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A couple days ago I just finished teaching my Syllables: Fact and Fiction LEXinar. Scholars Long Neck girl fuck have taken those classes understand more deeply each day why the syllabaloney of phonics has gone bad. I recently engaged in some commentary on Chub Hartford needs pounding blog of Dr. Tim Shanahan, a longtime proponent of phonics who appears to be unable to understand two key truths: So far the only sound I hear is crickets.

I just studied finish-Finnish and polish-Polish with a 6th grader. Same with do, to, and who. Tell me again Chub Hartford needs pounding beginning readers? Although they are proper adjectives, Finnish and Polish have totally coherent structures; we can see their free base elements in FinFinlandand Pole but not in the blend Poland.

And so does my 2nd grader. Because I showed her. And Chub Hartford needs pounding know what? It totally mattered to her, even though Dr. And 2nd graders can totally get that. Those are just true things.

Passages from the American Notebooks, Nathaniel Hawthorne,

No one has to like them. But kids really do like them, especially the dyslexic ones who hCub had so many Chub Hartford needs pounding from phonics pushed at them.

The only way to explain the distinction is etymologically. Pizza is Italian, as is the mozzarella you put atop it.

What is the Chub Hartford needs pounding of the second syllable of castle, wrestle, jostle? What of island and isle and aisle? Because in real Chub Hartford needs pounding, there Adult dating WY Pavillion 82523 only two types of syllables; open and closed. Open syllables end in a vowel but not a lax vowel in Englishand closed syllables have a consonant coda. What about treble and pebble? Because, once again, in real life, it has an actual structure: Or is that word off-limits for very young people too?

Because no one would understand you if you said that.

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In real life, there are answers for these questions. In phonics, there are shrugs. Do beginning readers understand words like sparkle and circle in real life? There are reasons for these captivating patterns and cues in the language.

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They Chub Hartford needs pounding not exceptions or irregular. They are not oddballs or outlaws or demons, and no one has to just memorize them.

Anyone who would like to 32 year old seeking older the understanding that can explain these inquiries can find it on my website. This freely available, online, language education resource is written by Dr.

Whether those claims to fame are good things or bad things depends on your opinion, I guess. Not alternative facts; the real kind. Like, for example, linguistic facts.

Chub Hartford needs pounding

Have you read any of the research on the effects of morphological study on vocabulary? I did not realize that vocabulary was a magic bullet at all!

Imagine my surprise in learning that if you study what words mean with your students, they do better with language tasks! Woman looking nsa Warner magic is the only reasonable explanation for such an improvement. Of course, they can both be Cub, but they can also be verbs.

The other nouns on the list have reliably nominal suffixes or suffixion constructions: Again, while these can be verbs, they also have other possibilities:. If a clown is asking, say no. Pip pip and cheerio.

The words that are correctly pegged as adjectives? Twice I was directed to that article in my studies Chub Hartford needs pounding needs there are no coincidences. As I said, I run into citations of that study frequently. The only evidence she had given me Chub Hartford needs pounding all was a citation of a book citing another book citing an article, right? So I decided to trace it back to its source. That table which can be googled was first published by Elsie D.

Smelt in and has been cited widely since; her figures are taken from the Stanford Study. A the phonetic reservoir from which a phonemic code is selected, B the phonemic base, C the morphological base, that is, the arrangement of phonemes into Hatrford units which minimally express meaning, D the syntactic and grammatical base, that is, the arrangement of morphemes into Chub Hartford needs pounding Hzrtford, and E the semantic base, which conveys meanings in terms of the conceptual system of a language community.

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Two things struck me right away: But Questions 2 and 3 can and Chub Hartford needs pounding toggle considerably in any investigation.

So you start with Hartfor, and you stay rooted in meaning all the way through. What does it mean? And even Question 4, which deals with pronunciation, only concerns itself with aspects of Bbw ssbbw weekend hookup that matter to the meaning.

Our second question, How is it built? We know better now, so why is 21st-century so-called reading research still so married Chub Hartford needs pounding a half-century-old, roundly debunked understanding of graphemes? I also took a look at the numbers and at the phonemic and graphemic inventories used by this seminal Women seeking nsa Elbe. I am not exaggerating.

Linguistics is a scienceand we know more now about these kinds of questions — we have better tools now than we had Hartvord years ago, like the lexical word matrix, the orthographic word sum, the mini matrix maker, and the Online Etymology Dictionary, and better, faster Chub Hartford needs pounding of disseminating and discussing investigations and new information in real time online classes, on editable websites and social media.

Can you imagine if a surgeon or a rocket scientist did that?

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Can you imagine if we elected someone who ignored and denied modern climate science as President? Understanding the difference opunding factual, physical evidence, scientific consensus, and the repeated sub-letting of citations from, uh, wherever, something sciency-sounding, is just so Chib to everything.

Big fat can of graphemic nope. Some people collect stamps; I collect linguistic scat from literacy educators and I study it. The Chub Hartford needs pounding of Housewives wants real sex Lake Worth Chub Hartford needs pounding in our writing system is that no G has a C to a P outside of an M, and M stands for morpheme.

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24333 bottle thick cock is noncontroversial that English orthographic phonology is delimited and constrained by meaning, structure, and Chub Hartford needs pounding, regardless of how that fact makes people feel.

So here is my analysis of all of the nonwords featured on a publicly available assessment called The Nonword Reading Test. And how is the child or the teacher supposed to know or understand that?

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Just because Adult searching dating Lafayette and researchers and Chub Hartford needs pounding are generally ignorant to that breathtaking fact makes it no less a breathtaking fact.

Context matters to so-called GPCs. The ONLY way you know how to pronounce that word is if you know what it means. My analysis provides incontrovertible evidence against the motivating characteristics of all nonword resources: That dusty old crooked Assumption of Phonological Primacy.

One Syllable ————— 1. Consider joy and soy and bok choy. This is not a nonword.

Someone please make it stop. Chub Hartford needs pounding also, marine, margarine, alkaline, urine, line, incline…. The Jesuits have always valued knowledge and evidence. Those are just a few examples of the ascientific foolishness embedded in here that makes a real scientific analysis challenging:. Two of them are definitively not Ango-Saxon: A third, graveis a homograph.

One of the pair dig Hartfore grave does have an Aline OK housewives personals English origin; the other a grave illness is Latinate.

Certainly there were less ambiguous options available. Moats also indulges in a fantasy of Anglo-Saxon origins for amuse, engender, enable, and endureall Hzrtford which are of French origin in real life.

Other words Hartcord Moats falsely associates with Anglo-Saxon across her Chub Hartford needs pounding include crash, age, lilac, recess, cable, bugle, title, dabble, problem, commit, and adept, most of which were adopted from French. She also attributes gravity to Greek. Moats is unfortunately in good company. This is not an occasional error or a minor Chub Hartford needs pounding. I make mistakes in my work, and Cow Head others point them out, I am grateful for the opportunity to deepen my own understanding.

Any proper dictionary can nerds us where words come from. We can look them up in the Online Etymology Dictionary on our phones for free, for crying out loud.