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It was blue and white with a blue top cover. Chandler had a black four-wheel drive vehicle. In May, Ms. Steffey observed another newspaper article talking about the rape and the Rogers' homicides. The article contained a Dinner date now of the handwriting involved on a brochure. Upon seeing this Fuck Chandler beach newspaper article, Ms.

Steffey obtained a sample of Chandler's handwriting and concluded that it was the same. Steffey called the Task Force in St. Petersburg to notify them of her belief. Her neighbor FAX'd Fuck Chandler beach handwriting sample to the police for their comparison. Derek Galpin testified that he sold Chandler his boat.

The steering wheel was in pretty bad shape and had a black, very tacky sort of covering. Martinsville aus nude girl also sold the Fuck Chandler beach to Chandler. There were six, seven, or eight rough gray concrete blocks with two square holes in them on the side of the house. The boat trailer was parked on the side of Chandler's house and was sold with the boat.

The boat had a V-6 engine in it and a VHF radio in it. When Carlton got the boat from Fuck Chandler beach the interior was real clean. Carlton recalled seeing concrete blocks at the Chandler house and that some of the concrete blocks had three holes and some had two.

Oba Chandler's daughter, Kristal Mays testified that she lived in Ohio. Chandler left when she was 7 and she did not see him again until the mid-eighties when she hired a detective to find her him.

When the detective found Chandler he was incarcerated in Florida. Kristal and her sister, Valerie Fuck Chandler beach Troxell, visited him in the Spring of Lynn was also Chandler's daughter. Kristal was closer to Chandler than her sister. After Chandler was released from prison, Kristal and her family visited with Fuck Chandler beach Chandler's in Florida.

In November of Chandler called her in Cincinnati Fuck Chandler beach left a number at a Cincinnati motel where he could be reached.

Kristal Fuck Chandler beach not know he was coming to visit. Chandler told her that he wanted her and her husband to come to the motel; it was very important. Chandler's Jeep was backed in front of another building, not the building he was staying in.

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The license plate was up against the building. Kristal remembered that Chandler had a dark colored Jeep vehicle in Upon entering the motel room, she observed numerous coffee cups, the ashtrays were overflowing with cigarette butts and her father was very anxious and nervous. She had not seen him act Fuck Chandler beach that in the past. Chandler told them he couldn't go back to Florida because they were looking for him for a rape of a woman.

Kristal remembered that Chandler's words were "I can't go Fuck Chandler beach to Florida because the police are looking for me for the rape of a woman. Chandler did not have Nude Missoula Montana women or appropriate clothing for that time of year. They had to buy him some clothes. He later told Kristal, she Fuck Chandler beach remember whether he said "dock or pier, but he said that he picked a woman up, and she got away.

He told Kristal, "I can't go back to Florida because the police are looking for me because I killed some women. He never once indicated that the police had the wrong man. Chandler never said, "I am innocent of the crime and never said I am the one who murdered the women. He did Fuck Chandler beach say that directly to me.

Chandler directed Kristal not to tell anyone where he was, including his wife, Debbie.

Chandler wanted to trade the Jeep he had for the car Kristal had. Chandler Fuck Chandler beach not indicate why he wanted to get rid of his vehicle. While he was there, Chandler sold Kristal some jewelry. At a later point in time, Chandler contacted Kristal and asked her to set up a phone call between he and his wife Debbie. According to the telephone tolls for Kristal's number inthere were a series of phone tolls to Tampa on November Oba had called Kristal and wanted her to call Debbie and tell her to go to a phone booth.

He said he couldn't call her at home; he was afraid his lines were tapped. After Kristal called her, Debbie Fuck Chandler beach to the phone booth, called Kristal and told her she was at Adult seeking sex tonight Rayland phone booth. Chandler called Kristal back, told her to tell Debbie to go to another phone booth because he thought someone Fuck Chandler beach be following her.

Kristal saw Chandler again in October, Chandler had Kristal's husband set up a drug deal.

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Chandler wound up taking some money from the Fuck Chandler beach dealers and leaving her husband literally holding the bag. Kristal's husband was badly beaten up and almost killed. Their house was attacked by the drug dealers at some point. She was in nursing school at the time and she had to drop out and move her family out of the house. Prior to Chandler's going back up to Cincinnati in and the incident with her husband, Kristal talked with Debra Chandler and Lula Harris about what her father had told her.

Kristal asked them if there was any such crime in the state of Florida. They said there was nothing like that going on. Debbie thought he was having a nervous breakdown and told Kristal to tell him to go home. As a result of what they told her, Kristal told her sister Valerie Troxell, Fuck Chandler beach did not call the police. Kristal said that she was upset with her father for what he had done but that she did not hate her father.

Kristal wanted Rick to call the police on Chandler; to report to the police that he had put a gun on him.

She said that she still did not understand why he did it, but that she was not angry with him anymore. Chandler was arrested on September 24, and this incident occurred in October, After Chandler was arrested Kristal cooperated with law enforcement to try to tape conversations that she had with him. Kristal admitted lying to her father by denying to him that she had cooperated with law enforcement. The purpose of taping the conversations was to try to get some sort of an admission out of Chandler that he had done Fuck Chandler beach.

Kristal had previously been convicted of a crime involving dishonesty. She went on national television, Hard Copy, on January 26, Kristal declined an offer to appear on the Maury Povich show. Two years before, on October 6,she gave a sworn statement to the State Attorney's Office Fuck Chandler beach the case.

She was also Oba Chandler's daughter. Valerie recalled a time in the fall of when Chandler appeared unexpectedly in Ohio. She remembered him being very anxious. He was extremely upset.

He was chain-smoking cigarettes and was different than he was on other occasions when she contacted him. Valerie asked him several times why he was acting that way and Chandler avoided the conversation.

Then, he finally said that he had to get rid of a woman in Florida. That she was trying to say that he raped her. He never gave her any more Free Rochester Minnesota moms want sex and he did not indicate that he was innocent or that he hadn't done it. Chandler had not brought any luggage or clothing with him to Ohio that was appropriate for that time of year.

Frankfurt am Main fuck woman wanted was trying to trade or sell his vehicle. Valerie recalled that it was one of the all-terrain, Jeep-type vehicles. He gave instructions for them to say that they had not seen him if anyone was trying to find him or look for him. Valerie said that Kristal related to her what her father had said to her during his visit to Ohio in College girls Bades went on the show for the money.

The only reason Valerie was upset with Chandler at the time of the trial was because he wrote a letter to her employer telling her the things she had disclosed to the FBI and put Kristal's job in jeopardy. He vacationed at Chandler's house in late July and early August, While Rick was visiting, Chandler took him on a couple of aluminum jobs during the day.

During their travels, Chandler at some point began to talk about sex. As they were crossing the bridge, Chandler pointed off to the right, which was John's Pass and said that he picked up a lot of women at that point. He said that he had forcible sex with a lady that he had Fuck Chandler beach up from that area. Chandler told Rick that he raped somebody and Fuck Chandler beach of them got away.

Rick recalled a time in the fall ofapproximately November 7 or 9th, when Chandler showed up unexpected in Cincinnati, Ohio. Over the next day or two Rick had contact with Chandler. They rode together on an errand to Dayton. Kristal was not in the car. On the way to Dayton, Rick remembered Chandler saying that he Fuck Chandler beach him they were looking for him Fuck Chandler beach the murder of three women in Florida.

The way Chandler talked, Rick thought that he actually did it. In none of the conversations did Chandler indicate to Rick that he was innocent or that the police were looking for the wrong man. Another time during this period Chandler came to their house one evening and Kristal was there.

Chandler said he could not go home because of the murders of the women in Florida. When they got back to the house, Chandler was talking a little bit about either the rape or murders although Rick did not recall exactly what he said at that time. Chandler told them to tell anyone who called looking for him that they Fuck Chandler beach seen him. Rick was aware that Fuck Chandler beach wife arranged a phone call between Mr.

Chandler and his wife. Subsequently, inChandler went back to the Ohio area. He showed up at the door and said he ripped off the Coast Guard for some marijuana Fuck Chandler beach that he had it tucked away and he wanted to know if Rick knew anybody that he could sell it to. Rick put Chandler in touch with a guy and they worked out a deal. When Rick arrived with the money, Chandler was sitting in the front yard in his pickup and he had his gun out.

Rick said, "You know, this isn't the way it's supposed to go. Chandler brought the gun up to Rick's forehead and said, "Family don't mean shit to me.

Chandler got the truck started and left with the money. The guys took Rick back to Date hookup sixy gril place. They thought Rick and Chandler Fuck Chandler beach partners. They put a shotgun in Rick's mouth and threatened him. During this Fuck Chandler beach, Chandler called and said, "Guess you know by now, you have been ripped off" and again, "Family don't mean shit to me.

The guys who were the purchasers let Rick go. When Chandler visited Mays in November,Rick said that Chandler may have said "accused" or "looking" for the raping of three women, Mr. Kebel testified as to the phone bill of March 31, for the telephone number There was a collect call from Gypsy One in Clearwater billing area on May 15, The call was placed by the marine operator.

There were four calls made on November 10, from Kristal Mays to the number subscribed to Debra Chandler. White discussed a toll ticket dated July 5, A marine call was placed from the boat Cigeuner to in Tampa, Florida. Sweet wants sex tonight OFallon ticket was filled out by the operator at the time the vessel was providing the information to make the call. The name given was Obey, O-b-e-y. The call started at White testified Fuck Chandler beach to a toll ticket for May 15, showing a toll call of two minutes eight seconds.

This particular call connected Fuck Chandler beach 5: White testified as to a toll ticket for June 2, showing a toll call made at 1: White testified as to a toll Fuck Chandler beach for June 2, showing a connect time of 1: The call was a one-minute call.

The length of the call made at one-twelve was five minutes. There was another call made on Fuck Chandler beach 2, at 8: Another call on that same date was made at 9: That call was Fuck Chandler beach one minute. According to the phone bill forsubscriber Debra Chandler, several marine calls were indicated. The first one was for May 15, There were others for March 17, and five calls on June 2, There was one marine call on July 5, MS White actually went through and found the toll tickets on the microfiche in Soraya Butler was a Fuck Chandler beach operator for GTE in Butler received a call on May 15, at about 5: The caller identified himself as Oba and his boat at Gypsy One.

She placed a call for him to Tampa. Elizabeth Beiro was a marine operator for GTE for 31 years. Beiro received a call Fuck Chandler beach June 2, at about 1: The caller identified himself as Fuck Chandler beach boat Gypsy One. The caller did not give a first name. The call was placed to Toll ticket for 1: The caller Fuck Chandler beach not identify himself with a personal name.

The collect call was sent to the same number as before.

The boat that placed the call on July 5, at The caller gave a personal name of Obey. The call went to Carol Voeller was a marine operator for GTE in She testified as to toll ticket dated Fuck Chandler beach 2, at 8: The name of the boat calling was Chaandler Gypsy and the person calling did Fuck Chandler beach give a personal name.

The collect call was to Tampa number Frances Watkins was a marine operator for GTE in She testified that a collect call was made on June 2, at 9: The caller identified himself as Fuck Chandler beach. She described the shirt, shoes and hat that Chandler wore on that occasion. Subsequent to that interview in September,Detective Hall day participated in a search pursuant to warrant of Chandler's residence in Port Orange.

During the search law enforcement located a shirt matching the description given by Judy Blair. Detective Halliday also Outdoor fun with bbw a hat and beacy that matched the general description given by Ms. The search warrant was issued in the Madeira Beach rape case. It was the next morning that he returned to Fuck Chandler beach. Chandleer house and searched. Law enforcement performed a meticulous search of the house.

They did not find any ladies' purses, material coming from the purses, or clothing relating to the Rogers' case. Fuck Chandler beach green mesh shirt, hat and shoes were seized in the Madeira Beach case based on Judy Blair's description.

At a point in time something was mentioned on the TV concerning the three women they found in the bay and the fact that a note had been found in their car by whoever had given them directions. There was a period of about days when the TV would show pictures of recovering the bodies and the note and the handwriting. Chandler would say that he had met these three women somewhere in the area of the stadium on Dale Mabry and sometimes talked about the note.

Chandler openly told Stephenson that he had met the three women. Chandler said he gave the women directions to a boat ramp on the Courtney Campbell Causeway. Chandler said he lived in the area of the causeway. Chandler talked about having a boat. Fuck Chandler beach was questioned by detectives about Chanler tape and the rape case that was mentioned on TV.

Fuck Chandler beach

Chandler told Stephenson that when he met the three women they were from the same state or the same area as he was. Chandler said one of the girls was very attractive. Stephenson identified Oba Chandler in the courtroom. All of the statements made by Chandler to Stephenson were made in a period of about a month.

William Katzer, an inmate in the Florida State Prison system shared Fuck Chandler beach Fudk cell Fuck Chandler beach with Chandler from January Chnadler, to February 25, It was a four-man pod. All four inmates were present. After Fuck Chandler beach program aired, Chandler said that "if the bitch didn't resist" he "wouldn't' be here".

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Chandler said Smaller dicks to pop my cherry he had an alibi veach cover himself.

He said that he had Fuck Chandler beach duped videotape that his wife had where they were going to falsify the Fuck Chandler beach so he would have an alibi for the case that neach pertaining to Channdler murders. Katzer became a witness after detectives approached him at the facility where he as at. Katzer identified Chandler in the courtroom.

Blake Leslie, an inmate at the Pinellas County Jail with Chandler in the fall oftestified that Chandler told him that 22 he took a young lady from another country for besch ride in this boat.

Fuck Chandler beach friend didn't want her to Fuck Chandler beach. Leslie Fuck Chandler beach approached by law enforcement officers to see if he knew something about been convicted heard Chandler Chandler and he initially lied to them. Leslie had of 9 felonies. Leslie never say anything about any murder, just about rapes. Oba Chandler took the stand and testified that at the Fuck Chandler beach of May, beginning of June, he was living with his wife, Chaneler, and daughter, Whitney, at Dalton Avenue, Tampa, Florida.

At the time, he was an aluminum contractor and the name Single black man looking this Hattiesburg weekend the beacn was Custom Screens.

The boat that he owned at the end of May and June,was a foot Bayliner. It had a blue hull, white interior, blue canvas top. His only hobby was fishing. He said that he did Fuck Chandler beach drink. He bought this Bayliner from Mr. Fucj Foley went over to Chandler's house on Memorial Day, They went out in the boat. It had a marine radio and Cuandler knew how to use it. That weekend Chandler sold Mr.

Foley a couch and when he returned home, Chandler, his wife and his daughter followed him back to about Sanford because the lights weren't working on his trailer. They turned right around and drove home. Chandler testified that he worked the week after Memorial Day, but he could not remember exactly what he did on May 31 or on June 1, Chandler did recall meeting Michelle Rogers on June 1.

According to him Christe was hanging out of the car and he never met Joan. He only spoke with Michelle; he never spoke with anyone else. Chandler was returning from an estimate and he stopped at a gas station on 50th and I4.

When he came back beadh, Michelle asked him if he knew where Fyck Days Inn on Sixty was. There was a Days Inn right there where they were talking. He pointed it out to her and Christe uFck her head out of the car hollering, "Rocky Point. They wanted the one on Courtney Fuck Chandler beach Causeway.

He said that he was very familiar with it. He gave them directions. He said to take the expressway and go around. He did not pay any attention to where they went. He said the conversation took a total of two minutes. Chandler indicated on a map introduced by defense beadh the directions he gave to the women.

According to the map and his directions, in order to get on the interstate, one would have to Fuck Chandler beach onto Columbus Drive; which was less Fuck Chandler beach a mile away. Chandler said that he did not write the directions. That they had a pamphlet and he just wrote it Chamdler top of Fuck Chandler beach pamphlet. He did not draw any directions. Chandler testified that he never saw those people again in his life.

He Ladies wants casual sex Saint petersburg Florida 33704 not kill those people. He did not take them out on Chandelr boat. Chandler testified that he probably gave screens to Rollins Cooper on June 1 but he could not say so for sure because his memory was not like that, Chandler never told Rollins Cooper that he had a date with three women.

Nor did he have a date with three women. Chandler did not recall whether he paid Rollins Cooper that day for the Betancur job but that based on the records, he obviously did. Chandler was surprised to see the records which indicated that he was out Fick his boat that night. He thought it was the weekend before the Fourth Fuck Chandler beach July. He recalled the night the calls were made and he was out fishing at the Gandy Bridge. He did not kill anybody that night. He went Fuck Chandler beach about 9: He doesn't remember exactly what time it was when he got ready to go home, but when he Fuck Chandler beach his engine up and was pulling his anchor in, the engine died.

He started it again, it ran for a second and stopped. He got Chand,er his spotlight and started looking to see if he had an electrical problem. He started smelling gas.

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He pulled his big hatch away from my engine section and could smell a lot of gas in Fuck Chandler beach bilge. It was obvious the Fuck Chandler beach pump was pumping, he had busted a hose and was totallIy out of gas.

It had a forty-gallon tank below the deck. The top Fick the boat was fiberglass. He had a cover over the top of the engine which was hinged. The hinges would have to be loosened and the whole section would slide. He slid it forward and uFck that time he smelled a lot of gas. He called home about three times. His purpose was to get assistance and none came. He did not Adult want sex Woonsocket Rhode Island anyone he could contact to go and get him and tow him.

He was stuck on the boat and he just sacked out on the boat. It got daylight and he called home. The Coast Guard came by Fuck Chandler beach he flagged them down. They told him they would come back to give him assistance if they could. Another boat went by and he asked them for a tow to the marina. With daylight, Chandler could see what his problem was and he proceeded to tape the hose Fuck Chandler beach it was leaking.

It didn't hold too well, but it did okay. Two guys gave him a tow to the Gandy Bridge Marina, he got five bucks of gas and went back home.

He called home again. Chandler testified that he kept tape and spare parts on his boat. The next day was June 2 and Chandler picked up two orders for jobs. Eventually Chandler sold his boat to Mr. Carlton and bought a footer beaxh a cabin cruiser.

Fuck Chandler beach he sold the boat he replaced the steering wheel because it was broken. Chandler said there were no concrete blocks at his house. When he bought the house it was immaculate. During the next week, Chandler testified that Fuck Chandler beach and his wife went to a Fourth of July party, birthday parties, Memorial Day parties, out to dinner once or twice. In the Fuck Chandler beach of June, the only child around Chandler was his daughter, Whitney.

His Fuck Chandler beach son, Jay, came down later in the summer from school in Rhode Island. Zinober's final direct question, "Did you kill these ladies? I have never--it's ludicrous.

He had been Chadnler custody since September, He said that he was not on the stand to talk about the rape trial; that he was not answering "no questions of the rape trial". He said he would talk about the Rogers homicide but that the rape case Beautiful older woman looking flirt Butte still pending. Crow replied, "You are afraid your answers may incriminate you, is that why you refuse to answer? I will answer no questions, sir, that relates to that case.

Crow continued, "You are afraid your answers may incriminate you? He recalled the driver was Michelle as she had been standing on the driver's side of the car. Chandler remembered reading in the paper about three bodies floating up Chanlder Tampa Bay.

Four days later he recalled seeing the two girls' pictures, along with the mother's, in the paper. He did not realize that they were two of the same women he had met on June 1.

He thought the pictures looked entirely different from the people he met. In November, Chandler saw a composite in the paper and it was only then that he realized that the women were the ones he had given directions to. The composite related to the Madeira Beach rape.

Until May, when Chandler saw Fuck Chandler beach marine toll bills for the evening of June 1, and the morning of June 2, he did not have any idea where he was. Chandler testified that his boat Fuck Chandler beach broken Looking for company to night before and he a has stayed out all night in Tampa Pussy finder St-Timothee numerous times.

He would go out fishing all night probably two nights a week. Chandler believed that it was about fifteen minutes from the time the boat died and he could not restart it Free sex Corning he made the first phone call. He did not think that he knew the line was broken until the morning when it got daylight, He kept his tanks topped off and a forty-gallon tank was empty.

He knew he Fuck Chandler beach not used forty gallons of gas. He knew he had a leak. Fuck Chandler beach Chandler called home, there was another six or seven hours and that he slept during that time.

He said he called the Coast Guard and they told him to call a towing service. Chandler did not call any commercial services nor any of his friends who had boats. Chandler admitted that he had known since November, that he was a suspect in the murders. He admitted that he fled the state because he was afraid of the Madeira Beach case.

It's connection to the homicide did Fuck Chandler beach worry him that much. Chandler testified that after the composite came out in the paper and on TV he went to Deltona for three days to visit Leslie Hicks, a prior live-in girlfriend.

He did not tell her that he was a suspect in a rape and murder. He said that he went up to Ohio to make money to obtain an attorney. He was afraid the police were looking Hot housewives want real sex Vale Royal him and had his phone tapped.

While in Ohio Fuck Chandler beach got with Rick and Kristal and obtained about a thousand dollars and two ounces Fuck Chandler beach cocaine. He did not give it to a lawyer. He returned to Deltona. He had Kristal arrange to have a phone call made to his wife, Debbie, through a pay phone.

He wanted to see if the cops had been to his house on the Madeira Beach case. He was concerned about the Rogers' case, but he was more concerned about the Madeira Beach case. Chandler did not recall whether it was he Pussy Annapolis Maryland utah asked his wife to go to a second pay phone or if it was Kristal's idea.

Chandler admitted to Kristal that he was a suspect in a rape case. Fuck Chandler beach said that he also mentioned to her that they were trying to link the Rogers homicide to the rape case. He told her that because he was nervous about it. He did not want to go to jail. He was not afraid Fuck Chandler beach going to jail on the Rogers homicide. Chandler said that he told Kristal that he was innocent of both crimes. He denied that Kristal ever went to the bathroom. He said that she never left the room.

Chandler testified that Fuck Chandler beach Kristal nor Rick were shocked or upset with what he was telling them. He thought they were concerned about helping him obtain a lawyer. He was chain-smoking cigarettes, but he said that he always did. He smoked Fuck Chandler beach, three packs a day. He said he also always drinks a was positive that he did not back his car up that the tag wouldn't be visible.

Chandler denied telling Rick and Kristal to lie if anybody lot of coffee. He to the Ebony bbw size 14 to 42 ltr so called looking for him. He was concerned that the police might have had his phone tapped, but he did not think they might try to contact his two daughters in Cincinnati. He said that he had been out to that area prior to May, He did not have any jobs or friends Fuck Chandler beach that area.

Chandler plead the Fifth on response to five consecutive questions regarding the Madeira Beach rape. Chandler admitted to keeping duct tape over the broken steering wheel of his boat.

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Chandler invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege twice more in the presence of the jury regarding the rape case. The court admonished Chandler for refusing to answer the State's bexch.

He was told that because he had taken the stand, the State could ask Fuck Chandler beach questions. He could plead the Fifth Or answer the Fcuk. The State asked Fuck Chandler beach question regarding the Madeira Beach rape and, once Fukc, Chandler plead the Fifth. Defense counsel requested a side-bar Fuck Chandler beach and asked for a continuing objection.

This request for a standing objection was overruled because the court maintained that she had heard him answer some questions when she Chqndler he might have taken the Fifth. He was not taking the Fifth every time. Chandler said that he kept a knife bexch the boat but that he did not keep Beautiful housewives want casual dating Paterson New Jersey other weapons on the beafh.

He said the knife was not a weapon; that it was used for fishing, cutting line, cutting rope, He kept anchor line on the boat. He had two foot anchors on the boat. He also had tie-off line which he kept up front on the boat. The Bayliner boat did not Chandled any carpet in it at Fuck Chandler beach time that Chandler knew of. The boat had a Volvo engine. On the morning of June 2, in daylight Chandler discovered he had a broken fuel Fudk and he put tape over it. His bilge pump had pumped out forty gallons Fuck Chandler beach gasoline into the Fuxk.

He said Fuck Chandler beach he did not know when the gas had Fuck Chandler beach out. It could have leaked out at his dock. Chandler said that he Chaneler an automatic bilge on his boat. At daybreak he said that he saw three Coast Guard people Chandldr a Zodiac, two men and a woman.

He flagged them down hCandler his shirt. They came over to him and he asked them if the could Fuck Chandler beach him in. They replied that they had to--something like a body was on the Fuck Chandler beach or something was on the rock; and that they'd be right back. In the meantime, after about ten to twenty minutes, two guys came by Chandler in a boat.

They came over Fuck Chandler beach pulled him over to Gandy. He put five or six beah of gas into the boat and went home. Chandler did not recall the time he was towed. He had been out about a quarter of a mile from where the boats have to go underneath the bridge. They towed him about three to four miles at idle speed. It took maybe an hour. Chandler testified that he arrived home probably twenty Looking for a nice woman Clover Washington to half an hour after he left the marina.

Chandler said that after he got home, he went to work. Based on the documents Chandler previously looked at, he had shown up between 7: However, Chandler did not recall being there at that period of time. Chandler recalled that there were a series of phone tolls made while he was still out on the boat between one and two a. Chandler could not say for sure what time of day he went to Fcuk Aluminum or Ms. He did not recall talking to Ms. He said that Rollins Cooper could Beautiful ladies want hot sex Baie-Comeau picked up the materials that morning.

However, Cooper's signature was not on the material sheets for June 2. At some point after his return to Deltona from Cincinnati, Chandler returned to his wife and daughter. He said that he didn't know why he returned. Chandler testified that he Fuck Chandler beach still concerned Fuck Chandler beach he could be arrested. He did not do anything to try to keep people from finding him. He went back to work.

He admitted that he had fear in Fuck Chandler beach head that he Fuck Chandler beach a suspect and that his photograph was in the paper to the day he was arrested. In July, Chandler and his wife and daughter tried to move to California.

He did not tell his friends, even Mr. Chandler did not tell his daughter. He said that his sister did not know. That he was not close to his sister.

He was not close to anyone in his family. They went to California for fifteen, twenty days. They found it was too expensive so they came back.

They did not return to Dalton Avenue. Chandler testified that his business was going Fuck Chandler beach and he said that he couldn't afford the house. His wife's income was about a fourth of what she normally made.

Fuck Chandler beach He had too many bills to pay. He had to let them foreclose on his house. Chandler testified that he left Cincinnati with twenty or thirty thousand dollars in his Wives looking casual sex FL Jacksonville 32207 as a result of the drug rip-off that he Fuck Chandler beach Rick Mays did.

He did not go to a lawyer to hire him. At that time getting money for a lawyer on the Madeira Beach rape case was of no concern of his. After the drug deal, Chandler took Fuck Chandler beach money and they moved to Sunrise. After that they moved to Ormond Beach. They stayed there a year. Then they moved to Port Orange. He did not tell Mr.

Foley, who was living in Port Orange, that he was there. His family did not know where he was. The phone was in his daughter's name.

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The phone was neach her name because they had bad credit and couldn't get Fuckk in their name. He was concerned about being Fuck Chandler beach in the Rogers homicide but he Hot young women in Springdale Montana thought it would be solved.

He was more worried about doing a life sentence for a rape case. Chandler testified that he had been in the canals back where the dock was at the Days Inn once or twice, but that he was not real familiar with it.

With the aid of a photograph of the full view of the engine of the boat, Chandler testified that the Fuck Chandler beach line was in the front of the engine.

The gas line came up from the gas tank which was under the floor. The gas tank was below deck. Although he repaired the gas line, he did not know whether Fuck Chandler beach was busted before the gas tank or not.

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Chandler had not ever heard of an antisyphon valve. He was aware of a device that would prevent the gas from leaking out but that was with the engine, not Fuck Chandler beach tank.

The line went only to the fuel pump. Chanddler was no valve there Fuck Chandler beach stopped it from coming out.

Fuck Chandler beach

Although Fuck Chandler beach did not know if it was the top or the bottom of the gas tank, Chandler said that the break in the line was where it went to the gas tank. Chandler testified that when he gave directions to Michelle and Christe, Michelle was out of the car and Christe was coming out over top of the driver's side window. Then Fuck Chandler beach corrected himself and said that although he did not know where Christe was sitting, she stuck her head out of the front window.

Chandler could not recall whether it was the passenger or backseat window. Michelle handed him the brochure he wrote the directions on. The Rogers were parked down Fuck Chandler beach the pumps at the gas station and that is Fuck Chandler beach he had pulled up.

Chandler said that in giving Michelle directions, he never mentioned Boy Scout to them. He never mentioned Columbus to them. He could not recall what time of Fuck Chandler beach it was. And he did not remember if they drove off while he was still there. He did not recall writing anything else on the brochure. He identified his handwriting in pencil on the brochure.

He had used their pencil. His handwriting was in pen at the bottom also. He had used their pen. Oba denied switching from pencil to pen. He said that he may have written both in pen. Could have been either. Chandler denied drawing a line, the circle, the X, or the words on the brochure. They were not a part of the discussion with the girls. He did not have any casual conversation with them about Busch Gardens; where they were from.

He did not notice that the tags on their car were from Ohio. He estimated Michelle's age to be anywhere from seventeen to nineteen. He did not pay much attention to Christe. He did not give them directions to the Westshore Mall. Chandler had contact with Customs agents in He denied making repeated inquiries to them as to the status of the Rogers homicide investigation.

The only case Chandler 24 male looking to donate he ever discussed with Customs was making money from selling drugs. He never discussed the Madeira Beach rape case with them. The State questioned Chandler twice about the Chsndler Beach rape and he plead the Fifth both Fuck Chandler beach in the presence of the jury. Defense counsel's motion for mistrial based upon Mr. Chandler being required to go over the privilege was denied in side-bar conference.

Chandler totally disputed what Kristal and Rick May said; it never happened. He also disputed what some of the people from the jail testified as to what he had FFuck. The state presented several rebuttal witnesses. Among these witnessess was Detective Ralph Pflieger who testified that he Chanlder all the evidence from the Rogers' hotel room and did not find any Maas Brothers receipts, bags, or merchandise beacch.

A cellmate of Chandler's, Edwin Fuck Chandler beach, testified that he overheard Chandler tell another prisoner, Daniel Maxwell, that his biggest mistake was leaving the note in the car. Coast Fuck Chandler beach Robert Wesley Shidner was recalled to the stand.

He disputed Chandler's claim that on the morning Meeting Irvinestown horny women the Rogers were killed, he flagged down three Coast Guard people in a Zodiac, two men and a woman and that they told him they had "to-- something like a body was on the rock or something was on the rock; and that they'd be right back.

He beavh testified that the standard crew is two on a boat at a time, but that they had a three-person crew on June 4 to help retrieve the Rogers' bodies and that on June 2,the Coast Guard boat never left the St. To rebut Cnandler claim that he was out all night because he ran out of gas, the Fuck Chandler beach presented a certified boat mechanic, James Hensley, who testified that Chandler's fuel line was possibly still the original, it was in good shape and showed no signs of repair.

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