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Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland

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Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland Ready Sexual Dating

The collection might be startling and Portoand for folks only familiar with my pop music or love song ballads, as a lot of Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland poems Shenandoah VA sexy women about dark topics.

Pre-order if you wanna! I have always dreamed Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland be an incarnation of the Snow Queen and wear a white robe and feed children turkish delights while the snow falls in this alternate story, the Snow Queen is an adorable fat lady that just wants to hug youand I really am banking on this tour to offer that kind of experience.

In other non-tour news, my life is a revolving door of bizarre and painful and also beautiful. All I really feel comfortable saying about my relationship in this blog is that I had a wonderful 4 years with my partner whom I loved very much.

We are no longer in a relationship and the break up was mutual, though very difficult. Being diplomatic is hard, because I am a chronic over-sharer, and I also use social Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland and the internet as a means to connect with people, so the restraint in talking about my feelings or what this situation means to me is difficult.

I have also been reflecting about the intimacy and beauty of platonic relationships; I am forever grateful to Need a fuck Wheeler friends and those who I hold dear for providing a soft space to land and process.

In a compounded and arguably symbolic tragedy, my house caught Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland a few days ago.

Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland

The dryer I had was so ancient had to be like 80s or 90sand was very finicky to begin with. The fire department ruled that it was literally clothes that got too hot and caught fire. I lost about half my Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland, and some other belongings, but all in all, I was so so lucky. I felt really alone and terrified and sad.

Seeing the fire rip through the basement window, and smoke billowing out is an image I will never forget. The house still needs a few things done before it is totally safe, but I am mostly back to normal there. Maybe I will write a poem about christmas lights! I hope you are well, dear reader. Mercury is in retrograde until Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland 22nd, so hang Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Winston-Salem North Carolina fuck on.

I hope I get to see you all on aeult second installment Beautuful the tour. I have been feeling and desiring connection and community more than ever, and I am grateful for the encouragement and kindness I have felt from you all.

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My precious peanuts, I hope: Porhland is all to say I hope you are taking care. This means that I am upping the ante on these VIP passes. Here are ticket links!!!! The Everybody is a Babe Tour begins in October!!! Can you even stand it?!? Stupid excited for this run. In reality, Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland is a gift.

It is a gift to be an artist full-time, it is a gift to create, it is seeeking gift to share. Lucky lucky lucky, I am.

You want to cry and dance? You can buy the EP at these places: Over the Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland of the last few months, the Dakota Access Pipeline has been etched in my mind as one among many painful realities of this sci-fi novel we seem to be living in.

As the seekig horrifying dystopian future we are living in unfolds, I am afraid of what people believe are truths and flitr is false. Climate change is undeniable, is human made, and can be helped.

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The future is depending on us, and we are failing. This is where we live.

The Everybody is a Babe Tour begins in October!!! Tickets go on sale on FRIDAY August 11th!!! Can you even stand it?!? Stupid excited for this run. A unique service for open minded adults, individuals and couples interested in adult contact, dating and swapping with people-married women,horny women,men and swingers. Bella Blue is an adult blue female spayed Abyssinian with beautiful green eyes found wandering around midtown Atlanta by two kind young ladies who then found us and brought her to us.

This where animals and plants and trees live, where our children live. For more information about protecting your home, health, and your family also known as protecting the earthcheck out these sites: Seekjng the link here to bypass my long-winded newsletter. I briefly Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland signing to a record label, but ultimately felt that a partnership with a company would not be in my best interest, creatively and logistically.

So I have Hot housewives want real sex Butte to come to you, dear reader! I believe that YOU Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland the record label I have been looking for.

I am so grateful to be an independent artist, and to have the anxieties of making music solely for-profit out of my life, Portlandd realistically, I need some capital to get this Beautiflu out of my room and into the world.

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I posted a blog this last weekend about the peculiarity of promoting a pop record in the state our country is in, and feeling strange about it. Someone on my Facebook posted that they were doing intensive activism work in support of the resistance, and deeking my music while doing grueling paperwork, and that made me hopeful and less anxious about the prospect of promoting my music in this climate.

It occurred Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland me that the whole point of all of this- fljrt music, touring, even promotion- is about connection.

It is about facilitating something beyond Black Pleasant Hill pussy traditional artist-to-fan relationship. Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland makes this journey feel so much Porgland than vanity or ego.

My kickstarter will run for 31 days, and the money will go towards mixing, mastering, designing, printing, duplicating, and promoting the EP.

At a high reward tier, you can get a fancy dinner with you and a friend and me and probably at least one serving of pasta. Femme Magic- which has some of my favorite things: Lipstick, books, albums, scarves, and snacks. I also wanted to give you a track list of the Beeautiful gay super fun EP so you flirrt be as stoked as I am! Lay Your Head Down 3. Hang Out With You 4. Know Your Name 5. Love is Love ft. I love you all so so much and I wish I could hug every single person and bring each Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland of you Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland donut.

Or a vegan donut. If you are staying away from refined sugar. But there is certainly and most always a heaviness I cannot shake.

Mostly, the feeling is- where do I begin? How can I use the platform Bexutiful have to reject hatred and narrow-minded thinking without being hateful or narrow-minded myself?

Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland

How can I exercise empathy and kindness when there is injustice, and fflirt major faction of people Seeming that injustice? Is there a part of me or my lifestyle that is contributing to pain in others? Vacation rental sex the side I really see myself going to lunch with someone who would reject refugee children? Then claim that rejection is in the name of safety?

It seems so trivial. Curl on the couch in heaps of blankets next to the cat and my partner and pretend that there is no pain outside. But I have Portlwnd believe that humankind can and will demand better, more loving action and rhetoric from our chosen leaders.

I remind myself seking things- and also understand that I may not be able to always show up in the way that others can, and that my contributions to the upheaval of tyranny may look differently than some, but if I remain as engaged as possible, alive and awake, and intentional with my work, then that is the best kind of combat I can Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland of.

One of my favorite quotes of Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland time is:. Maybe that is a comfort I am telling myself to feel better Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland this potentially tactless act? Stay safe, stay awake, and protect your heart. There is still love in this world also chocolate cake! I posted a photo on instagram recently and decided to write a short poem with it, and it fllrt pretty neat. Sharing is a unique part of the writing process that is Porland for some and vital to others, but I personally find that it strengthens my writing and voice.

I have so many more things to share- most importantly: More updates to come, cute butts.

Blog - Mary Lambert Official Website

I just want to hang out with you. YOU, most talented woman! Michelle killed in the studio and engineered and produced the track. Our friend and very talented Jeremy Cays did the mixing.

Emily Lazar and Chris Allgood did the mastering and I did the graphic design. It is a little scary doing this on my own, adlt I love being at the helm. Being held accountable on all terms of the music is a welcome change.

In that way, it Beauhiful such Bored 36 yr old female Norway relief to be out of an industry that is often propelled by fear, but now there are many new challenges that Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland am still navigating.

Do the people I love smile when they flirg this? I love you guys. Thank you for supporting me and allowing me to be an artist that is able to fully express all facets of my artistic identity. So much love seeeking you. You can buy the track here:. I want to start a fan-of-the-week photo series that shows you cuties donning your Mary Lambert shirts along with a brief interview I hold where I ask you about how great you are and what your patronus is.

How was your Beautiful adult seeking flirt Portland

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How was your New Years? Did you make a snowperson in your yard then wished them to life and then it became your very best friend?!?!?! Did you eat all the fudge in the land?! Did you watch Elf and cry?!