Xscaper Arts | Markham


Opening Friday, 26 Jun

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the clock is ticking. . .


The rules are deceptively simple: Each and everyone of you in the rooms play a very important role in finding a way to solve puzzles consisting of unique objectives, decoding hidden messages, word problems, math problems, logic challenges, physical challenges and much much more.

Be creative, and think outside the box. Nothing is what it seems!

Team Building

Your escape relies a great deal on strategic planning as well as teamwork. Everyone in the same escape room have a common objective so be prepared to assign roles to everyone, communicating and being creative while agreeing to the final solution.

There are many clues and you must work together to uncover the clues in order. More brain-work is always better than one!


The live escape rooms are designed as an interactive open-ended concept serving as an neural playground where your mind maybe pushed to the edge of a cliff, while physically tickling your most inner senses.

Don’t be afraid to be creative, try things you never tried before. You never know, we’re here with a lot of surprises far superior than your traditional puzzles. But remember to focus on the time, the materials and contraptions in the room you have very limited resources!

Special Events

We know life is stressful sometimes, holidays are short, trips are seasonal, we want to take you out on a date, family outing, host a corporate event for you.

We know working around the clock really takes a toll on you, which is why we designed these fun puzzles and state-of-the-art escape rooms providing you an inspirational opportunity to get to know each other.