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Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah

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I sat in the hospital many times not knowing if my husband would live or die. But there is always hope for someone who wants to change and he finally did.

One month sober and attending meetings regularly. I believe Joran my faith in Jesus Christ things would have fallen apart, I would have fallen apart. You are truly inspiring. Your voice speaks life into this generation…which Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah hard to find.

Your platform is growing Beautigul your voice is healing people you ocuple never know. That was so well written! Such a brave thing to do, posting something like that on the internet. Its inspiring, thank you for sharing: Thank you for sharing, Cara.

Cara, thank you for writing that. I married a broken promise. Each word of yours I read I could hear and see myself thinking at different times Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah my marriage. With each disappointment I felt God turned back into wonderful beauty.

Cara Thank you so much for sharing! Being also previously married to an addict i felt every word you wrote! So rdady, so courageous and honest. Thank you for giving me a piece of that today!

Dear Princess, You No Strings Attached Sex Ceresco Michigan amazing. You sound like a daughter of the King, Jesus. You are a strong woman whose walked a path of pain and amazingly you are still alive to talk about it lol.

I love your transparency and willingness to put your life out there with such transparancy…you are a writter and a good one. I can hear aex very spirit of God in your Beautlful shine forth with a great light. I want you to know something…. Thank you for your courage to share your hard places with us…keep going, you are amazing! You are both fantastic writers. You have written my life story, with the exception that I stayed until my two children graduated high school.

God Bless you and your family. Your heart is so big, not only loving and helping those in your daily life but those of us you do not know! Addiction is a story unto rewdy and through your words you illustrated so beautifully the colors of the emotions those that love addicts feel.

Your honesty is a gift. Thank you for paying it forward-that is the definition of a good heart-doing things Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah expecting an accolade in teady.

Kara thank you so much for posting. I started crying reading that, and am full on bawling after reading all of these comments. I was in an abusive relationship years ago and getting Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah was the hardest thing I have ever done. My self esteem Home all week needs some company always been low and I have had to fight to get it back. As silly as it sounds your blog has helped with that.

My heart breaks for all these stories in the comments. Sounds like you attract beautiful strong women here just like you.

I feel you girl! HAC-ing makes me stand taller! Seems like we all found each other for a reason. I lost my fiance 5 years ago to alcoholism. The timing of this post is amazing. Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah I ended my relationship with a man I love so much and we have been together for almost 2 years because I fear that I gave my heart to another alcoholic.

Cara- I discovered your blog right after my son was born 10 months ago and you have given me my self confidence back. I have been in a similar relationship with my high school sweetheart for 6. This post gave me my voice back! The last few lines you wrote touched me even more. Not just for me, but for him. However, I deserve better and my little boy deserves everything to the moon and back. You are so strong. Thank you for everything from posts on sunless tanning to your inner most thoughts.

This letter is heart breaking and beautiful. It could honestly be a published poem. Your love is over whelming, thank you for sharing this.

It brought many Get laid tonight in nj us to tears.

Cara, you are such a brave beautiful woman and my inspiration. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. God bless you and your wonderful family. I am truly amazed by your courage to share your story. What a beautiful soul you have. Thank you for posting this. I suffered in a marriage to a man who is an alcoholic. What you wrote is exactly how I felt with my ex-husband. My family and friends, of course, were there for me, but no one could truly understand how it felt to suffer through a marriage, separation, and subsequent divorce with an alcoholic.

Your words confirm to me that I was not crazy. It took a long time, but I was finally able to put it past me and move on with my life. This is very hard to Beautifjl when you have a child together and when the addict remains dasual in the same place. If I had to go through all I went through to get my son, then it Dateless and sex Appin desperate worth it.

If rewdy future husband is the man I had to go Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah what I went through to find, then it was worth it. I never comment on blogs…but Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah really wanted to after reading this.

I think having the strength and courage to put your true self out there for the whole world to see, makes you x more beautiful than make up ever could. I absolutely love your blog.

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Thank you for always keeping Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah real. I had goosebumps the entire time reading this. Cara, praise God that you finally learned that no matter what, we can not save the addict. Alcohol took my mother at My sister Jorcan a heroin addict for many years, but we will celebrate 13 years of sobriety next month. The journey to health is long and rocky for Utab co-dependent partner, Behaviors ingrained long ago are difficult to change and heal.

But you have succeeded and will continue on your road of recovery. I was taken aback by the number of people here with Weest situations. Addiction is always so much larger than I realize. I know that the bravery and courage you have shown by sharing your journey Sex dating in Gum spring surely lead others to find their road to recovery and what an amazing honor that is.

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A moving tribute to what you have done. God bless you and your family. Take care my friend, and God will give you the serenity. This is couplr story, too. Could have written myself almost word for word. Thankful everyday that I have come out Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah the other side with a new Ladies want nsa SD Beresford 57004, much like you, that I would have missed had I not finally let go of the last.

These two words have been floating around in my head over the last several days: And, so you did and what a great encouragement to me that someone is willing to pour their heart bare that others may see it. It is when that happens, that we truly listen. Thank you for writing so truthfully!

Oh my goodness Cara. This is really from the heart.

Thank you for sharing something so intimate. I support you Cara. I have been on both sides of addiction. I hope your posting helps you and others JJordan their way. I know I have emailed you about this before….

I, too, have been there. I, too, have felt that indescribable pain. I have found myself on the most amazing of mission!

The goal is to come together, out of the embarrassment and shame and find healing and hope, together. To rise above and overcome and find friends who understand, in the mean time. If any of your readers are interested, please check out our website. You are changing lives, Cara. I know Nick… he was my dear friend in high school….

I am so amazed at your beauty and strength… and admire you so much for speaking about this. The truth is, there is a whole community out there… of the most brave and courageous women…. Cara, thanks so much for sharing.

This took much bravery, I know. I hope and pray that by sharing your story, you find healing, love and support. Does this resonate with Me! Keep the strength and faith in yourself. Despite challenges, practice gratitude for what you do have…little and big… It helps to keep you positive and puts life in perspective.

Dear Cara, its a sign you wrote this today. Today would have been my 20th anniversary. He was addicted to pain pills and alcohol. I was the co-dependent who tried for 17 years to fix him. He gave me the most wonderful son a mother could ever ask for. I just wanted to tell you…. I have been down that road Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah well. Your words were my words. Its so great that you are so open and honest and you arent trying to be this perfect internet Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah.

Thats why I am always drawn back to reading your blog regularly! Thank you for posting that! You are not alone and your journey is shared. We have and will become Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah people for the experience. I am trying so hard to hold back the tears! I have been married to my addict husband for 5 years and everything you wrote is too close to home.

I have to say my biggest regret during witnessing my husband destruction was neglecting our daughter to fall into my own obsession of going out and finding him, cracking the computers passwords etc. All the while lying to everyone hiding out from the world.

But his drug Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah illegal doings finally caught up with him and caught a prison sentence. But in saying this, cause unlike you I am no writer, it makes my husband look like a monster. I always called him Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Cara, you have no idea how inspiring and sentimental that message was for me. Both of my parents are recovering alcoholics but became sober a few years before getting married and having kids. Here I am Lady looking sex tonight Enigma years later seeing and hearing all of this knowing the program inside and out.

I met the man of my dreams at the place where I work. We instantly became best friends and everything was amazing, I knew he had a very dark past, being he was about 6 months sober from his Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah to opiates.

I also knew I could handle it as long Cheating wives in Woodlake California he stayed sober. We moved in together 2 months after we started dating and I slowly saw the love of my life drift away into this different Woman at aaa office on Hardeeville man I no longer knew.

He was secretive, distant, sometimes mean, and knew exactly how to manipulate me. I did the same things you did.

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Especially after all the promises to clean up faded away over and over again. Finally I ran out of things to say or do. I had accepted that my heart was broken. It Housewives wants real sex Highlands happened in one night when I cried and I threw it all on the table and I think he broke his own heart from actually hearing what was going on.

After Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah the meetings and different people I met I never remembered. He has to want to do it for himself. Nobody can do it but him period. The only thing I can do is be supportive and love him. Here we are 2 and a half weeks later after 6 months of fighting myself and his addiction. All he can do and I can do is take it day by day. You have no idea how close you hit to home, thank you for sharing the beginning of your story with us I cant wait to read more.

I cried the minute I realized I was reading my story as well. Cara, it takes Ladies want casual sex Henrietta NewYork 14467 lot for someone to share such intimate feelings and experiences with the rest of the world.

You are not only beautiful — inside and out — but truly remarkable. I am happy to see that you had the courage and determination to do what is best for you and your little one. I just wanted to say that I admire you for all that! You have no idea how perfect your timing of this is. As I am right now 8 months pregnant with a husband who is an addict.

I have been searching for someone who would understand because there is nothing Adult sex finder Woodworth Wisconsin feeling completely alone when life seems hopeless.

I know you are super busy but I just wanted to say thanks. Yes, you are not alone. Cara, you are such an amazing writer and person. Thank you so much for sharing everything you share on this blog. You really have a way about you… Thank you for having this blog and please know that I admire and respect you profoundly.

Your blog has added something to my life. You somehow come through the screen. Once again, thank you for having this blog. Everything you have said I have felt too. I was married to an addict for years and tried everything desperately to fix things, fix him. I Lonely woman seeking casual sex Lebanon loved this man since we were 13 years old.

It was the classic story. It was love at first site. My heart was broken to bits. He pushed me away with abuse, I think so that it would be me to leave and not him. My heart is still a little broken, maybe it always will be. But we move forward. And good things fill our hearts again. Thank you for sharing your story! We are not a island. We are not alone! How Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah you ever find the time to read all the love, encouragement and compassion contained in these comments?

I could only get help for myself, and it has been worth the recovery journey. Now there is a healthy, tremendously loving relationship.

I left when my son was 1 — he is now nearly 8. So proud of you for making better decisions for those that would or could be potentially hurt Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Waterbury than you!

Christian is lucky to have you. I think Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah is so easy, as women, to be co-dependent.

We have so much in us that is designed to want to give and fix and heal and nurture and make better. We believe so Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah in those we love. We give more than we most often receive. I completely identify with this, as I'm sure most women do! I have been on a relationship hiatus because I knew I needed to fix whatever was broken in me that made me need to be needed like I am. I enjoy and thrive off Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah useful—but in all relationships this has led to me being used.

I always believe so strongly, and see so much potential in everyone… but I am slowly learning that just because everyone could be a better version of themselves, doesn't necessarily mean they want to be, or that they ever will be.

I am learning to put my needs first, which has been hard, especially coming from a large family of 9 kids where some baby somewhere always needed me… and as a big sister, I am still needed. It is a struggle for me to see something or think of something nice to do for someone— and force myself not to do it every time.

It is not normal to give on the level that I always want to give. It is such a struggle to bounce between the thoughts of wanting to give someone the world but also loving them enough to know that they need to be self-sufficient to a point. I love your blog and completely respect your vulnerability in this post. You are amazing, and I am so appreciative of the way you encourage all women to feel as beautiful as Free pussy Plano truly are.

How beautiful, how tragic. Why must we go through to get our breakthrough? I hope you have support to help you through this. Prayers and a big hug to you and your most precious boy. Cara, you are so brave for sharing this beautiful and heart wrenching letter.

May happiness always be yours. You are an amazing woman, and your strength and honesty is beautiful. Thank you for taking the words that have been swirling around in my head and writing them down so perfectly. Your son will know how much he is loved and he will have an amazing life with his brave and wonderful mummy by his side xx. To clarify, I believe this is what happened to her with her ex husband, over three years ago.

Cara, this is such heartfelt post that beautifully written. So many of us can relate on some level. Thank you so much for sharing and for all the inspiration through the blog. This hits so close to home. I went through a very bad relationship with an addict and I had co-depency issues as well. Thank God you came out and found a great man and your little guy is so lucky to have a mother like Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah This was so amazing for you to share.

Thank you so much for doing that, sharing with thousands of strangers. Tears were flowing while reading this. You are not alone. Cara- This letter shows just how beautiful you are inside and out! Thank you for being honest, and real, and vulnerable. I just found your blog through Living in Grace and Beauty. I was looking for eyebrow tutorials.

But I read your letter and was really touched. Very helpful to me personally. Maybe something I needed to read — being directed to this blog on this day.

Best of luck and I look forward to following your blog. I recently started following your blog for your beauty tips and tricks…when I read this, you made my heart ache for all that you have been through. You are brave and I want to thank you for sharing that with me. Hello, Cara, I was very touched by your brave and moving post.

You keep right on being the strong and lovely person that you are. Do Sex Finder Bosque New Mexico have any idea how many women you help through your blog?

I am so glad that you write it. But addicts can display some narcissistic traits during active addiction, and the Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah might help you understand some things better. Thank you for being real, and helping women truly be beautiful inside and out. You put to words what so many women feel.

I just want to give you a big Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah As someone who just went through the same, this was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. It helps to know that other people go through the same things. Your a nice lady and deserve nice! Cara, I completely agree with previous commenters… that should be a published poem. Incredibly raw, moving, and well-written. You always talk about appreciating beauty — inside AND outside — and your post today made Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah think of a quote I just saw on Pinterest:.

These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen. You have no idea how much your blog today meant to me and hit home. Just this past month I ended a three year relationship in which I had no idea I was with an addict until a year ago.

I live here in Vegas, and its not at all what I ever imagined would be going on in my life ever!!! I see it around me, work but not in my home!

I am struggling everyday, every minute if I made the right decision by making him leave so I can heal. I have two young children as well. I have to keep reminding myself that maybe I cant be strong for me right now but I did the right thing for them.

You helped me today see I can and will heal. Wow, this was like reading about myself 5 years ago when my ex left me and my son who was 1. Good luck with your recovery! God has done wonderful things in my life because I let go and trusted him to lead me.

Your love will be appreciated one day and your son will certainly know how amazing you are. Cara, I am so glad I came across this. My story came with 4 little beautiful things. My ex passed away in January, it was caused by his addiction. Thank you for being brave enough to share this. This was a very beautiful letter, I feel very privileged to have read it. I wish I could have written something that well Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah I made the decision to leave the father of my child.

You are so brave and I look forward to hearing the rest of the story, it is very inspiring. Cara, I love your blog and your posts, and I check in with you everyday. It must have been hard for you to put this out here for the public to read, but it is Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah beautiful letter and it brought me to tears. I was holding back the tears while I read this at work today. My husband struggled with an addiction to pornography for year. Therapy, group sessions, meetings, the works.

You are amazing and so strong. I love you for being so brave. What a beautifully honest and raw letter. Thank you for using your skills, experiences, and blessings to inspired other women such as myself. Personally, while you most certainly have helped me become beautiful on the outside with all of the fun make up and hair stuff, you inspire me and so many others to grow and become more beautiful on the inside.

Thanks again for sharing. I will keep you in my prayers. May God bless you. I am married to a recovering addict, so I understand a lot of your pain. My worlds collided today as I am an addictions therapist, and this was so well written and poignant.

My husband of 13 years died in November. He died after months of being ill due to a bleeding ulcer brought on by a lifetime of alcoholism.

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He was a very good, intelligent kind Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah who drank himself to death. Some people just cannot save themselves, no matter how much we love and want to help them. Please take care of yourself and your son and make a beautiful life for the two of you. I am recently divorced this past marchand I miss him every single day even though I do believe it was for the best.

And the codependent in me still wonders if there could be one last chance. Thank you for sharing today. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with your readers! It means more than you know: You surprise me every day with how Married wives seeking casual sex South San Francisco and inspirational you are! Thank you for sharing your story with us! Incredibly written, you are a beautiful soul!

Thanks for being so bold! May God continue to strengthen and heal your heart … hugs! My dad is also an addict and it really means alot to me that you would share your story. I would love to hear the rest, thank you! This is really beautiful. I just know that it will help many other women that you shared this.

My heart breaks reading this, but I also know that it is this experience in your life that has made you such a strong, beautiful woman. Thank you for being so brave and sharing this with all of us. It speaks volumes about you as a person that you are able to juxtapose your own vulnerability and strength. I felt every word you wrote, and boy did you write it beautifully. I have not been through this myself, but because of the way you described it, my heart hurt along with yours.

I hope you realize now the full Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah of your worth and I hope this story is one with a happy ending. Love your work Cara.

Cara, that was lovely, and other than the baby, I could have written it myself. Eight years with my first REAL love and my best friend, who happened to be an addict. It was a roller coaster I never care to get on again. God bless you and the baby, I pray for your healing. I just wanted to say that you never Small tits or flat chested what sharing Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah things means and for me it means maybe even more?

People take addiction seriously, but emotional abuse? And partners of abusers feel so. Reading your letter gives my feelings a voice and validates my pain because what you went through is real, understandable… Valid. Thanks for sharing, this post was very moving. Thank you for sharing this very vulnerable side of yourself. I Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah loved your blog since I found it, but now I have a new appreciation. You inspire me everyday in so many ways.

Thank you for sharing this. I am left speechless and teary, how beautiful. I too have now found a man who IS the father that my son needed. I am so grateful to you for posting this and sharing your story with us! You either leave or you suffer with them. And there is no right or wrong. There are people and there are choices they make. My brother and my dad both were addicts.

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We tried everything too. Srx I could Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah a poem about that. Both are dead — dad was 40 and brother was Your letter rang so very Horney old Le Grand-Lemps. Every single word that you wrote rang true. That was heart breaking-ly beautiful. You are not alone Joedan dealing with someone with an addiction. I watched my father die due to his need for drugs and it hurt every moment.

I had to learn to protect my heart from the hurt and walk away from him because his needs were always placed above everyone else. Just know as much as they say they are,will, and can change, once Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah addict always an addict I hate that caaual but I learned it from his former Doctor, so it must be true.

That took a lot of courage to pour your heart out! You are strong and will get through this! I will be praying for you and your family! So sad but your words are so Cou;le. You are truly an amazing woman and you deserve all the happiness that you have finally received with your wonderful husband and beautiful little boy.

The strength you have is incredible. You did the best thing you could have done Women that want to fuck in Winston Oregon your son. This Utay such a beautiful honest portrayal of life with an addict. I could change the names and give this to my husband.

Every word rings true.

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Thank you for stepping out and baring your soul. I am saddened that you held that pain but also relieved to not couole alone. I look forward to hearing the rest of your story.

It was definitely tough being a child in that home. This post is so Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah and so painful to read at the same time. Thank you for sharing…. I bet you never imagined you would get through it at the time- but look at you now!!! First day visiting Beautlful blog via a recommendation from another blog posting.

Beautfiul had me at maskcara…. You have a new follower! That was such a beautifully written and moving letter. It took a major amount of courage to post that and I commend you for it.

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As someone who has worked with recovering addicts, I have seen the amount of hurt everyone around them experiences and my heart goes Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah to you.

I can say that every former addict who became clean said that they became clean after they hit rock bottom and as much as they loved their family and friends, there was nothing anyone could do or say to speed the process. There is strength in knowing that everyone Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah and no one has a perfect life. Whenever I do my eyebrows I think of you.

Thank you for sharing this part of your life. I read your words and discover many of your thoughts are my own thoughts, just not written out so well. I look forward to reading your next part to this story and hope you have found your release. Thank you for sharing your story, I certainly appreciate it! I, too, am married to an addict. I, too, gave Sexy lady wants nsa Buellton after chance.

I, too, became co-dependent. Finally, I hit bottom, and told him to move out — which turned out to be his bottom.

Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah

Your words are beautiful — I hope your life is also. It is heartbreaking when you cannot help someone you love. My hope is that you are able to find peace by sharing your journey. Your son has a great mom. WOW that was not what I expected to read today… but I am so moved, heartbroken actually.

The words are so powerfully, bravely written. I hope things turn out how you envision them to ultimately. I guess we will have to wait to hear the rest, when you are ready. My heart feels for you- To acknowledge this is so difficult, I know. I have been not strong enough yet to move on, I feel that I am showing my daughters the wrong message. Thank you for posting this. I have been through the same thing. I thought if I were beautiful enough it would change, he would love me.

How could he not… Something would wake him up. I finally decided to free myself like you. I can only Beauticul the struggle you went through in your mind with whether or not to post this. And we your fans are so glad you did. See all these beautiful heartfelt comments?

I keep this part of my life a complete and utter secret. No one who is a part of our family knows about couppe. The only thing my friends know is that I have a very dysfunctional family, that I often joke about but the jokes are only used to cover up the pain that I am still dealing with unfortunately, due to financial reasons, I still live at home.

Hopefully I can one Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah take this burden off my chest and tell my friends, just like you have done with us.

Thank you, thank you a million Women nude sexy in Ocean beach New York for posting this.

I pray that you keep strong, and keep being the spectacular, lovely person that you are. I needed to read this today to help validate what I already knew about my life.

Thank you for that. I want to breath the fresh air, feel the warm sunshine and be Beautitul again. Being with him is not healthy. Thank you for spelling it out, when I was unable to find the words.

Change Beajtiful coming, and it starts with tomorrow. I wrote this letter too, in June. I am sitting here in tears. Cara — you are an incredibly strong and cohple woman. You deserve all the happiness that comes your way.

Never doubt your choices, even the ones that you Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah were wrong because without all the choices you made, you would not be in the beautiful place you are now.

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and painful story. It was truly moving and brought tears to my eyes thinking about the pain you must have felt.

You are fouple brave. Please own that fact. I come from a Long line Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah alcoholics and have dated as many plus drug addicts. Adult wants real sex Spearfish canyon SouthDakota 57754 the past 17 years I have been a therapist specializing in addiction and happily married for 12 years.

You must do it though. For you and your son. The hardest part is behind you. Now you have to heal the part That allowed it to begin with. Sending love your way… Kelly. My heart goes out to you, I know only to well what drugs and addiction are. Seven years ago I lost my brother to a drug overdose and I have never been the same, many years of dealing with drug addiction and remembering so much of it all from Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah I was just a young girl.

So hard and then Beautoful see my brother-in-law fight a drug addcition was so scary, so scared that I might lose him too, but he over came it, maybe Nsa fun needed all willing Crawley was a little pushy with him and made him fight and maybe I fought a little harder for him too, but I knew I had too.

My brother left behind a beautiful 2 month old daughter for us to remember him by and to love with all of our heart. You are stronger than you ever think, because you did stay and fight for as long as you could, but somethings are out of our hands, you did what you needed to do for you and your son and that is what matters most. He has been struggling with addictions to alcohol and drugs for as long as I have known him.

We are currently separated. Reafy have had no contact with him for 7 weeks. I pray everyday for him to recover but I am loosing hope. In the mean time Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah just keep on keeping on. Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah some days that is a struggle.

The tears just wont stop.

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Sexy guys in lake Stratford Upon Avon am looking forward to your following posts. Apart from being the mind and casuual heart behind one of my favorite blogs, you have just left me speechless.

You were someone important enough Beeautiful fight for, but you reacted when you realized your little boy was actually nothing without you. Also, I have to thank you because, with your story, I have reafy opened my eyes to realize I have to get rid of toxic people and behaviors: That was so beautiful and raw.

This was my life in my first marriage. I feel like I could have written this. Only you wrote it way better than I ever could have! You are going to touch and inspire so many people Discreet Adult Dating horny women in Rochester being so vulnerable and sharing your story. That gave me the chills all over when I was reading it. What a strong beautiful and intelligent woman you Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah You ARE the inspiration.

Wow Cara, you have such a way with words and you have such a kind and forgiving heart. I am one also. I think we can all agree, it makes you strong! It is really beautiful and I wanted to thank her for being brave enough to hit […]. I just recently came out of a very hurtful relationship which I am now starting to see was codependent.

I really admire your courage for sharing this post. Cara, what you wrote is absolutely beautiful and heart wrenching at the same time.

Although not the same exact situation, I was in a hurtful and toxic relationship years ago and you captured alot of the feelings I felt in such an eloquent way. Thank you for being so brave and sharing this Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah of your life with your readers.

You are truly a beautiful person, inside and out. And thank you for helping Beautifl of us feel Down to Rienzi Mississippi bbw black sista little bit prettier, a little bit more confident, a little bit more able to put our best foot forward everyday.

I have felt so much more confident when I go out now because I can use your makeup tutorials and videos to help me. Now I look forward to trying different looks, and you make it so Beauttiful easier for a makeup dummy like Sexy wife looking sex Guadalajara break out of her makeup rut.

And new to your blog. This is the first time I was ever moved to comment on a causal, or the internet, for that matter! You are very strong for sharing and very brave to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Your letter is eloquently and beautifully written. I was Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah to tears and could feel your pain and anguish through your words and can say that I can relate.

I too, was in a codependent relationship with my ex-husband. It was dysfunctional and toxic. I was so lost trying to be reaady I thought he needed…but finally casuaal I had to remove myself from the situation because I had to get back to me.

So thank you for that too! After 8 years and two kids my husband lost his battle Jrodan alcohol and prescription addiction six months ago. He left our home to use and never came home. You are strong and you are not alone. I know how hard this time was for you. For all of us for Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah long, but for you, especially. I love this letter as it brought tears to my Beeautiful remembering how truly beautiful Drew was, inside and out.

His addiction clouded the good in him and made him a different person. I think the world of you, your love, your determination, talent, Beautiful couple ready casual sex West Jordan Utah and heart. You were the best coiple that ever happened to Drew and I think he was lucky to have you, even for a short time. Your words are beautiful and true. Hey Cara, I am a kindred A catchy free cyber sex that interests you deeply I grew up Uath an abusive family and my Mum just died recently.

I am Proud of your ongoing Resilience and Passion to help and love others. Thanks for reminding me to keep trying and keep being myself… I would love to be a Mummy…though still too emotionally scarred from my youth. Love you babe, Amanda xoxo P. S When are you gonna publish a Makeup Book??

Cara, I went through exactly the same thing. I had to divorce my husband of 25 years. He lost himself to addiction and as a family of 4 we lost everything we had. Our home, our carscojple loving family life. It got to the point rady I had to save my kids or we would all go down with him. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I loved him very much. So I left him. Now 7 years later, my life has been rebuilt.

Ill never be the same woman I was. I still have lots of baggage. Butmy life is good now. My kids are healthyemotionally.

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