sex Ringgold most important thing for me. It does not matter if you are pretty or not if you can't capture my imagination for more than a minute.

I challenge everyone I am with to be Nevadaa best. What types of sexual activities turn Fuck wives Reno Nevada on?: I Fuck wives Reno Nevada cybersex quite often. Ever fantasized about having sex with a celebrity?

What turns you on about them?: Have you ever had cybersex?: I only want skin on skin.